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Alliance of Valiant ArmsAlliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms

Alliance of Valiant Arms

When it comes to tactical free to play FPS MMOs, the selections are surprisingly slim when it comes to free options, but that number is growing rapidly. For players that are use to high end graphics of the newer games that are hitting the FPS market today, want a high base of players, and high playability, Alliance of Valiant Arms from IJJI is a great option.

The game offers a variety of scenarios and graphics that are almost unheard of for a free to play title. The graphics that are pushed to the limit with the Unreal Engine, and backed by nVidia, so you know you are getting the cream of the crop here. Many times you see graphics quality that is very good, but then the gameplay is lacking, this is not the game for AVA.

Getting Started

The game begins with an optional tutorial. It takes only a few minutes to play through, and while it is unnecessary for those who have played an MMOFPS before, it is an easy way to get currency to purchase weapons upgrades. It also provides your first introduction to the game’s graphics, which start off impressive and never waver from that. The game runs off of the Unreal 3 engine, unlike most games in the genre, which gives it a bit of a different mechanic and makes it play a lot more like Call of Duty than most of the other games that actually fall into the freeplay MMOFPS genre.


There are three types of player to choose from in Alliance of Valiant Arms. You will find that you can be a Pointman, which is a close quarters player, a Sniper, who is most effective at long range combat, or a Rifleman, who falls somewhere between the two. Each class offers unique weapons, all of which can be highly customized.

Weapon customization in this game is incredibly varied, and this works to the game’s benefit. Players can customize everything from the color of their weapon to the trigger, mount, barrel, stock, and grip. The number of weapons to choose from is smaller than in similar games, but the customization options make it possible to do almost anything, so it balances out well.

Game Modes

There are an impressive number of game modes available in Alliance of Valiant Arms. Players will find a total of seven different options, which are as follows:

Annihilation – This mode is a battle between the European Union and the New Russian Federation. It takes place on one of the game levels and goes until one team reaches either 80 or 180 points. It is similar to the Team Deathmatch option in many MMOFPS games.

Convoy – This mode required the EU team to locate and collect a nuclear suitcase being guarded by the NRF. The game is won when the suitcase is brought back to the EU base or when one of the two teams has been eliminated.

Demolition – This game mode is similar to the bomb planting mode in CounterStrike. The EU team will work to plant a bomb in one of two sites, while the NRF team will work to defuse it before it is detonated.

Domination – This mode revolves around a command post located in the center of the map. Each team vies to gain control of the post, and the post must be held for a set period of time for a team to claim victory.

Escort – This mode requires EU players to escort a tank as it moves slowly across the map. The NRF team will use rocket propelled grenades to try to destroy the tank and the opposing team. The goal is for the tank to reach the end of the map within the time limit, and this is perhaps the most popular mode in the game.

Free for All – This mode is round based and allows all players to frag at their will. The goal is simply to rack up the most kills within the time limit.

Survival – This mode is like free for all, except that each player has one life. The last man standing wins.


For players looking for a free online MMOFPS that offers the type of satisfaction gained in a game like WoW or through the 360 trophy system, Alliance of Valiant Arms has what you are looking for. There is an in-game achievement system that rewards players with medals and badges for completing certain tasks or achieving difficult feats. Better still, the rewards offer in game money and equipment which can be used for improvements to help you earn even more achievements. Achievements range from incredibly simple to extremely difficult, with only the best players ever seeing certain trophies appear.

The Final Word

Alliance of Valiant Arms is everything most players are looking for in a free to play MMOFPS and offers more of what many players seek in a top quality paid game. The game map is well designed and offers features that even many paid games lack, such as the ability to see where players were last seen, where players have been killed, and more. The environments themselves are incredibly visually impressive, surprisingly interactive, and more diverse than players have come to expect from a free game. The level of quality in the game is incredibly consistent, and players will find the look and sound of the game to be quite pleasurable.

Of course, gameplay is more important than visual appeal, and Alliance of Valiant Arms does not disappoint in this respect, either. The game is quite rich, the number of available modes offers a combat scenario for any player and any mood, and the availability of weapon upgrades and customizations allows players to experiment with nearly limitless combinations. Whether you want to create an expert sniper or be able to absolutely pwn in close combat, the game offers enough options to give you what you want. Gamers will be hard pressed to find a better free to play MMOFPS than this one.


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