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Ether Saga Online

Ether Saga Online

It is always fun to play an Free MMO with cute and bright anime styled graphics. Who says it is just meant for pre-teen girls? After all, everyone needs a break from dark and gloomy MMORPG worlds, even the toughest of all the gamers. So, Ether Saga is one of such lively games which offer you a perfect break.

Ether Saga is developed by Perfect World Entertainment, the company which brought us MMOs such as Perfect World, Jade dynasty, legend of Martial arts and Battle of the immortals. The game is based on a renowned Chinese literary work named Journey to the West. Although the game hardly offers any unique feature, it definitely offers the break we were talking about. Let’s find out how!


We dint actually thought that this game might have a storyline unless we found one on the official website. This implies the fact that the story doesn’t have much to do with the game, but it just justifies all the questing and combats you will be doing.

The story starts in the time of peace and tranquility in the Middle Kingdom, which ultimately made the inhabitants of the Kingdom arrogant and rude. Alarmed by this attitude, Nuwa, the queen of Heaven, holds a banquet in the honor of the leader of the heaven.

While the event was going on smoothly, a powerful general of the heaven got himself drunk and begins harassing the moon goddess. The general was banished from the heaven. In the midst of all this Nuwa’s Divine Peace-wine chalice drops and shatters into thousand peaces which falls to the mortal realm below. A few more unfortunate events and all the dignities start pointing fingers at each other.

An expedition was sent to the western lands to find knowledge, wisdom, and blessings required to calm and purify the Heavens once again. Lead by a monk, three races Renzu, Yaoh and Shenzu were chosen for the expedition, each with a different task. And the game begins.

Races and Classes

As the story foretold, there are three races in this game. The difference is not only base on the appearance. Each race has its own strength and weakness which can greatly alter the gaming experience for each user.

Renzu– they are like humans. There task is to collect the scattered fragments of the Divine chalice.
Shenzu– Shenzu are Demigods and hence the spiritual ones. Their task is to capture the general who has incarnated in the form of a demon pig.
Yaoh– They are powerful and strong. They were once animal but later evolved using spiritual powers. Their task is to find the sacred ark without which the knowledge can not be brought to the middle kingdom.

There are six classes to choose from.

Rogue – They have great stealth and agility. They are equipped with dual-poison tipped daggers.
Dragoon – This is the tank or melee class in this game. They use lances.
Conjurer –They use powerful spells for a powerful offense but they lack defense.
Ranger – They have great long ranged attacks. They are also great with traps and snares to distract the enemies. They are equipped with bow and arrows.
Shaman – Their primary weapon is a powerful hammer which makes them secondary tanks. They are also healers and can cast buffing and healing spells.
Mystic – This is the real support class. They cast healing and buffing spells.
Maven – With the ability to boost their allies as well hinder their foes.
Hellion – A warrior of unparallelled damage production, wielding dual axes to slay all that are unlucky enough to be in their path


Once again, we are taking a look at an MMO which fails to bring any new and unique features to the table. However, the game does offer an intriguing gameplay for those who never get bored of a classic formula RPG gameplay.

Among some of the worth mentioning features is the pet system. One thing that really is unique is the appearance f the pet. Yes, it is adorable. You will start with your own pet. Each race has a unique one. Imagine a bunny, a fox and a moatu. However, after reaching level 15, you will be able to catch a monster and make him your pet.

The game also has its transformation system i.e. you can turn into monster. You will need to find transformation cards and learn the skill. These cards are dropped off randomly by the monsters you kill, but not every monster. The game also has marriage system.

There is fair amount of questing in the game, but after sometime it becomes extremely redundant. All you have to do is killing x number of monsters and then kill y number of monsters. The game, however, has a good skill and crafting system. Each class has its unique skill tree. Moreover, you can craft nearly everything in the game.

The game offers good number of vast and fun to explore dungeons. They are almost as good as the ones we see in pay-to-plays these days. As for the multiplayer combat, we seriously think that they need to make their PvP a bit more exciting than it is. Not that we are complaining, but hey! It’s an MMO remember?

Graphics and Sounds

Ether saga does not flaunt the most fancy high resolution graphics, but it surely is very appealing and eye catching. Bright and colorful cute 3D characters do make you want to come back and play again and again. Characters and pets are all well designed and a lot of effort shows in the background and environment.

Complimenting the overall oriental appeal of the game, music is very pleasing. The effects are also better than most of the games belonging to the same genre. In fact, playing without sounds would deprive the gameplay off a lot of excitement.

The Final Word
Ether saga is the kind of game which comes somewhere between a really good and a bad game. Though it’s more on the positive side we guess. It may not be the most addictive game we have reviewed, but it definitely is fun and enjoyable, and that not just for pre-teen girls. So, we’d say it is a must try for all the players, who need a break from extremely violent and dark MMOs.

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