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Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online a free to play massive multi-player experience merged with some old school fun! When it comes to video games, nothing can ever beat an old-school arcade style beat-em‘ up video game. In their quest of boasting complicated mind-boggling game play and flossing high-end graphics, game developers today have forgotten what pure fun used to be like. Fortunately for us old-schoolers, a Korean game developing company, Neople, decided to revive the good old gaming times with an FTP MMO called Dungeon Fighter online.

This game was published by Hangame in 2009. Initially it was released for Korea only, where it is known as Dungeon and Fighters. Later it was released for Japan and China as well. In China, the game broke the record of 2 million concurrent users. In Northern America the game is published by Nexon and the game surely shows the Nexon style.

Fast and Furious Gameplay
Pay attention when we say it’s an arcade style beat em’ up game! Yes, this really means for you to get ready for a side scrolling 2d game. The game play requires the player to scroll through the 2d screen, killing all the monsters that come in the way. However, a lot of MMO and RPG elements are mixed with this classic arcade action to make this game even more fun and exciting. There are a number of quests available in the town, you can meet up with interesting NPCs but first of all, you have to choose your destiny, or class to be exact.

Choose your Path
Classes in Dungeon Fighter online depict the creative excellence in the game. There are five basic classes to choose from and each one is considerably different than the other. After level 18, the players can choose another specialized sub class, and once again enhance their character after reaching level 48. One knock on the game is the fact that only the Gunner class allows for both male and female characters. The rest of the games classes are gender locked. For some this is a deal breaker. For me it is not, but I can see both sides.

Slayer: If you love the swordsmanship of a melee weapon specialist, Slayer is the class you naturally belong to. Slayer is good at offense as well as defense. The interesting part of the storyline is that the slayer has some kind of demonic presence in his arm which he constantly has to battle against. Later on, your slayer can upgrade to a Blade Master, Soul Bender, Berserker or Asura.

Fighter: She is the real femme-fatal with amazing agility and strength. If you are interested in mano-a-mano combat, fighter you are born to be. Along with extremely powerful fists, fighter knows well the usage of claws and boxing gloves. Once level 18 is reached, you can advance to Nen Master, Striker, Brawler or Grappler.

Male and Female Gunner: When stealth is your specialty, you aspire to be a gunner. Gunner is sneaky and relies on technology more than magic. Grab all the goodies such as muskets, hand cannon, revolvers and bows. Once you have made it to level 18, gates are open for advancement to Rangers, Launchers, Mechanics, and Spitfires. A female gunner class has also been introduced.

Mage: Magic is her thing in Dungeon Fighter online. The choices of weapons you have are staves, poles, rods and broomstick. Mages can further advance into Elementalist, Summoners, Battle Mages, and Witches.

Priest: Priests are not here to restore peace in Dungeon of Dungeon Fighters online. In fact, being a priest is all about power-to destroy and to heal. So, a priest is no more a supporter, but a fighter. Use all the holy weapons such as rosaries, crosses and totems to fight your way to advancement, and choose among more sub classes including Crusaders, Monks, and Exorcists.

Getting this Party Started
Getting started in Dungeon Fighter Online requires you to download and install the game on your PC. Once you are done installing, clicking the game icon will strangely take you back to the browser, where you can log in to launch the game. Choosing among the six classes and a lot of skills from the system you can create a unique character of your own. Once you are done with your character, an intriguing comic-like introduction will reveal the story of your class. It was so interesting that we couldn’t help making multiple accounts and learn about all the classes.

Getting your Feet Wet
The very first mission starts as soon as the game starts. It is more of a tutorial which requires the players to save a young lass from a group of gobbling. This will help in getting accustomed to the extremely simple controls. Dungeon Fighter offers a keyboard controlled gameplay where you can move your character up down, right or left in the 2d world.

Questing for the Win!
You start your game in a large town divided in several smaller areas. It is easy to find NPCs all over town. The quests are same as in most RPG MMOs. Kill ten monsters of one kind, and collect ten items of another kind. One interesting thing is that you can take multiple quests at a time. One friendly suggestion at this point is to grab a number of quests before entering the dungeon because you can fulfill these quests while killing the monsters to level up in the dungeon at the same time.

The Dungeons are Callin’
Although the gameplay, characters and controls work together to make it interesting, the dungeons do seem pretty repetitive in the initial stages. What we encountered were numbers of goblins in varying colors and a few other monsters accompanying them. There is hardly any noticeable change in the difficulty of initial levels. A lot of bonuses and rewards are showered upon the player on finishing the boss. However, as the player advances from one area of the town to the next, even the dungeons become interesting and challenging. In the dungeons, players can get missions such as time-trials.

The Solo Survival
As we said the dungeons become challenging, they also become tougher and more complicated, more like a maze. While the initial stages may be easy enough enjoy solo play, the true spirit of this MMO shows off in the later stages when you will find it hard to make it on your own. You will have to team up with friends and fellow players to make it through the later rounds, less harmed and alive.

PVP in the Arena
Like all good MMORPGs, Dungeon Fighter Online also offers a Player vs. Player gaming option. You can simply create an arena or enter an existing one. Make teams and compete with other online players to get a real chunk of MMO gaming. Winning a battle will grab you Victory Points and Arena Experience Points.

Graphics and Sound
Being a nostalgic game with 2d scroll controls, Dungeon Fighter Online is not much of a graphical extravaganza. Yet, the colorful world and interesting characters make up for the low resolution problems. The sound effects are good enough to support the gameplay, more like those in early console games of the eighties. So, even if the game does lack in both of these areas, the graphics and sound effects work together to strengthen the nostalgia in this arcade style gaming. Besides, it won’t be too much of a burden on your system.

The Final Word
If you are looking for a fun and engaging game like the ones we used to play in the good old eighties and early nineties, Dungeon Fighter Online gives an easily accessible option. It combines the scope and size of a MMORPG with the addiction level of a classic beat em up’ arcade game. Overall, a good casual game, if you have hours to spare.

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