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What has been disappointing MMO fans lately is games that lack skill based progression and rely on heavy grinding. A few games which do keep you from grinding are either strategy or they are too boring to be called an RPG. Faxion Online is an exception. Faxion Online is clearly an FTP for hardcore PVP fans.

Faxion Online is published by UTV True Games. The company has already brought us titles such as Mytheon and Sky Legends, and is known for their out-of-the-box unique elements they incorporate in traditional Free MMORPGs. The team behind Faxion Online consists of gaming industry veterans who have worked with some of the most renowned MMO titles such as Ultima Online. So, besides an experienced development team, eye-catching graphics and heavy PVP based gaming, what else is their in the world of Faxion Online, lets find out.

The Storyline

Faxion Online carries on the traditional battle of good and evil where heaven and hell are the main entities. Faxion is set within Limbo where online players join forces of heaven or hell. They battle for control over the Seven Deadly Sins with coordination and skills. The seven deadly sins in Faxion are the various regions in the game. The players’ capability as a team determines the outcome of the game at the end. This game has its own unique experience and it is simply mind blowing for young players. There is magic and power to explore.

The Game Promises

Faxion online has the thrills that you have been looking for and it promises high level of excitement for its players. The game is all about the timeless battle between good and evil. There will be enough combat and magical powers, excitement and adrenaline gush. The territory between Hell and Heaven is where the players battle with their enemies. Players get to choose which side they are on and their mission is to gain control on different regions in Limbo.

The PvP engagement is where a lot of fun and excitement will be because it will be an almost real world experience. It has been developed as a full featured MMORPG game with ample PvE content. There are a lot of monsters to slay, and a lot of adventure while exploring the environments. The back story and lore are also awesome. So the graphic effects have definitely done wonders. After all, that’s what makes MMO games extremely amazing.

The Cast of Characters

As the players play on they acquire more skills and improve chances to win over the enemy with team work. The good thing about this game is that it is not like most MMO games. There will be no grinding but rather a stand and fight model. Players have to choose their character once the game begins as is the case with all MMO games. Yet, Faxion offers a little more variety here.

There are classes which include the Crusader, the Reaven, the Diviner, the Occultist, the Guardian, the Zealot, and then there is multiclassing, which allows the player to train their character into any faction they want. This allows multiple combinations resulting in millions of possibilities. Each character has its armor and captivating looks. Players can create the characters as they have envisioned them. The skill tree is not limited to any class. Additionally, players have control over the skills of their character, the attributes and armor. There is no limitation to your fantasy this time. In Faxion Online you can be the character you want.

Faxion Online has room for offline advancements and the multiclass player option will be helpful. The game is not about how much time one puts into the game, but it’s about the skills of players. Apart from the graphics, the music and sound quality of the game are also amazing. This is definitely the game everyone must play.

Solid Combat System

Combat is the life blood of any MMO, and Faxion is no different. The basics of combat are there, but the little things always make a difference. Skills and basic attacks will be the bulk of your combat experience. But when you get to the PVP part of the game that is where it really shines. The ability for the different factions, Heaven and Hell, to control not only Limbo, but also the sectors related to the 7 deadly sins just adds to the atmosphere, and will immerse one deeper into the roots of the conflict between these two factions.

A Nice Relaxing Play Experience

This game is meant to be relaxing and exciting. Offline players can enable the queue system which allows ones character to continue growing. However, one limitation is that the combat seems a little too slow. You don’t have to stay online all the while to enjoy this game. How convenient can things get?

You can keep up with family visits, school assignments and outings without losing your status in the game. This is a game for people of all ages and gender, so even grownups with busy schedules can cope with Faxion Online without any hitch.

Sounds and Graphics

Although characters and artwork flaunts a lot of effort, we are not quite impressed with the quality of 3D graphics. It is something you won’t expect game with such a unique storyline and unlimited character building options. Then again, we were not even expecting it to be a FTP. So, for FTP MMORPG, Faxion Online leaves noting to be desired in this area.

Sound effects and music are original and thankfully not as annoying as it might get in a PVP combat based game. To be honest, the music helps in setting the mood for a little action and adventure, while sound effects make the gameplay more interesting.

Pros and Cons

Faxion Online definitely has one of the most impressive lists of pros in MMORPGs. The attraction factor of the game, its competitive PvP system stands at the top. The overall action oriented gameplay also deserves a place here as it offer some real entertainment for serious gamers who want to progress on the basis of skills rather than grinding. Also, multi-classing also makes it to the features highly appreciated by the gamers.

Besides the fact that it is an FTP that visually looks like an FTP, one serious con of Faxion Online is slow paced combat.

The Final Word

Before its release, Faxion Online had a lot of expectations attached to it. Thankfully, the game has been able to live up to most of them. Creating a solid gameplay experience, mixed with a few things that are different from the standard when it comes to free MMORPGs, and a story that a large group of gamers and non-gamers alike can relate to, while giving it a bit of a humorous twist. So far, the reception is good, and the game itself has managed to captivate its players. So, it’s a must try for every RPG fan.

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  • RipperMcGee
    June 24, 2011
    Reply #1

    Great review! Couple of comments:

    1) You can right-click to auto-attack mobs, but only if they’re red to you. IMO, the PvE combat is pretty straightforward, like with any other MMO (1, 2, 3 attacks), but the PvE is much more dynamic and that’s really the crux of the game, PvP.

    2) When the counter reaches 5000, Armageddon is triggered. The gates of Heaven or Hell open, monsters spawn throughout the realm, the defending faction needs to defend their zone portals to their faction city so their hosts can flow out into limbo and players are semi-randomly chosen (the better your overall pvp rating is, the more likely you are to be chosen) to be giant avatars to help their faction. It has only happened once, so far, and it’s a work in progress, but it’s pretty cool, IMO.

    3) One of your starter skills is Path of the Righteous, which is a strength buff – you accidentally cast it on yourself

    4) The reason you couldn’t get Circle 2 skills is because the starter zone trainer is actually limited to selling only Circle 1 skills. You’ll get another quest in a few minutes (Level 6) to go see your Advanced trainer, who will offer Circle 2 and 3 skills.

  • MR. docta
    July 11, 2011
    Reply #2

    How is this slow based, also can you run around as u fight as you can in most other games , Warhammer AOR, Wow, etc

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