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Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

Dragon Saga

This unique free to play MMO is hearing the praises of both the old school and younger gamers alike. It’s a modern RPG with the sweet allure of a throwback. Regardless of your gaming preference, stick around and I’ll bet you’ll agree; the game play is addictive!

Developed by Barunson Interactive, Dragon Saga was originally released under the name Dragonica Online — or Dragonica in the UK. Initially, Dragonica was published by THQ who then released its rights and the now Dragon Saga is currently presented by Gravity Interactive and played through the Warp Portal. Its commercial launch as Dragon Saga was October 28, 2010 making this cutting edge, massively multiplayer online game a contemporary, crisp, breath of fresh air.

Something Different

As I mentioned before, Dragon Saga is a modern MMORPG with an old school favor. The cell-shaded, anime style graphics are superb boasting a rainbow of color that provides the game with an inviting atmosphere. Mix that with cutting edge 3D scrolling game play— that’s right, I said 3D SCROLLING, and it’s the feel of Mario Bros with the added movement 3D gaming offers. I’m telling you; don’t miss out on this online delicacy!

Getting Your Feet Wet

The goodies just keep coming once you’ve signed in. First things first; character creation. When creating a character, you are given the choice of four separate classes; Thief, Warrior, Magician and Archer. While the choice of classes seems like a drag, I’ll go on later to explain why it’s really not so bad. Character creation in Dragon Saga is a total blast. As I’ve stated before, I have a serious bone to pick with game creators who only offer a minimal character customization selection. Playing with a bunch of newbie’s is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo. It’s seriously annoying. Well, breathe out a sigh of relief; you’re sure to dig the diverse assortment that Dragon Saga has to offer. Big kudos to the developers when it comes to character customization! Now Dragon Saga is not over the top when it comes to this feature, but the amount of diversity options are perfect for the type of game presented before us.

How Do I Do That

There is yet another pleasant surprise I would like to share with you… I know, right? I love reviewing good games! I get to set my ‘Simon Cowell’ persona aside for a moment. Anyway, the tutorial on this game is pretty first-rate. It’s by no means overbearing; just what we like to hear. Led by a doey eyed kitten like animal with fluttery ears, you are shown how to navigate Dragon Saga. The great thing about this game is that all the moves and navigation are done via the keyboard; you don’t have the switch between the mouse and the keyboard, ever. The tutorial, which is instanced, gives you a quick overview of the hot keys and combo moves. The combo moves in Dragon Saga are actually rewarded, which I like. Unfortunately game play can become repetitious and you always run risk of playing with button mashers; or worse, becoming one. However the combo rewards should be incentive enough to prevent such atrocities.

To Grind or Not to Grind!

Dragon Saga is very quest oriented. This eliminates the boredom of solo grinding. Not that grinding is not an option, and it even has it’s own rewards for slaying certain numbers of monsters in a row, but questing provides big exp bumps. So don’t think you have to follow a specific game plan, the game is extremely versatile when it comes to how you choose to play. Job advancements are spaced out quite nicely with advancements at intervals of twenty. These steady intervals, which are scarcely found among other comparable games, really give you the feeling of accomplishment. Dragon Saga truly takes the cake with possible classes with the current total number being twenty-eight; another plus in my book. That statistic makes recompense for the fact that, at this point in time, there are only four classes to choose from.

The Dungeon Crawler in You

The instanced dungeons in Dragon Saga are remarkable! They really sweeten the deal. The dungeons can be completed with a party of users, up to four players max, or you can choose to dive in and run them solo. The dungeons do increase in difficulty and may be repeated; with four difficultly level, and endless repeat playability. They are valuable for XP and looting; not to mention they’re just plain fun. With the ability to play a dungeon to completion in around five minutes, the game play is kept moving and the user doesn’t feel duped into a time consuming commitment that drudges on. Dungeons really take the cake when it comes to looking for that upgrade you need to beat the next batch of monsters, or trying to wrack up a few more gold pieces to buy that next item on your wish list.

The Final Verdict!

So, to sum it all up, I would absolutely recommend Dragon Saga. It is truly a one-of-a-kind free to play MMORPG that offers hours upon hours of high jinks. Sure, the dungeons always present the possibility of becoming boring, after being completed multiple times. However, it would take a considerable amount of game play for that to even be an option, and with the many different types of gameplay available, one can switch things up at any time and have a completely different gaming experience. The side scroll setup is a definite plus. The tutorial is quick and effective (don’t forget the fluttery kitten). The interface rocks, no glitches to gripe about. And the character customization is primo. There really isn’t much for me to complain about. Dragon Saga is a very well rounded game and its substantial player base is just proof. Play on!


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