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Combat Arms is a game from Nexon America. Nexon America is the sister company of Nexon Korea. The surprising part here is that Nexon America is a company that used to generate revenues by numerous item shops and all of a sudden whoa! It released its first ever free to play game! Now, that’s not just surprising, but pretty exciting for all the gamers out there. After all, who doesn’t want to play free games? We all do, don’t we? That is exactly what makes this game so special. It’s an action game that provides the thrill and fun nearly FPS gamer would expect from a game. So, there is no doubt in the fact that even a small company today can create a game which is not only at par with the industry trends,but also quite exhilarating to play.

If you are looking for an action game with high-tech graphics, a thrilling plot and of course smooth game play, then the Combat Arms is probably the one to go for. Read this complete Combat Arms review to know what the game is all about and why do we call it one of the best games of all time…

Let’s Get Started

Unlike most of the action games out there, this one has quite a unique starting. You first need to customize characters in order to play. You choose the looks of your soldier and name him before you start. For beginners, the weapons which you have initially might be a bit of a disappointment and for some, an excitement. Why? Simply because the way most of the weapons are rated in this game is quite different from the other ones. The M16A1 is generally considered as one of the best weapons in other warfare games but in this one, it is considered as the weakest one. So, your soldier starts out with this very M16A1 automatic rifle. He also has a military camo, a combat knife and a couple of basic grenades.

A small disappointment is that the customization of the soldiers is limited to quite an extent for now, but the developers have promised that it will expand with time. You will be capable of buying other items in the future such as more grenades, armor vests, helmets, uniforms and so on. If you are the best player on the server, you will be able to buy anything you want to without even spending a dime in the real world like you do for most of the xBox games. In other words, the better your ranking gets, the more will you be able to purchase. So, you should play the game well and try to get the top most position on the leaderboards if you really want to have all those deadly weapons you need to kill your enemies.

Experience Points

The game has experience points which mean that the higher you score, the better will be your ranking. It is similar to what you have in most of the battlefield games. You earn points and you unlock characters, weapons, gizmos and so on. Once you have a good rank, you will be able to unlock nearly everything you want depending on the fact whether you have the required points for it or not.

Another way of measuring your performance is the KDR (Kill/Death Ratio) within the game. Of course, the higher your KDR, the more deadly will you look to other gamers. Also, with this particular, the level of each player is determined. If you are on the highest level, the lower level players won’t be able to play with you. This is again a disappointment for many, but in its truest sense it is meant to make the game much more fun-filled instead of having it play within your circle of friends every time.

Gameplay Modes

Quite an amusement is the gameplay of this game! Every gamer who has played this game knows how stimulating the gameplay is. You can say that it is a mixture of Counterstrike and the Unreal Tournament or many would even say that it is better than both of those games. If you love blood then there is blood, and if you love undercover missions, then they are there as well! With 12 mission types there is plenty of variety and tons of maps. Here are a few types of missions you can expect when you jump into Combat Arms:

  • One Man Show: There are no teams! You are the only player and you have to beat them without any pals! Go for it bravo!
  • Elimination Chamber: Not the one you find in WWE, but something similar to that. Two teams (Alpha and Bravo) are against each other and players are placed into these teams. They fight and they bleed until one of them wins the game.
  • Capture the Flag: This is the old school mode of accomplishing missions. There are two teams (Alpha and Bravo again!) and players are supposed to capture the opponent team’s flag. That’s all about it actually.
  • Search and Destroy: This is the mode in which players are again placed in two teams. The Alpha team members have control of a bomb. They need to plant the bomb in the locations marked by Chevron’s on the HUD. Now, the Bravo team has to find the Alpha team members, kill them and disarm the bombs or else they will be bombarded! This is actually the most exciting mode of them all.
  • Fireteam: A Co-op mission that puts your team of 8 against the computer to reach the final goal
  • Quarantine Regen: It starts with one or more players being randomly infected, but spreads fast! One player starts with the infection and will chase the rest around the game map to try and infect the rest. You will do your best to eliminate those infected and not become one of them yourself.
  • Bombing Run: Protect your base while trying to capture the bomb and plant it in a designated area. It gets hectic and it gets bloody. Just the way we like it.
  • Spy Hunt: Collect the intel and the become the super spy and reach your objective or become the hunter and eliminate the super spy.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, then allow me to explain – the best part about the gameplay of Combat Arms is the brutality. The more you kill, the more points you get. As soon as you kill a soldier you can see points flashing on him. Moreover, if you kill 3 players in five seconds you will get more rewards. This is the part which makes you play the game better every time!

The game has a minor flaw which is that the game gets a bit draggy during its peak hours. It doesn’t really matter which server you choose. In the peak times, all servers are slow. To list this as the games only flaw is a testament to how good and how much fun this game really is, Nexon has for sure brought an hit to the FPS realm.


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  • Paul
    December 28, 2010
    Reply #1

    I have played WarRock a few times, it was cool apart from the hackers. Is that a problem for Combat Arms as well?

    • Limpy
      December 28, 2010
      Reply #2

      I have not seen it as a problem so far.

  • Joji
    May 20, 2011
    Reply #3

    Note that Nexon sells hacks to hackers around the globe. 99% of Combat Arms are full of hackers. You’re just lucky that you haven’t met any (according to your comments and videos?). I rather play games like AVA, which is hack free for the most.

  • Arcturus
    July 15, 2011
    Reply #4

    You forgot a few other downsides to the game.

    Hackers. They are the cancer of Combat Arms. I don’t know how you didn’t encounter a hacker but it’s a very regular occurance for your average player.

    GP/EXP rates. The GP/EXP rates are rather low and force you to purchase GP & EXP passes or GP Hazard cases. The future ranks also get rather grindy.

  • larsen
    August 7, 2011
    Reply #5

    I’m sorry if my comment insulted any loyal fans of Nexon/Combat Arms but like almost any other FPS it is too repetitive and its vulnerability to hackers is degrading its value. I’ve reached 2nd Lt and the game is just the boring old chat, shoot and tbagging each other. It’s not much fun so I wouldn’t recommend it in the long run xD

  • Decency
    October 10, 2012
    Reply #6

    Combat Arms is like any other FPS out there. The gameplay is repetitive, the customization is limited, and when you purchase gear it is only in your possession for a limited time period until you have to repurchase it. Also, the abundance of hackers in the game is extremely annoying. However, there are some positive aspects to Combat Arms. For the gametypes you have your usual Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, and such; as well as co-op mission based modes, Infection, and Survival gametypes. In my opinion, Combat Arms gets a 3/5 stars.

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