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Drakensang OnlineDrakensang Online

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online a Free to Play MMORPG reminds us that not all MMORPGs come from China, Korea, Japan or North America. It is always good to see a free MMO come from other places and give a distinctly different look and feel. no matter how much they resemble the good old ones such as WoW or Diablo, they somehow do bring a breath of fresh air.

Drakensang Online is a browser based hack and slash FTP MMORPG and is brought to us by German based-studios BigPoint. The studio already has many other browser based titles such as Battlestar Galactia and Mummy Online. Drakensang was first released in 2008 and won the “Best German Game” title in the same year. In 2011, the game hit the worldwide audience and reached one million registered users within a few months of its beta phase.

If you have ever played the Drakensang (The Dark Eye) PC game series, let us tell you that Drakensang Online, although loosely based on it, is very different in most aspects. So, what is making the game such a hit, keep reading to find out!

Back Story

Taking a lot of inspiration from the old school MMORPGs, Drakensang Online doesn’t seem to have a story that actually affects the gameplay in a very noticeable manner. There is, however, a back story, one you can easily relate with almost any MMORPG.

Its start with the world full of wonders and perils where many races live together. The rise of humans, however, has made them extinct. Those who remain were forced into hiding. The dark minions gathered their strength and unleashed mankind’s greatest enemy, the dragon. The dragon has unleashed a wrath upon human race. All the long forgotten creatures started to re-emerge from their hidings. A new empire is born, an empire ruled by war and violence. Mankind, now, is in need of a new hero.

Classes and Characters

One interesting thing about the game is that you are allowed to have two playable characters. Since, at the time of writing this review, there are only two classes available to play, you can easily enjoy everything the game has to offer. Let’s take a look at the classes.
The Spellweavers– They are the masters of magic and spells. They can command elements with their mana. They are excellent ranged fighters. They can even teleport. However, they may not be very good at melee and short ranged combats.

The DragonKnights – They are highly trained strong and powerful warriors. They have powerful attack with good hit points. They are excellent at melee combat. They also have great defense.


If you have played any of the Drakensang PC games, do not expect Drakensang Online to be anything like that. Although the table top series is also a fantasy themed RPG, the developers have greatly tweaked the game for MMO version. Most of the gameplay is based on the typical MMORPG gameplay which includes questing, dungeon-ing and grinding.

As the game starts, you will see a number of NPCs around. These NPCs will offer you long quests to get acquainted with the game’s control and environment. One quest can be based on several tasks. These tasks aren’t much different than what you get to do in most RPGs. Kill x number of monsters or find a rare item. The only difference perhaps would be the difficulty level which seems to be pretty hard to start with. For instance, you might get attacked by around 100 monsters at a time.

Combat is fast paced and all you need to do is to click and kill. If you are a Spellweaver, you would depend greatly on your mana. In case of Dragonknight, you will need your rage. Although, the game does get repetitive but you’d really be amazed by the variety and content. No wonder, the game makers promise around 100 hours of content without paying a dime.

The above statement is true for the skill tree as well. Although there are only two playable classes as of yet, each class has a unique and well defined progression tree. You can master a dozens of skills. However, most skills require waiting till certain level. This kinds of slows down the pace. There are plenty of moves to master, but it really disappoints you to see how similar they all look.

Despite the typical MMORPG gameplay, there really are plenty of things to keep you glued to your gaming chair. For instance, all the flashy abilities you can learn. You can teleport, learn to fireball your opponent or even summon a meteor upon your poor foes. However, you must reach above level 15 or so to enjoy these best bits of the game.

Then there is the final brick in the MMO wall – the PvP-ing. Certainly, you won’t be expecting a hack and slash browser based MMO to offer PvP like you’ll experience in Drakensang Online. There are dungeons and underground vault that would remind you of Dungeon and Dragons for obvious reasons. You can choose the difficulty level before you enter the dungeon. PvP in this game definitely requires high level of skill. While most dungeons require you to play along your fellas, solo dungeons are also available.

Graphics and Sounds

If you have ever seen the trailer, you would really be surprised to know that it is browser based game. Yes, despite those amazing graphics, it won’t be taking much space on your hard disk. The secret behind game’s awesome graphics is the Nebula 3 engine developed by the original developers of the game. It can easily an termed as an innovation that changed the way browser based MMO used to look. You will find many details that most huge sized MMO fail to capture.

The game features and excellent soundtrack. Almost every instanced dungeon has its own soundtrack that goes perfectly well with the kind of feeling it gives you. The details again would mesmerize you as you would be able to here the tiniest chirp and buzz in the game. If this game is really praised for its graphics, we defiantly think that sounds do play a great part in making it look that great. If only they would have bothered to hire some voice actors.

Pros and Cons

+Graphics and sound had to be the best thing about the game
+The fact that it offers the ‘Diablo-kind-of’ fun without taking too much disk space is overwhelming
+Combat is fast paced and challenging
+The game offers an option to connect to Facebook

-The number of playable classes is a bit disappointing
-The grinding can make it a little boring at times
-Character customization is very limited

The Final Word

Although we wouldn’t term it as a totally unique and revolutionary MMORPGs we are dying for, we certainly do think of Drakensang Online as the greatest browser based game we have seen so far. The makers really deserve appraise to make the otherwise boring and over-repeated gameplay seem exciting and addictive to a certain level. Having said that, we would really like to recommend this game for all kinds of MMO enthusiasts, at least until Diablo 3 hits the town.

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