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Brick Force Gameplay First ImpressionsBrick Force Gameplay First Impressions

Brick Force Gameplay First Imp …

Brick Force Gameplay First Impressions

Brick Force, a free to play sandbox first person shooter MMO, is really starting to catch fire with sandbox fans around the world. I have a chance to meet with two team members from Infernum, the games publisher, at GDC in San Francisco a few weeks ago. They were kind enough to give me a nice walk through of the game and show off the games many features. While the game is still currently in the testing phases, including a recent stress test that went off without a hitch, players around the world are already getting massively creative with their map builds and creating full town and city scenarios for other players to enjoy.

We expect that once the game goes into full release and players around the world have full access to all the games features and building capabilities, we are going to see some very creative maps that players will be able to play on and rate. We are looking forward to seeing everything the games has to offer in the coming months leading up to its full release.

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