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Vindictus Karok Update LiveVindictus Karok Update Live

Vindictus Karok Update Live

Vindictus Karok Update Live

The latest class for Vindictus has arrived. Log in and you will know this, as you can see hundreds of Karok’s running around the game world.

Karok is a massive beast of a man and can take a ton of damage and deal out even more. Let’s take a look at some of his skills right from the Nexon update website:

  • Power Grab: You can grab monsters that other characters can’t, such as Vampires, Spiders, and Hemdrills.
  • Grapple Mastery: You thought you were tough before? This skill just increased the attack factor of your grappling skills!
  • Boss Bash: While fighting a Boss, you can grab it while it’s knocked down to deal additional damage.
  • Clash: Test your strength by pushing back on a Boss monster and turning their own power against them!

Read about all of Karok’s skills

In addition to the Karok being added in the latest update, a few other features are now live:

Token system’s permanent removal
Leader Board
Party Ranking System
Town Party Creation System
Bonus Experience and Gold for Hard and Hero Modes
Additional Character Slots for a New Character
and MORE!

You can read the full update notes and details

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