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Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy takes you into the 3D world of sci-fi free MMORPGs. The game is essentially a new generation MMO with unmatchable 3D graphics and a lot of unseen features. Another reason why Black Prophecy is a game all MMO fans must try is that it has been developed by Reakktor Media GmbH, a company which is among the veterans in this industry. After the success of their very first venture Neocron, we have seen numerous titles coming from Reakktor- all of them ahead of their time.

Black Prophecy has already won its publishers several awards including best Free-To-Play in the Biggest Surprise category last year. On the first look, the game does look similar to Eve Online, but getting hands on, there is a lot of difference. Black Prophecy is much more fast-paced and action oriented.


We really love playing MMOs with strong storyline and we love to talk about those stories. Unfortunately, not many MMO offer us the opportunity to, but thankfully, Black Prophecy does. Quite surprisingly, for this Free to Play, they actually hired an award winning Sci-Fi author Michael Marrack to write a captivating backstory.

As it is a Sci-Fi, the story takes you forward in the 26th century. Mankind has expanded its boundaries beyond the galaxies. Unfortunately this progress didn’t prove to be very helpful for humans and only few colonies remained under their control. Scientifically advancement also divided the race in two factions; Tyi and Genides. These two factions, torn by war, evoked the wrath of an ancient alien race, the Restorers. These restorers now pose an even greater threat to human existence.


Black prophecy offers a perfect gameplay for gamers seeking fast paced action ad combat. The game has a lot of RPG element and focuses mainly on the PvP and PvE combat. It also offers an interesting space simulation experience. Being a new game, Black Prophecy also allows joystick and gamepad control along with a keyboard mouse combination. With these controls, the simulation experience feels very close to reality. Players can choose from three views of the ship; first person with cokpit frame, first person without the cockpit frame, and a third person view.

Like in all MMORPGs, there is a crafting system which works similarly as well. Players will have to collect resources and craft the item using a blueprint. Almost everything can be done through the space stations including obtaining the mission. Overall, the gameplay is exciting, made better by the futuristic graphics and enhanced controls.


When a player reaches level six, the destiny deciding choice is put forward. As we mentioned earlier, you have two factions to choose from.

Tyi (Tacticaly Yeomen Inhabitants)- This is a race of cybernetically enhanced human beings. Not only are they physically strong and powerful, they are also super-intelligent. They possess many supernatural qualities such as multi-tasking and backup organs. This race was created after the species war, and that is why they have excellent battle skills.

Genides – This a biologically improved race of humans. They are also strong and more enduring. They can carry on without having to sleep, their wounds heal much faster than the normal human brings. They are also capable of telepathic communication and hearing ultrasonic and infrasonic sound. Due to the war torn time, this race focuses on strict military lifestyle and training.

Modular Customization

One thing that seems lacking in this game is the variety of ships. It is quite a disappointment that there is only one type of ship available for everyone. However, you can later modify and customize the ship. The best part about this modification can be done in modules which means, you don’t get to buy a new ship but you can modify it bit by bit. Modification includes new parts such as wings and engine, as well as new weapons. The performance is greatly enhanced with each modification.

Ship is not the only customizable thing in Black Prophecy. You can also start developing your clan station by adding a module after module. Although the player’s avatar cannot leave the ship and walk around, there is a character customization option as well. you can buy your character and armor as well as enhance its looks. As the character does appear during the dialogues between players an NPCs, make it worth looking at.


There is a strong focus on PvP combat in Black Prophecy. Team mission are the most exciting one and they return more rewards. However, you would only be getting mission rewards instead of bonuses for completing these missions. One thing we liked is that even if you die, there are no awful penalties. The ship will resurrect and your items would be restored. By doing missions, you can earn more and more experience unlocking lots of perks in the game.

Graphics and Sounds

If you are still looking for a reason to play this game rather than any other space sci-fi, it is the graphics. This game hails the best graphics we have ever seen in MMOs. The graphics and visual appeal of the game is very futuristic and after only few hours of play, you will feel like a real space ship pilot. Unlike many MMO that are free to play, the space ship actually collides with objects roaming around in the space. The sound is equally pleasing.

The sound is equally pleasing, made better by options and settings. You can customize your music as well as change your setting according to the audio device you choose. Sound effects are really great and just like the graphics they help in offering a real simulation experience.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros to list about this game. The first one has to be the graphics and sounds.
It is a free to play game with a very high production value.
Modular design and construction also make up for the positive side.
Captivating and fast paced action oriented gameplay.

One thing that also disappointed us is that players are not able to get off the ship. However, the developers have not decided whether they will ever add this feature or not.
Secondly, due to high end graphics, they game can extract up to the last bit out of your system. There are many players who can’t even play the game due to high system requirements.

The Final Word

Excellent and promising! Black prophecy is definitely among the games which are redefining the free MMORPG genre altogether. Since it is free, we will suggest you spend a little money on your system specs and enjoy one of the most amazing free to play gaming experiences out there.

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