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Aika Online

This gorgeous 3D free MMORPG is the epitome of massive multiplayer online gaming, without a doubt! A fast growing game in the US and currently one of the most popular FTP MMOs in Korea; the world of Aika Online is large, will keep you exploring for hours on end, and will rock your world and leave you wondering how this game is genuinely free. Does gPotato have another winner under it’s belt? Just keep on reading and find out!

Nothing Short of Amazing

Aika is developed by JoyImpact, published by Gala-Net, and brought to you by way of the portal. JoyImpact stunned the online gaming community when it introduced a game that hosts 1,000 vs 1,000 RvR. Yes, you heard me right, 2,000 players on the same server! Okay, fine. That’s pretty amazing, right? But what’s the point in such an incredible interface when you’re required to grind just to experience the infamous RvRs? Ah, not so! Aika Online is a self-proclaimed grind-light game that shakes it up with a total of five distinctly different nations. Add to that the fact that each nation is run on its own dedicated server and you’ll realize that becoming bored with this game is impossible.

Be Yourself

Character creation in Aika is agreeably not the most elaborate. If you’re a gamer that truly likes to change it up with accessories, then you’ll be a bit disappointed when creating your avatar. Given the basic character customization options including facial features, hair style and color you will still have the opportunity to set yourself apart from other noobs. In other words, those options are varied just enough to prevent getting lost in the crowd. So, while your avatar won’t be entirely unique, you won’t be required to rely on the cash shop.

Pick a Class

The Aika Online classes are gender locked, which has its own pros and cons. Some gamers like that feature, but in my experience most don’t. Even if you aren’t pro gender lock, you have six distinct classes from which to choose so the gender lock doesn’t completely ruin the variety.

Ladies first, so I’ll start with the female classes. They are:

  • Dual Gunner– sporting leather armor, their talent is in mid-range DPS
  • Paladin – wearing metal, they are the perfect mix of cleric and warrior
  • Cleric – dressed in cloth they are supportive and talented healers.

Now, introducing the male classes:

  • Warrior – the toughest class seasoned both in offensive and defensive battle, they wear metal
  • Warlock – powerful spell casters that are limited to cloth armor
  • Rifleman – wearing leather armor, they inflict pain from a distance.

Community is Key

The world of Aika Online is made up of five nations. Early on in the game, each player is given the opportunity to acquire citizenship to the nation of their choice. Each nation is set apart by its unique characteristics and traits. Nations are also recognized by their unique flags that reflect their individual personalities.

The nations of Aika are:

  • Alethius – their people value honor and are law-abiding
  • Lenaria – its people are known by their unity and friendliness
  • Feonir – known for their outgoing, adventurous and unstoppable spirit
  • Ostyrion – noted for the unnerving, aggressive and chaotic lifestyle of its citizens
  • Vanov – most noted for their gutsy, hard core, militaristic creed

These nations war against each other fighting for relics while destroying guardian stones and claiming territories. MMOs ultimately thrive on community and it’s evident that Aika’s developers took that fact to heart. Once your character has acquired the citizenship of a nation, you are endowed with a sense of belonging and community. Working with your fellow citizens is what really makes this game pop and you will genuinely be hard pressed to find this elsewhere. I’ve heard it many times over and even experienced it myself; Aika gamers are friendly and accommodating to their fellow citizens. And just like reality, when you’re treated with kindness, it’s hard not to pass it on!

Pet Pran

Most MMOs have some sort of pet system and they’re all pretty much cut from the same mold. Aika Online continues to set itself apart with its own, unique pet system. In Aika Online, your pet is called a Pran and is eligible to be unlocked at level seven. Prans are whimsical and fairylike females that operate much like a NPC. If you share my sense of humor, you’ll find comedic irony in watching rough and tough characters running around and engaging in battle with a pet fairy in tow. To add to their pet-like attributes and personality, your Pran can be customized, dressed up and even treated to toys. I think watching them grow and evolve is part of the fun. And while I don’t think most guys will own up to it, truth be told, dressing your Pran is fun.

No Compromise

I realize as I write this that I have yet to address the graphics. Any of my readers know that I’m big on graphics and I’ll be the first to tell you that cheesy graphics absolutely kill a game. With that being said, amazing mind blowing graphics have the ability to make an otherwise boring MMO more worthwhile. No compromises need to be made here as the graphics are superb. Anyone who has played Aika Online will tell you that the graphics are definitely high end. The animation and effects, quite frankly, are just as addictive as the gameplay. In fact, graphics this clean are a rare trait found in FTP MMORPGs. Text translation is another characteristic of Aika Online which I feel is noteworthy. Reading smooth English and not struggling through odd ball translations or completely broken translations are quite refreshing, and only add the to games appeal.

