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Atlantica Online

Launched on October 30,2008, Atlantica Online is a free to play MMORPG from NDOORS Corporation. The game is available on the Windows platform and offers both a multiplayer and turn based style of gameplay. While set in the northern hemisphere, it has a sort of steampunk style alternate world that feels like something out of the world of HG Wells.

Toon Selection

There are a total of nine playable classes in Atlantica Online, with two classes added in the latest patch for the game. Playable classes are as follows, and your preferred fighting style comes into play heavily when selecting a class.

Viking- This class uses an axe as a weapon. Defense points are low, but HP is rather high.

The Archer uses a bow and arrow. This character is designed for ranged damage and can also be used to silence enemies.

The Spearman uses a spear, of course, and is able to rid enemies of their action points.

The Swordsman is the tank of the group, leading in battle with the use of the sword.

The Gunner of the group uses firearms and does a great deal of burst damage with his guns but has very low defense.

The Artilleryman has a cannon, allowing him to do a great deal of damage over a large area.

The Shaman uses a staff and is the healer of the group as well as a high DPS dealer. He has low HP and defense.

The musician has a guitar as a ranged weapon and can use it to lower the defense, attack power, and health of his foes.

The last class is the Maniac, who wields a power saw. He can deal extremely high damage, but the only way to roll a toon of this class is to already have one character at level 100.


Unlike most MMORPGs, you aren’t left to fight alone. With Atlantica Online, you create a band of mercenaries as soon as you start the game. You can recruit up to 18 mercenaries, though only up to 8 can fight alongside you at any one time. There are a number of options when it comes to mercenaries, and there are four main classes. Here’s the breakdown.

The A Class consists of Druids and Champions, both of which are melee.

The B Class consists of Spartans and Pirates as melee fighters, Empresses and Sheriffs as ranged fighters and Elementalists and Vampires as Magic fighters.

In terms of the C Class, you can choose from four melee options- Beast Trainers, Exorcists, Lady Knights, and Punishers. Ranged classes include the Inventor, the Janissary, Hwarang, and Mistrels. Magic classes include Witches, Princesses, Prophets, and Oracles. The artillery class offers the cannoneer.

Last is the D Class. Here, you will find the Swordsman, Spearman, and Viking as melee options. Ranged offerings are the Archer and Gunner, while the Shaman and the Monk are offered as magic classes. The artillery class includes the Artilleryman.

It is a wise idea to recruit a fair mixture of these classes and to shuffle them around as the battle calls for. Melee mercenaries are great for close range attacks, with higher HP and Defense ratings than ranged or magic mercenaries. With this said, however, there are certainly benefits to using these classes, as they tend to have higher action power and the ability to do damage to multiple characters or to inflict a great deal of damage. Artillery classes also have a wider range and high accuracy, making them a must in many fights.


In some ways, Atlantica Online is similar in style to many other MMORPGs. There is still a dungeon system within the game, and there are both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) elements. There are a few differences from the standard mold, however. For starters, the combat in Atlantica Online is turn based. This gives players the option to set actions for each of their mercenaries and takes away the element of the battle going to whoever presses buttons faster or has two milliseconds less lag time.

The game is also heavily guild dependent. Guilds are a major part of most MMORPGs, as they allow players to band together to complete dungeons, level up, and quest together as well as enjoy the social aspect of the game. With Atlantica Online, they are almost crucial. While there are some dungeons that can be played solo or with friends, there are also guild dungeons as well as nation dungeons. When guilds in Atlantica Online are powerful enough, they can even take over cities or wage war on other guilds, offering a bit of unique gameplay that players won’t find in other games.

The game also offers even squad dungeons that offer reward based on how many enemies are killed in a certain timeframe, and the game offers training centers that help guilds learn how to fight as a team and interact with one another more effectively. These features are almost certainly required to complete nation dungeons, which are the highest in difficulty. Completion of one of these dungeons is announced to the entire server and is an impressive feat indeed.

Final Thoughts

Atlantica Online is not just another WoW wannabe or Final Fantasy clone, but borrows elements from both game styles to create an amazing FTP MMO experience. Instead of more of the same, this is a completely unique free to play MMORPG that combines some of the familiar elements of the many of the best MMO and stand alone games, while adding in a world of new ideas. Better still, these concepts work well together to create a game that is incredibly playable and that is equally capable of consuming all of your free time without also consuming your paycheck.


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