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Age of Conan

The world of MMOs is really amazing. A place where dreams come true and miracles do happen. You know what is the most wonderful thing that can happen in this world, something that can change a gamers’ life up side down? It’s when a Premium goes Freemium.

Luckily enough, we have witness quite a many of such miracles. Remember when LOTR and Champions Online went ftp? And now the scantily clad barbarian hunk ‘Conan’ joins the league of these legendary games as the PTP MMO that transforms into ‘Age of Conan Unchained’ – a Free MMORPG. Following the footsteps of these other games AOC Unchained still offers an optional premium subscription plus an item mall.

Age of Conan was originally launched in May of 2008. It was developed by Funcom and published by both Funcom and Eidos entertainment. Funcom has been developing PC games since the early 90s. Apparently, you would recognize them from their ‘Disney‘s Pocahontas’ days. In MMOs, Age of Conan is by far their most renowned work.

Age of Conan Unchained continues on the storyline of the original AOC. The players roam around the same world of Hyboria, but with enhanced persistent maps and instances.

Character Creation Choices

Age of Conan unchained actually offers four races and twelve classes for premium players. However, the free to play only allows four classes and two character slots. You will be seeing most of the popular character from the franchise including King Conan, Keira, Thoth Amon, Kalanthes and Kern Wolfeye. The four races are Cimmerian, Aquilonian, Stygian or Khitan. The four free to play classes out of twelve are.

Guardian-Guardians are fully armored, sword-carrying soldiers with strong defense and attack. Guardians can be an excellent choice to start with.
Barbarian– Barbarians are physically strong with powerful melee attack and unmatched combat skills. They use weapons in both of their hands. They are sneaky and agile.
Priest of Mitra – Like priests in most MMORPGs, Priest of Mitra can heal their allies, impair their enemies and even raise the dead. Priest of Mitra have very low defense.
Demonologist– Demonologists are mage and can use powerful spells to create pillars of flames and storms of electricity. They can even summon a demon from hell to assist them in their battles.

General Gameplay

Before saying anything else, we must warn you that Age of Conan contains quite a lot of mature content. Due to there free-to-play business model, AOC is now unrated. However, probably it was a gem intended for adults and mature gamers rather than noobs and kids. This is quite apparent due to its mature game play and character design.

However, the gameplay contains almost the same things we come across in MMORPGs generally. It is made exciting through excellent graphics and a variety of content. Almost all the maps of last game are now open for free users. However, a few new ones are exclusive to premium subscribers. As we mentioned, the game contains persistent world and instanced world.

Character customization in AOC unchained is considerably gracious when compared to other FTP. You can enhance the looks of your character as well as choose combo attacks, skills and other abilities. Through out the game, you will unlock many powers depending on the class you belong to.

Time of the day plays important role in AOC unchained gameplay. During the daytime, players can roam around the persistent world. There are a lot of quests to be taken care of. You can even interact with other players while you wait for quest to respawn. You will talk to NPCs and sometimes you will get a choice of replies during these conversations. Your choice dynamically effects your character development and gameplay.

During the night time, you can roam around solo in instanced world. This is the time when your character will actually develop its destiny by completing storyline quests. Once, you reach level 10, you will find many dungeons open for you, but not all of course. Dungeons are both solo and group dungeons.

Combat and PVP

Rather than the simple point-and-click and auto attack, AOC adds a slightly new feel to the combat. Making it more realistic, AOC gives the players the ability to control every single swing of their sword. This is one of the best things about the game as it allows the player to rely more on their gaming skills rather than their character’s stats. There are mounts available, but a real player is only allowed for horses.

The makers of the game have also launched new Blood and Glory servers for their free-to-play PVP. Blood and glory is meant to offer more hardcore PvPing experience to players with anew rule set. Blood and Glory includes no guards.

Premium vs. Freemium

With Conan’s movie around the corner and the game’s own third anniversary on the way, this was probably the best to make a more powerful impact by going FTP. Free to play offers a good amount of content. Only a few maps, dungeons and mounts are locked. You get two rather than eight character slots and only four classes are available. Still, it is enough to enjoy the game, but up till a certain level.

After reaching a certain level, you will find it quite difficult to continue without a premium subscription or a pass. This is mainly because the bank space is quite limited and you can’t carry many weapons. Besides, you can not complete tier one of raids without premium subscription. However, with online stores and the purchasable passes, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the game before you reach that level.

Graphics and Sound
Rather than Anime characters, it is a relief to see close to reality characters in AOC Unchained. Since, it was a well designed PTP, the graphics and visual appeal remains one of the best to be seen in an FTP. Moves, magic and combo effects are also amazingly done. You will be able to see the characters moving pretty smoothly and fluidly.

This may sound pretty interesting; AOC Unchained is among those few MMORPGs which really spend on their sounds. All the conversations are actual voice over for which around forty different voice actors have contributed their talent. Other than effects and voices, music is also worth praises. The best part is that it’s original and close to classic, hence, complimenting the genre and setting of this game.

The Final Word

Criticizing Age of Conan Unchained or calling it a complete waste of time would be an insult to a well made content rich MMO it is. It’s true, AOC may not fully live up to the ‘free’ tag it has recently acquired, but it still offers much more excitement and fun than many low quality unoriginal FTPs around.

Moreover, the game is still a newborn in terms of free-to-plays, so you never know what more is still on the way. Age of Conan is definitely worth giving a try and we are pretty confident that you would be amazed at all what you’ll be getting for free. However, we don’t take any responsibility for your urge to spend some real money on your new addiction.

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    Game sounds/looks very interesting. Pity that all content is not available to f2p players.

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