Aika Anonymous

Seriously, brace yourself; once you enter the world of Aika, you won’t want to leave. As I mentioned before, the fast-paced gameplay is very addictive. Some users noted that it took them a bit to get hooked; however, I found that after only a couple hours of gameplay I was enthralled, and after about 10 to 15 hours, things really took off. Those hours spent really get you grounded and prepare you for the PvP.

The variety of quests keeps you coming back and they progress at a very comfortable rate. Aika Online follows an intriguing storyline and thus, makes questing just that much more desirable. I also appreciate the gameplay dynamics that Aika Online offers. I lost no sleep with the realization that I wouldn’t have to grind my way from quest to quest and could enjoy more PvP action. With the PvP consisting of arena battles, guild battles and realm vs realm, things are guaranteed to be exciting.

To Shop or Not to Shop

A FTP MMO gamers’ frustration usually arises when the need to visit the cash shop becomes imperative. I give kudos to Aika Online’s developers for keeping their cash shop solely voluntary. As it stands, Aika Online’s item shop is a copacetic supplement to an already well-rounded game.

Aika Online’s players will find fun unique character customization options in the cash shop that will make their avatar more distinct. Along with adding to your character’s esthetics, the cash shop will also add more convenience. The developers state that the cash shop will “definitely not” affect the competitiveness of gameplay. I say right on! Advantages in FTP games shouldn’t have to be bought. With that being said, some XP boosting items will help newbies catch up more quickly with their friends who are already established at higher levels of the game.

The Final Word

Should you give Aika Online a try? In my opinion, yes! I believe that even the most PvP skeptical gamer will be in for a pleasant surprise. I personally prefer PvP to any strictly RPG in general, but I can assure you that my review on this game isn’t bias… simply ask your friends. From the detail oriented character design and amazing graphics to its prodigious RvR capabilities and sense of community, you’d have to look hard to find something to complain about. Aika Online is top-drawer in comparison to its MMO counterparts! So grab your Pran and play on!


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  • Jordan
    February 24, 2011
    Reply #1

    This game is brutally expensive and hardly anyone plays it. Its definitely not worth your time. They trick you into thinking its Free to Play but after like level 40 you iether have to pay $100’s even $1000’s to compete with other players or stop playing and waist your time. Theres no way to make money in game its all cash shop.

  • jason
    February 25, 2011
    Reply #2

    This game stole $200 from me then wouldnt respond to any of my e-mails. Complete rip off.

  • Mari
    March 6, 2011
    Reply #3

    You always get killed by higher levels in this games not fun unless your level 70 and im assuming then its not even fun cuz everyones lower level.

    Game should have more balance so begginers can have fun and not just quest all day.

    Price of gear gets real expensive after level 50 and cost of upgrading is in the 100s of dollars. I heard of people saying they spent over $1000 on there gears. That is hard to compete with.
    For a game that claims to be free to play yet has no way to make money in game except cash shop I think free to play is a lie.

    There is so many gold seller I have trouble talking to people in game. My chat is just flooded with gold sellers.

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    May 3, 2011
    Reply #4

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  • iKlone
    December 22, 2011
    Reply #5

    All aika versions are dead. Game soley relies on one player – your Lord marshal. Why any company would have a game based soley on a Lord Marshall is beyond my understanding. Lord marshals, good or bad dictate how big or low your nations population is going to be. If your Lord marshal is a tyrant, then, expect allot of players exiling to other nations. But this goes back and forth back and forth, with every new lLord Marshal.

    Game is hardcore grindy. No way your able to play this game for free after level 50. Game just gets to expensive as a free to play player. You need money.

    Majority of the time you hardly see any other gamers online. With 5 nations, what do you expect. The reality is there is 10 nations. Everyone keeps forgetting the PvE side of the game. Not everyone is logged in the PvP realms.

    Spreads the gaming population to thin. With limited char customization, everyone looks cloney. Not worth playing. Games to expensive and grindy. Low player base in all verison.

  • Babble05
    September 6, 2012
    Reply #6

    I definitely don’t recommend this game to anyone. I played for a while and got within 10 levels of maxed so I’ve seen all there is to see. It seems to be dying and spending money on this will only hurt you in the end. The only new items or events are sales on the ingame currency which is over priced and hardly benefits you until you want to invest $1000s on a game.

    Its fun for the 1st 50 levels, after that the glitches become more apparent, GMs and Customer Service are non-existent, and there are never new things to keep people interested so friends quit and find new games so its not even fun in a social aspect.

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