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Mythos Open Beta BeginsMythos Open Beta Begins

Mythos Open Beta Begins

Mythos Open Beta Begins

by Limpy

Mythos Europe

For those of you looking for something to fill you need for a good hack and slash dungeon crawler, Mythos Open Beta is here!

Just a few key features for Mythos:

  • Randomly Generated Dungeons
  • 1000s of Items
  • 4 races and 3 classes to choose from

So my dear Uldians, fellow warriors,

I am proud, happy and delighted to announce that the open beta is now live!

If you don’t have a registered Account, then all you need to do is go to the following link: Accounts Page.

You can download the MYTHOS client here: Client download

Don’t forget do give us feedback in our Constructive Feedback area: Feedback Forum

Also you can discusss the open beta on our forum


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