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Dawngate is a free to play MOBA that has been built from the ground up to give players who are looking for a different experience a chance to find one. The basic MOBA structure is there, but the game breaks the mold on many other gameplay aspects. The item system is one area players will find a major difference over other games in the genre with there being a more simplistic and easy to understand system in place that is being well recieved by both veterans and new players of the game.

The map is also quite different from the typical three lane idea. With two lanes taking precedent and some key addition and changes to the map. The soul wells allow players an added resource capture component to the game that can turn the tide of any game at any time. The respawning if towers is also something that is not normally seen in the genre and can make the comebacks quite interesting.

Over all the game has quite a few small changes that make it a very welcome addition to the genre. See more in my First Look video.

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