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Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds

Adventure Quest Worlds is a 2D browser based free to play MMORPG from Artix Entertainment. When it comes to side scrolling Free MMORPGs, this is one not to be missed if you are a fan of the genre. With a unique art style, 1000s of quests, and simple game play. Adventure Quest Worlds has captured a large audience and loyal group of players over the years.

With nothing to download and quick and easy start up, keep reading if you are looking for action and quick in this fast paced FTP MMO.

The Game

This game is definitely designed very well. There is no need for special browsers, plug-ins or installations. You can adjust the screen size to tiny, normal, larger or huge depending on what suits your eyes.

You can also run other browsers without problems or freezing screens. Some improved features are that it gets started quickly and easily, multi-classing is enabled, and travelling via the world map is very swift. I do like the color scheme and general game set up. Additionally, there are many quests to complete and you can repeat them. There are magic, dragons and monsters to slay. It is an impressive game for sure.

However, the one minor limitation is that non-paying members have some options and access to content, quests, and maps limited, but these are very few and overall the majority of the game can be enjoyed from a free to play standpoint. If the team had made Adventure Quest a 3D game, it would have defiantly been the biggest hit the year. Another feature which could have been changed is that upon exiting the game some of your progress gets reset, not much but a few minor items and such, this is a very minor inconvenience, and only increases the ability to adventure more. So you have to start a few collection quests and such all over again, but like I said, these are very minor inconveniences. There are some minor chat rules, it is more of a younger players game hence it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but still does have very broad appeal overall.

Creating your Hero

This is the usual ritual with all MMO games. You get to make your image – literally speaking. This is the best part of the beginning. There are four classes to choose from. After that, the player customizes the appearance by choosing a hair color, hair style, skin and eyes color. The graphics are remarkable for 2D; and the games style has made its impact indeed.

An Adventure in Classes

There is multi-class support in Adventure Quest this time, and there are four classes, players get to select from. These classes are:

The Healer: These work best in a group setting, and do well enough alone as well. They get upgraded to the Acolyte as the game progresses.
The Mage: These are spell casters and they use a wide range of spells. This class of players has enough damage tolerance and relies on mana for protection and healing. As the game proceeds this class upgrades to the sorcerer.
The Rogue: These are shifty and combat figures, and cause a lot of damage to their enemies. However, they have low defenses. These upgrade to the Renegade class.
The Warrior: These are the main battle figures in the Adventure Quest. They are designed for skirmish and have high armor, powerful attacks and enough health. These upgrade into the Warlord.

There are several other classes, many of these are only available to paying players, but there are many that are available to non-paying players as well. Thus giving the game a well rounded amount of classes that will give any player hours on end of playability. Of these there are some interesting and enticing ones for sure such as the Pirate, Beast Warrior, Ninja, Paladin, Vampire, Berserker and Witch to mention a few. There is a lot of fun and adventure for sure. The game really does not want to limit any player, paying or non-paying, and this is somewhere that they do an excellent job.

Playing the Story

New players may need to go through the prologue of the game, which are cut scenes showing the player falling to the depths of a forest. They encounter Ebil, the evil creature who reveals the knowledge of this world to the player. The world in this game is known as Lore. The movement battle moves are mouse controlled. If you want to use manual controls you can adjust the settings however, it may be cumbersome for some players. Especially when the player has to cover longer distances, using manual keys slows things down. Using the map does make things a lot easier.

As you come across monsters to engage them and get into combat, left clicking the mouse is all you need to do. Once you get into battle other players will be kept away, except for those on the same side as yours. There are skills and spells to use, you also get to use mana to heal and get your strength back.

As you defeat monsters, your experience increases and so does your gold. You can use the gold to purchase and enhance weapons by buying new upgrades. The better the weapons the easier and quicker you can handle the monsters. Items collected or looted are kept in a temporary bag but – to our dismay they are lost once the player logs off. If MMO could do something about this, Adventure Quest would be much more interesting than it is right now. At least then, players who like progress would like to return sooner.

There is a handbook and design book available on the official site. Reading them helps players a lot because they get guidance on how to play the quests and what they will need to do. It is easy to read and understand, and is designed for the ease of use for children.

A Price to Play

To enjoy everything about Adventure Quest, players must upgrade and this means paying some money. Free players have some minor limitations, but the majority of the game can be enjoyed by those players looking for a free experience, but if you want the full game experience then spending a little won’t hurt your wallet, plus it never hurts to support those who are giving you hours of enjoyment. Three membership subscriptions are available, and come in terms of three months, six months and a year. The prices are $19.95, $34.95 and $49.95 respectively. Additionally, players pay for “AdventureCoins” as game currency. These Coins will open up many other options for the players.

Paying cold hard cash is not the only way to get upgrades though, the game has alternative methods that allow players to take small surveys and such that will unlock items and other in game opportunities. One place that the game has done very well is giving players options when it comes to their level of commitment.

