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Dive into a 3D fantasy world where gamer choice reigns supreme and the game modes are anything but ordinary. This strategy FTPMMO puts teamwork first and will serve to bring out your inner micromanager. So, keep reading and we’ll take a closer look where we can decide whether this MMORTS is worth your time. Is this truly a RTS unlike any other?

Developed by Movon, Avalon Heroes is published by Burda:ic GmbH as well as AlaPlaya. You may recognize AlaPlaya from their role in games such as Florensia and S4 League. Avalon Heroes isn’t new to the world of Free MMOs as it was initially released in closed beta format on October 24th, 2009. On January 11th, 2010 Avalon Heroes enjoyed its open beta release. Finally, on February 10th, 2010, Avalon Heroes celebrated its official release.


Jumping into the game you’ll note that there are 2 unique factions; Oriens and Aeonia. Both Oriens and Aeonia have their own individual heroes. The essence of Avalon Heroes is its action packed DotA online matches. Avalon Heroes is a unique FTPMMO with its generous selection of game modes. This aspect of the game is proof that you won’t ever be at a loss when you want variety!

The Battle mode places you against the other faction in what is, in fact, an action packed battle. Arena is a mode which challenges your strategy skills while attempting to overcome the Legendary Mob. In Adventure mode, you can recruit up to 8 friends in an attempt to defeat the strongest boss monsters while utilizing your tactical skills. Plaza mode is where gamers can hang out and chat, upgrade their equipment, and even create a guild. Those modes are just a few of what’s available and is proof that variety is definitely Avalon Heroes’ strong suit.


While there’s no character creation to be had, Avalon Heroes has a stunning selection of playable characters to choose from—more than 18! Avalon Heroes has a system that essentially encourages gamers to utilize all of the heroes. This “Battlepoint” system measures a hero’s energy. When you play a particular hero, his Battlepoints will decrease; using a hero with low BP results in EXP and SP loss. Your favorite hero’s BP will be restored after a set period of time enabling you to use him again. In the meantime, however, you’ll be left to sign out and try again later, or play a different hero. Playing all of the heroes can be fun and keeps the excitement going!


Let’s take a closer look at the Battle mode. Let me prepare you by saying that each match can take 45 minutes or more to complete. So, be sure you have enough time to play through the entire match. Players who abandon a match prior to its completion are penalized. Each Battle mode match can support up to 10 players, or 5 versus 5. However, you can battle in matches of 1 on 1 on up to 4 versus 4, given your preference.

So you’re ready to play and now you must choose which faction you’d like to join; Oriens or Aeonia. As I mentioned before, each faction has over 18 heroes from which to choose. What’s more are the incredible selection of maps rarely found in the MMO genre—more than 7 maps! Starting out you’ll have 5 heroes in each faction to choose from. As game progression continues, you’ll unlock more and more heroes and thus, be awarded an increasing selection of characters to choose from.


Okay, we’ve talked about Battle mode for a bit. Now let’s look into another mode—Scenario mode. Scenario mode is the single-player mode which is very story driven. The single-player missions in Scenario mode will reward you with new playable heroes as well as Aron, the in-game currency. So, if you prefer your game play to be significantly story driven, you’ll really enjoy the Scenario mode. Unfortunately Avalon Hero’s single-player mode is absolutely wrought with awful English translations.


Avalon Heroes is very team oriented, which is what MMO games are about—I like this. Implementing teamwork is really the only way to play Avalon Heroes successfully. In Battle mode, your objective is quite basic; demolish the enemy’s “Sacred Nest” before they can destroy yours. You are able to loot—when in the woods—where special items can be found which bring forth level 25 NPCs that will assist your team in reaching the opposing team’s Sacred Nest. You’ll also be assisted by NPCs which spawn occasionally.


So far we’ve established that Avalon Heroes places great value on selection and variety. So far the words “selection” and “variety” have been a constant. Unfortunately, the pros stop there. Let me explain.

With each new technological creation—in this case, game—we have come to expect improvement. From cell phone apps to console gaming and everything in between, we take for granted that a new addition to a particular genre’ means an improved addition. Generally this rule of thumb holds true; but in this case, unfortunately, it does not.

Anyone who is an experienced DotA gamer, or even a seasoned FTPMMO gamer will be disappointed by the unimpressive graphics and UI. The graphics in and of themselves give Avalon Heroes a generally undesirable and dated feel. The high DotA standards we have come to know in games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth are not met in this FTPMMO. It’s quite unfortunate. We want to see new and improved features, crisp graphics, and user friendly interfaces—none of which can be found in Avalon Heroes. Thus, we are left with our selection of heroes and modes to keep us happy.


As a game reviewer, it’s a bad sign when you have to actually dig for good things to write about in a game. Honestly, it’s just flat out depressing. It leaves me wondering, why developers even take the time to create something that is subpar? Avalon Heroes’ developers put thought into the selection and variety offered both in the game’s characters and modes. However, the game lacks substantially in just about every other way that counts.

Another notable turnoff is Avalon Heroes’ terrible English translations. Sure, you’re bound to experience some translation issues here and there with foreign games, but the translations here leave much to be desired. Once again, I have to say to the developers and publishers… step it up!

When playing Avalon Heroes, you will quickly note that there are many balance issues throughout the game. While some heroes are well worth their weight in gold, others are completely worthless. Not only is this frustrating when unlocking a character, but it’s incredibly annoying when you’re trying to compete and your hero doesn’t stand a chance. For example, matching ranged characters against melee characters—the melee characters will win every time. No contest. This imbalance is definitely a big turnoff.

All in all, Avalon Heroes leaves you with the impression of a cheap knockoff. While some FTP gamers may enjoy the gameplay that Avalon Heroes has to offer, those of us with positive expectations of any kind will spend our time playing League of Legends. Come on Movon, get with the times. Until next time, game on!

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  • TonyLai
    December 18, 2011
    Reply #1

    Yay. Simply I don’t like that dota and lol graphic,it looks like a game for childs…I didn’t that pro players left,I’m still playing xDD

  • TonyLai
    December 18, 2011
    Reply #2

    Didn’t notice*

  • Michael
    December 7, 2013
    Reply #3

    Existe algun otro avalon ? yo jugaba el de alaplaya y me mato buscando y buscando cuando puedo x-x pero no encuentro alguna ayuda?

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