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Cross Fire

Free to play MMO’s have been gaining a lot of steam over the past several years. Not that they haven’t been there before, but the last few years have seen an explosion in the market. Many were in the realm of 3D Fantasy MMORPGs. Gaming companies are starting to really catch on to the fact that casual gamers are also in the market. This fact has opened up a slew of FPS MMOs, and the market continues to grow. The latest version of the MMO game Cross Fire is a 3D first person tactical shooter game in which the player gets a first hand experience of an original counter strike. It has four game modes with 10 maps, 30 different guns and a ton of entertainment value. Definitely a new and exciting action experience unlike before.

Getting Started

You can easily download and install the game without any trouble at all. Like all MMO games you have to login to the website and register before you can explore this new experience. It does have a unique quality and excitement for players as they play with team mates and encounter challenges in the form of other players and challenge quests that reset daily and allow the player to earn additional rewards for their completion.

The Game Modes

Each mode has it’s own set of goals for completion, and a player will find himself on one side of the battlefield or the other battling for the win. Each of these four modes are equally thrilling and fun to play. There is no doubt about it and the developers have done an awesome job with the gameplay aspect to make each game quick and exciting right from the start. Most of the maps are small and put you right in the middle of the firefight after only about 10-20 steps. This can also make for an intense experience that will keep you on your toes right from the moment that you are dropped in.

Ghost Mode

This is a unique mode in which the player is invisible – well, almost invisible. You will remain armed though, but only with knives. You have to gain ranks and earn GPs. You also have to buy newer guns and keep track of the number of people you kill. You will have to keep track of the wins and lost killings in this fast pace tactical shooter game.

Elimination Mode

The player and his team are required to kill all the members of the opposing team in order to win the round. The team which reached the targeted number of round wins is the victor of the game. It is quite easy and exciting as well.

Team Death Match

The challenge here is to kill the most number of opponents to meet the target number and within a target time. When the player loses he can revive (respawn) and play again.

Search and Destroy

One team plants C4 at specific points and the other team has to prevent this from happening by defusing the bomb. Otherwise, you can also kill members of the opposing team to win this round. The opponents and players cannot respawn until the round is over.

Free for All

Taking on anyone and everyone is the name of the game here. Free for All allows you to shoot on sight at anyone who gets in your way. Re-spawns happening at random locations only adds to the fun.


Mutants are on attack and the rest of the players are a human battling for survival. Last one standing wins.


Each team taking turns at being dropped deep inside a base where it is one teams job to Escape and the others to destroy them and keep them captured. Two rounds for each game, giving each side a turn at being the captured.

Shopping and Maintenance

The currency in Crossfire is the GP, and you have 50,000 GPs when you begin playing. Selecting a character costs you some money, 4000 GPs to be precise. There are many primary guns you can buy, although their availability and requirement depends on the rank. A few guns are available regardless of rank. The prices of these guns are as much as 40,000 GPs, so before buying consider managing your funds throughout the game. You can also shop for helmets and bags for your protection and to carry additional weapons with you.

The Final Word

The first thing the player is faced with is selection between two different character types to use. These are Great Risk (GR) and Black List (BL). The graphics have really improved, thanks to a few updates over the years, but are still behind some of the newer releases of the genre. Some would look at the older graphics as a bane to the game. Truth be told, you can look at it either way. Sure the graphics are not up to current standards, but at the same time, not everyone updates their computer each year. So the players base for Cross Fire is still very high, and I attribute this to not only the solid gameplay, but also the accessibility of the game to a much broader audience.

Sounds in the game are solid, and exactly what should be expected from a solid FPS game. Musically the game knows when to give you the background you are looking for to set the mood and when to keep itself quiet.

Overall the guns and items are solid and the selection is broad enough to keep players very satisfied with their choices. Couple that with solid gameplay mechanics, and playerbase that rivals many of the newer games in the genre, and Cross Fire is a solid game that earns high marks. Sure we would all love to see something pretty right from the get go and then lack of the higher resolutions can be a drag, but if you enjoy a good tactical shooter in your spare time, Cross Fire has a lot to bring to the table.


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