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Divine Souls

Divine Souls

One word, action! Divine Souls is a 3D fantasy arcade style MMO that is packed with non-stop action. If you’re tired of button-mashing combat and the same old PvP gameplay that you’ll find in just about every other Free to Play MMO that dares call itself “action” then hang on because you’re about to be blown away!

Truly Divine

Game Prix took online gaming to a whole new level when they developed Divine Souls. This is a MMORPG unlike any that you’ve seen before. Created for the action guru, Divine Souls is a combat based free-to-play with a unique steampunk theme and fast paced brawler style gameplay. Divine Souls went open beta on December 14, 2010 and is published by Outspark. Game Prix also set Divine Souls apart from the other MMOs in its genre with spectacular graphics. The attention to detail is awesome. Something I really noticed was how, despite the fantasy element, the character’s arms and legs looked incredibly lifelike.

Divine Matter

Each quest is introduced with first-rate video scenes complete with excellent voice-over animation. These short videos really get you involved in the storyline and effectively increase player intrigue. As the levels progress, the storyline goes deeper and becomes even more intriguing.

Divine Souls is essentially about the Zeplar Drive which has caused a paradigm shift throughout the galaxy. Dr. Burke discovered that when Divine Matter was placed into his small engine of his starship, it was capable of traveling to the ends of the galaxy.

While once thought that this discovery would bring peace and unity, it has only brought more heartache. Divine Matter caused unexpected changes within the population as a whole. Those changes included the new abilities and powers that developed in many of the people which forever changed humanity. A darkness spread as people began to change and pursue evil endeavors.

Soul Creation

Let me prepare you in advance, character creation is a bit disappointing. However, like I mentioned before, the incredible graphics more make up for it—in my opinion. When choosing a class, you can pick from one of three. Each class is created to compliment the other making teamwork a must.

  • Mage – using a variety of ranged attacks, they are vicious from afar with the use of their powerful spells. They are also noted for their hunting skills.
  • Slasher – known for their unforgettable mastery of the chain-sword, they are agile and quick… a very deadly combination.
  • Fighter – literally empowered, these fighters are technologically equipped with a magically infused power fist that will bring an enemy to its knees, and then drive him into the ground.

When choosing your character, remember that they are gender locked. When customizing your character, you can choose from a very small selection of hair styles and a selection of face styles. To choose your hair and skin color, you are offered a complete color pallet. While the color pallet is nice, it really doesn’t make up for the serious lack of customization options.

Weapons that Divine You

The selection of weapons in Divine Souls includes:

  • Power Fist – This is a fighter weapon nicknamed “Fist of the Gods.” Combined with Divine Matter, the Power Fist is capable of punching through solid granite. It is a deadly weapon used in both offense and defense.
  • Chain-Sword – The Chain-Sword is a mid-ranged, combination slasher weapon. This weapon is used to pick up enemies and throw them into the ground as well as slashing them.
  • Cannon Staff – This weapon is a Mage weapon and one of the most unique weapons in Divine Souls. This weapon is light weight and effective at attacking from a distance. The Cannon Staff is also effective in melee combat.

Go Ahead, Push My Buttons

This game starts with a great tutorial and I love it! If you’re not a tutorial fan, then you can opt out at any time by hitting escape. I recommend that you stick around as the tutorial is quite helpful.

Divine Souls has two control schemes and you can alternate between them by hitting F5 or F6—simple enough. Something that may cause some confusion is the need to manually turn the cursor off and on. However, this is necessary in keeping with the third-person-shooter gameplay. Interacting with NPCs and navigation can be done via keyboard shortcuts as well.

When attacking, the mouse is used to perform basic attacks. There are no auto-attack options; if you’re going to play this game, you’ve really got to play! Other controls used in combat are the spacebar (used for jumping), and the letter E (for grabbing and holding). These controls can be used in various combinations to perform different attacks. Hitting the letter K brings up a list of possible combinations for your class.

Fast Paced Gameplay

Divine Souls has gained recognition from FTPMMO gamers the world over for its fast paced gameplay. Adding to the unique live-action style of Divine Souls are the camera angles that are achieved by manipulating the camera with the mouse.

Starting out, your first trial mission is attacking a group of chubby goblins. This affords you the opportunity to learn the controls and combinations of the combat system. Most of the gameplay does require the use of strategy, teamwork and combination attacks. The stages are divided into rooms which are connected via portals. Each room must be mastered before progressing to the next.

Initially, you’ll spend time playing the PvE portion of Divine Souls. Eventually you’ll want to hit up the PvP lobby. Within the cities are arena buildings where you can create your own room, or join an existing one. Within the PvP portion of Divine Souls are four modes. Those modes support up to eight players and are: Break Into, Deathmatch, Survival, and Capture the Flag. These PvP modes provide an even playing field for gamers at various levels by placing all players on the same skill level by default. This setting may be changed if you want to put your skills to the test. However, like any other aspect of Divine Souls, grinding is not an option. Winning a match requires purposeful skill. Also, a record of your wins and losses are kept and displayed as your rating via the PvP Point system.

The Final Word

With several similar FTPs out there including Dragonica Online, Dungeon Fighter Online, and Fists of Fu, among others; Divine Souls has definitely brought something new to the table. Each of those games provides on-going action with the traditional MMORPG feel. What sets Divine Souls apart from the rest is its state-of-the-art technology and amazing graphics that honestly, put it years ahead of the rest. I have a lot of respect for online game developers who take their time and really invest themselves into the graphics aspect of their games—Game Prix has done just that.

Simply put, the gameplay is fun. Its spot-on brawler style combined with the unique steampunk theme that is rarely found in online gaming makes this an incredibly desirable addition to the online FTP collection. Divine Souls is a fast paced machine with wicked PvP modes and extensive skills and builds for each class. The controls are straight forward and uncomplicated. However, the combinations used in combat are a bit complex and will take some time to master. In my opinion, this adds depth and doesn’t leave room for obnoxious button-mashing.

The only complaints I have are the gender locked classes and the repetition that you face with the instanced dungeons. Dungeons must be repeated at different skill levels in order to move up. You’ll find that the world is persistent and very limited. Now, in regards to the gender lock, some people like that feature and feel that it gives more diversity to the gameplay.


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