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Cosmic Break

Cosmic Break

Sometimes MMO’s get so addictive that you feel you are stuck with them forever. Even when you get bored of not being able to progress as rapidly as you did in earlier levels; it is hard to give up your virtual life in your favorite free MMO world. Such situations call for a break. For a perfect break, all you need is an extremely fast-paced MMO which guarantees hours of exciting gameplay without any promises to hold you hostage forever. Cosmic Break exactly fits the bill for such a game.

Cosmic Break is a third person shooter plus brawler brought to us by Japanese developers, Cyberstep. If you remember, this is also the name behind another brawler Get Amped 2. So, it carries the same casual, fast paced and action oriented fun. What sets it apart its class based gameplay and a very quirky ‘Japanese’ anime-styled artwork.

The Storyline

The back story of Cosmic Break revolves around a parallel dimension called cosmic Arc. There are three unions in the cosmic Ark. Each union has its own guardian deity. These deities are sleeping in three different areas. They choose robot warriors that will fight and help in their resurrection. As the hero of the game, your job is to collect cosmic energy in order to revive your union’s deity. Yet, there is one more evil force against all the nations. This evil force just wants to ensure that none of the deities are revived. So, naturally, you will be fighting against that as well.

Unions and Robots

There are three unions in the game. As in most MMOs, you will have to choose your union before you get into the action. The three unions are; Bladine (BRD) with the guardian LIOS, Dostrex (DOS) with the guardian Dracken and Wizdom (WIZ) with the guardian ICY. The major attributes of your fighters are defined by the type of robot you chose rather than the union. There are four types of robots in cosmic break.

Land Type – With superior maneuverability and speed, these robots are excellent in ground battles. You can equip them with powerful sub machines and other weapons.
Air Type – These robots have the ability to remain airborne. Equipped with beam weapons, they become a deadly force against any enemy.
Artillery– They are the long range shooters in this game. They can destroy air and land robots with missiles and bombs. However, they usually won’t be able to stand close ranged melee attacks.
Support – These robots can not only repair their allies, they can also inflict status damages upon their enemies. They might be weaker in terms of fire power, but they have got special abilities such as radars.


The game starts with the union and robot selection. There are around 50 robots in the game. For a single team, you can choose up to three robots. If you die during the game, you can respawn as another one on your team. There is an initial tutorial, but it really does little to help understanding the games mechanics except for the controls. However, you will easily learn it al by yourself.

The game offers plenty of customization options. You can buy different parts and mix and match them with your robots. This actually gives you the opportunity to create unique robots of your own. Cosmetic customizations include paint option. This allows you to paint different parts of your robot to create funky new looks.

The game offers several different modes including the mission mode, quest or the real essence of the game, the arena based PvP. The missions require you to team up with other players and complete different missions. These missions will bag you a good amount of in-game currency. You earn two types of experiences, one for your individual rank and one for your robot.

As for the quests, they generally leave you alone in turbulent situations such as finding a rare item while talking on an army of opponents. The quests are divided into different areas which are unlocked using the color coded keys. The blue key gets you on the easier path while the red one is for those who love a little more adventure on the way. This offers a unique twist to questing in Cosmic Break.
Now for the PvP! What makes PvP extremely y outrageous in this game is the arena styled 30vs30 mode. PvP is pretty tough and requires good strategic thinking rather than mindless brawling. You must be well aware of your class and its abilities in order to prove useful for your team. The major objective of these arenas is to kill all the enemy robots, simple enough!

So, overall, the gameplay is exciting, fast-paced, action packed and easy to grasp. Yet, it is extremely hard to master. The game requires a player to be well aware of all the weaknesses and strength of a certain robot and choose one that fits his/her personal gaming style.

Pros and Cons

+The variety of robots to choose from really gives one great reason to try this game.
+Customization options are enough to offer each robot a unique personalized look.
+Fast paced gameplay offers a nice break from boring fantasy themed RPGs.
+Missions and quest require a cooperative gameplay.

-The game needs serious help in terms of graphics and visual appeal.
-Continuous customization makes it hard to master a single robot.
-The gameplay gets repetitive after a few continuous hours.
-There are a few technical issues and lagging problems.

Controls Graphics and Sound

The game’s controls are easy to grasp. The movement is based on the usual WASD keys while shooting requires mouse clicks. So, even if you are new to the MMO world, your Counterstrike experience will help you with this game. The quirky Japanese artwork is a completely different story.

Graphics are seriously out dated, but for some reason they work and are part of the charm. One thing that really deserves praise is how every customization item gives a whole new look to the characters. Otherwise, you can compare the graphics with the early 3D games of the mid 90s.

Sound seems a bit dated as well, but once again fit the game. The voice-overs are in Japanese, so there is really no point in commenting on that. Other sounds including the’ booms and baams’ aren’t much different than what we hear in most MMOs. You can play the game with the sounds off, and you wouldn’t notice the difference.

The Final Word

We won’t rank Cosmic Break among the most amazing FTPs we have played. Neither does it have the addiction factor we are looking for. However, if you seriously need an instant boost of fun, action and excitement, Cosmic Break surely delivers the whole package.

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