The Final Word

Adventure Quest Worlds offers a lot of adventure, quests and is generally fun to play. It is user friendly, good for children and easy to get started and to play. Generally speaking; it is an enjoyable game, and has a lot to offer both casual gamers and the hardcore alike. With the game also being consistently updated, that is just one more positive aspect that comes along with the solid gameplay. You will also never lack for individuals to share your adventures with, Adventure Quest Worlds is loaded with players at all times, and the game does a very good job of keeping everyone centrally located and easy to find.

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  • Slayer M
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #1

    Pretty solid review coming from an AQW Player since the first day of its Beta Testing. However, I would like to point out… at no point are you ever *required* to spend a penny. You aren’t required to buy a Membership to continue the storyline, nor are you “required” to purchase AdventureCoins. Also, Warlord, Sorceror, Renegade, and Acolyte aren’t required to enjoy the game any more. They’re exactly like Warrior, Mage, Rogue, and Healer (respectively) in every way except for appearance.

  • Henry p
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #2

    His name is Zorbak not EBIL he is EBIL which means more evil than evil its self and i play this game about an hour a day and i am a member now but it is still very fun even when you are a non member as alot of my in real life friends are! and adventure coins ( or ACs) are not needed at all except to get more spaces for items or some items

  • L Lovegirls
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #3

    AQW Ftw!!! 😀

  • Arrakis
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #4

    While you risk losing some progress if you don’t log out correctly, only quest items are meant to disappear once you log out. Gold, experience points, and weapons, armours, and so forth are in your permanent inventory and should not vanish.

    Only a scant few locations and storylines are exclusive to upgraded players; most of the perks are purely cosmetic. Non-upgraded players have access to the grand majority of gameplay, and to many classes besides the starter four.

    • Artix Kreiger
      June 27, 2011
      Reply #5

      Yes this is a great game btu

      • Haden
        June 27, 2011
        Reply #6

        What????? You can not be Artix he has much longer and great speeches!!!

  • The ND Mallet Guy
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #7

    Just wow. Where to start on how wrong this review is?

    1. There are more than four classes
    2. Ebil is a more cute version of Evil, not a cat thing
    3. The cat thing is a species called a Moglin.
    4. The Moglin at the beginning is called Zorbak
    5. You don’t lose your progress, just quest items(which you are supposed to lose when logging out.)
    6. You don’t need to pay a dime for AQW at all. There are some Member only items and areas but Non-Member items and areas are even more frequent.
    7. This game is aimed at a 13 and under playerbase but there are some puns and references that older players will understand that the younger ones won’t get(references to older bands or shows).

    AQW is a great MMO to play. Nice graphics, good humor, nice quests, good player community, caring staff member, and completely free to play. Few MMO’s can have all those wrapped up all in one game.

  • Ethan and Eshipman on AQW
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #8

    It is Zorbak not Ebil. He is a Moglin not a cat. For one who cares about limitations? There is only like 10 member only maps out of like a thousand. There are some pretty awesome items for non members. If you want a year membership then walk a dog, babysit, mow a lawn. You will have enough in a few days. And you don’t HAVE to but ACs! You can watch ads and do surveys to earn them. And its not made for children, its 13+. And most people who play AQW are ages 15-20. The only thing you “have to start over when you log out” is quest items. And that is easy to get back. About 95% of your review was lies and mistakes.

    • Sam
      June 17, 2011
      Reply #9


  • Lolzy
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #10

    Yo! Overall a good review. I do think that you’ve spent too lil’ time on the game, as several of the things you state as facts aren’t really correct. A few other minor things are also wrong.
    For example; you talk about the “four classes” as the only ones there is, except for “upgrade classes”. However, there are a lot of classes out there that don’t require any upgrade or payment.
    You also mention how “progress is lost”, and I honestly don’t see the problem with that. The “progress” you’re talking about are quests that require ten or so quest items, that you mostly get on the first or second kill. It ain’t that much to catch up on if you log-out/get logged out. You also mention how this makes “players who like progress” hesitate to return to the game. In this game there are both highly challenging quests that you have to put both time and dedication into if you want to finish them. All quests items relating to these quests store in your permanent inventory instead of your temporary inventory, which means that you lose nothing when logging out.
    Not to get into too much of a “nerd rant” I think I’ll stop there. These are probably the biggest flaws I saw in this review. Except for, of course, the nonsense about not accessing storyline unless you upgrade. Very few, select areas are for upgrades only, and these areas mostly exist to feel that upgrading in the game really is worth the price.
    Still, good review! I’d reccommend that you spend a lil’ more time on the game though. That would most likely help you discover some of the things that you apparently missed/were wrong about :3

  • Mercury
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #11

    you dont have to be a member to enjoy or get the best out of this game. I am the player with highest crit against bosses and i am not even member. and tehre are only a few functions that require membership. Dont know if you guys have tried Ether saga online which is a game which do require alot of money. so if you compare it to that then this game is free.

  • Limpy
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #12

    Hey everyone thanks for the feedback. This review was posted by one of our contributors, after playing the game myself and re-reading the review, you guys are correct there were several things that I chose to edit to give the game a more accurate review.

