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Weapon Forging and Customization Coming to Combat ArmsWeapon Forging and Customization Coming to Combat Arms

Weapon Forging and Customizati …

Weapon Forging and Customization Coming to Combat Arms

Exactly what many of you have been waiting for… The opportunity to create your own items in Combat Arms is coming soon, VERY SOON! Nexon has announced that May 18th will be the next drop date for it’s latest Combat Arms update. Boy is this a big one!

  • Weapon Forging and Customization coming to Combat Arms as part of the May Content Update

    Combat Arms is getting a brand new weapon crafting system, which will add an entirely new level of depth and flavor to the fast-paced online first-person shooter from Nexon.

    The content update, scheduled for May 18th, will feature a mechanism for enhancing weapons in Combat Arms, adding a new RPG element to the game. Soldiers will be introduced to a new NPC named Bubba Ares, who will evolve players arsenal into superweapons with increased range, stats and power.

    Meet Bubba

    Bubba Ares is the owner and chief customization expert at the Gun Emporium, where all Combat Arms weapon syntheses will take place. While his methods may be less than traditional, his results are well worth the time and resources. Bubba has the ability to perform miracles: hes been known to refit, adjust, and modify various armaments into some of the most powerful and bizarre weapons in the world. But Bubbas real passion lies in the vintage market; hes been known to have a particular talent for tweaking and improving older and weaker weapons, breathing a whole new life into an old-school arsenal.

    Get to know the Gun Emporium

    Bubba Ares doesnt let just anyone into his lab of weaponry. Only those ready to handle some high-level shooting power are welcome. Once ready, soldiers will be able to head over to the Gun Emporium to create new guns by combining regular weapons with components acquired by completing special missions within various matches. Here, soldiers can forge, customize, and create hardware that enhance their weapons, which wont be able to be found anywhere else in the Combat Arms trenches.

For more info about this or any other updates to Combat Arms CLICK HERE

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