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Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is an fantasy based free MMORPG from Aeria games, the same team which has brought us titles such as Last Chaos, Shaiya, Twelve Sky 2, Realm of the Titans and Dynasty Warriors Online. It is developed by X-legends, the developers of Kitsu Saga and Grand Fantasia. Before we talk about how interesting and intriguing the gameplay is, let us tell you what you will notice first. It’s the fact that this game is a perfect blend of classic Role playing elements with a few cleverly added unique features.

What makes it worth a play is not just its 3D MMORPG visual appeal, but also its amazing gameplay and a few, very cutting each, out of the box features. So, lets take a detailed round of the games storyline, gameplay and features that make it one of the most promising new free to play games to recently hit the scene.


The story is based on the typical ‘save the world’ plot. It is set in an ancient world where all races have gathered in the untouched land in the centre of the world. Here they live in peace and harmony, waiting for a bright future ahead. However, each race has a different idea about how that future must be and all the races break into a state of war against each other.
Now the new world is in chaos and the only hope is a group heroes called the eternal guardians. These guardians are said to have emerged from blue crystals. They possess special strength and powers.

Character Customization

Once you’ve downloaded the game, you will start up in the character customization area. One thing to like here is the well made anime inspired cute characters. Although there are not too many customization options, the game makes up to it with their outfit and dye system. Throughout the game, you will unlock a number of different outfits for your character, which can each then be customized with dyes of different colors to create your own style and outfits. It is a pretty simple system, but goes a long way to creating an ongoing level of character customization.


At this time the only race available to players is the Human race, but one can expect to see more in the very near future as the game releases upcoming add-on’s and patches. The game has already created space in its character creation for more races, so we don’t expect it to take long before there are others to choose from. Here’s to hoping that some interesting races are ahead, because once you enter the game you will see NPCs in the shape of everything from turtles, to sharks, to elf like creatures. Leaving the future race possibilities wide open, and potentially very intriguing.

The Final Word

One very unique feature of this game is the ability of the player to change classes whenever they want. This saves you the headache of making multiple accounts to experience different classes. However, the classes are the typical classes found in most classic MMORPGs.

Melee DPS – Master of close range melee combat. They are equally great at defense. The Thief class is your gateway to the Melee DPS class, with additional advancements to the Martial Artist, and Blade Dancer.
Ranged DPS – Long range shooters. They have the ability to deal a good amount of damage without compromising their own health. Hunters will be your starting point in this profession tree, with later opportunities to advance to an Engineer and a Ranger.
Magic DPS – This is the mage class in Eden Eternal. They can use various magic spells, hexes and curses. They can also manipulate the elements. Magician’s show their power almost from the start with powerful ranged magic and AoE Spells. Leading you later to the Illusionist and Warlock
Healer – This is the supporting class which bores great healing capabilities. Your path as a healer will start as a Cleric, and later progress to a Bard or Shaman.
Tanks – As the name suggests, it is the defensive class of this game. They can take a bear a lot of damage and also protect other members against hostile attacks. The Warrior class is a classical mix of power and defense, with progression to a Knight and later to a Templar to keep your party safe in dungeons and raids.

To begin your journey you can only choose the Warrior or the Magician during character creation. Once you choose your starting class all others must be earned through a system that requires you to level up your Character level, as well as individual classes levels. So leveling to 25 in your character level and 20 as a Warrior, you will gain access to the Knight class, but once you switch to that class you will have to start leveling from level 1 in the Knight class. Don’t worry though. Your gears abilities are determined by your class level so you will still be able to keep your higher level gear equipped, so leveling up from your freshmen state in your new class goes quickly, at least in the early levels.

Solid Gameplay

Although the gameplay is as intriguing as any classic RPG, there are some unique features that make Eden Eternal stand out from the crowd. The very first and most likable one is the ability to change class during the game. You won’t have to sign up for multiple accounts in order to enjoy each race. The player starts as Crystal Child. They will have to take on different tasks and earn rewards and points in return.

Combat in Eden Eternal is fast paced and in fact, the game does an excellent job of creating a very challenging combat experience as the game progresses. As you progress through the different zones, you will have the ability to take part in not only many quests of that zone, but also to group up with your fellow adventures and take on each zones dungeon to reap the rewards of the dungeons boss loot, as well as the zones dungeon quest’s final reward. Choose these rewards wisely, as the game presents many options when it comes to your class progression due to the ability to swap classes on the fly. So gearing yourself up and being prepared for those changes can be tricky.

The game also has a pet system. These pets are more like assistants. They will pick up items of loot and somewhat help you during the battle. The game also has a much enhanced social side. You can chat with other players and join guilds. Both the pet and guild systems seemed very secondary, I expect these to become a much larger part of the game as the game evolves and grows.

Guild members can also build their own villages. Now this system is really something out of the box, although there are only five spots for buildings. The leader of the guild can even hire a special merchant to sell equipment blueprints and other stuff. This system has a good amount of strategy element in it as you can recruit your farmers and miners to gather items, and help your guild progress.

Graphics and Sound

Eden Etrnal is really a feast for eyes with its extremly cute and appealing and cartoonish3D graphics. High resolution makes them visually refined and pleasing. The cute cartoony characters for each class are all well made. The game’s environments are lush and beautiful even if done in cartoon fashion. The zones are all designed well and give adventures many areas to explore and seek out new adventures, and the visuals only enhance the experience.

The games sound is also very well done, both effects and music do an excellent job of creating the mood and atmosphere. Everything from a crushing blow from an axe, to the chilling sound of a ice spell, to the alarm bell that rings when your gathering chore has been completed. They all serve a solid purpose and only add to the game and it’s experience.

The Final Word

A few clever tweaks in the classic RPG gameplay is what makes Eden Eternal as interesting as some of the earliest titles of MMORPGs. It’s not only the gameplay which makes it an engaging game, extremely cute looking characters, and a captivating storyline add extra points to the overall addiction level. The game can get a bit grindy at times, but it also does a very good job of making this part of the quests that you do in each area and making it easy for you to team up with other players and power though the grind. What it lacks in one area, makes up for it in another. So, if you are looking for something with the right blend of old and new, look no further. Eden Eternal will give you a solid flavor of both.


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