    As usual we appreciate everyones helpful feedback and please continue to send it over. Thanks again.

    • Lolzy
      June 17, 2011
      Reply #13

      Thank you for listening to the feedback. The main problem I see remaining is this:
      “There are several other classes, but these are only available to paying players. Non paying members do not have access to the upgraded list of classes. If you want to enjoy Adventure Quest to the best, you must purchase the upgraded classes. There are some interesting and enticing ones for sure such as the Pirate, Beast Warrior, Ninja, Paladin, Vampire, Berserker and Witch to mention a few. There is a lot of fun and adventure for sure.”
      This is not true. This whole part remains really confusing. For example, Pirate is a class you can acess as a normal player, you don’t need any kind of upgrade for it. Vampire is a rare class that will never return, so is Witch, while Beast Warrior and Berserker are only available for upgraded players. It’s impossible to see if you’re trying to say “you can only access Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Healer unless you pay for an upgrade, and this list of classes is what you can acess if you upgrade” (and if that is what you’re saying you’re very wrong in that statement, obviously) or if you’re trying to say “when starting out you can only access Rogue, Mage, Warrior and Healer, but later on you’ll come across classes such as these” and if THAT is what you’re trying to say this part seriously needs a re-write.
      I consider it important to change this, since it gives a very wrong idea of how this game works. Personally I have 19 Classes. 8 of these are only available for upgrades, the rest are available for everyone. It should also be pointed out that there are several available classes for non-paying players except for these, I just haven’t bothered getting them/will get them in the future.
      Basically; this really needs to be fixed. It just gives the wrong idea of how the game works. Except for this there are still a few other things that remain wrong too, but personally I consider the class-stuff to be the biggest flaw of the review right now.
      Still, thank you for taking the time to listen and fixing the errors of this review. It’s nice to see that you guys care this much about things being done correctly.

      • Limpy
        June 17, 2011
        Reply #14


        Thank you for pointing that out, I have actually been playing more and doing more research on the game. I figured, you guys were so passionate about it, it was only right that I do so.

        I haven’t found everything yet, but I have continued to make changes to the review to more clearly reflect the games play.

        I just now adjusted the class section you mention, and also due to seeing what you guys have pointed out as far as the free playing vs the paying, I have adjusted my review score up to 4,4 from 4.2.

        I love hearing from you guys, and look forward to hearing more.

  • Sir Zelean.
    June 16, 2011
    Reply #15

    *sees AQW community running after the reviwer* XD
    But it’s true, there are some… ok, LOTS of wrong stuff in this review. Seriously, you should review your review… e_e you make it sound like AQW is a must pay-to-play, and that is NOT true. I used to have fun, yes, in the times I was a non-member player. Mostly, I pay for membership to support AE and to have access to the Paladin class and some other items that are…. vital for my character.


    June 16, 2011
    Reply #16


  • a guy
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #17

    aqw is great and like most “free” games they do give teh best stuff to teh ppl who pay but that makes sense u cant just have no reason to pay or else no one WILL play

  • a guy
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #18

    lol meant to say pay for teh last word but i think i got meh point across

  • a guy
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #19

    the guy on the video didnt play the game enough to fully understand some of the things and they are adding music to ALL the new places since a bit before sandsea i think

    • Sam
      June 17, 2011
      Reply #20

      I think since mythsong

  • Newtoa663
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #21

    this was very inaccurate. “Ebil, a cat like creature,” is Zorbak, a Molgin. There is music in LOTS of places, and there is WAAAAY more classes than that default 4 for non mems. AC items are NOT member only. you can get most of the game WITHOUT paying for a memship. being a member just helps you lvl up faster or get cooler (sometimes) items. kind of like bragging rights.

    -An annoyed and devoted AQW player.

  • Sean
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #22

    There are actually loads of free classes: Leprechaun, rustbucket,enforcer,necromance,ninja lots of em…

  • Sam
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #23

    I agree with Newtoa663. did you even play the game before you made this?

  • Archfort AQW Player
    June 17, 2011
    Reply #24

    Yeah, AQW is very nice to me!

  • Fran
    June 24, 2011
    Reply #25

    nice reveiw

  • Dragonslayer0093
    June 30, 2011
    Reply #26

    I personally love AQW and i play it almost every day, i buy membership to help support AE to make the game better and get some good stuff, i have a ton of friends that are non member and some that are member, i even have some non member side accounts that i play sometimes just to feel the feeling of being new again, btw it still says “ebil” in the paragraph of “Playing the story” and as several people have pointed out before his name is Zorbak, in the same paragraph it also says: “The better the weapons the easier and quicker you can handle the monsters. Items collected or looted are kept in a temporary bag but – to our dismay they are lost once the player logs off.” but that only has to do with quest items and not actual weapons or anything, so not to nitpick or whatever but it still needs to be fixed up a bit, but pretty much everything else i saw seemed to be right but i may have overlooked something.

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