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Another Asian MMORPG, Florensia could have just been tossed aside, but for the fact that it has been developed in Japan. Florensia is a self proclaimed ‘next gen MMORPG’ and a lot of ways, it lives up to its title. The one thing that sets this game apart from the others is that in Florensia, the players can chart both land and water. Unlike all other MMORPGs where the action takes place only on land, here it can take place in the seas as well.

First Look

The first look into the game does not do much for it. The graphics are gorgeously done, but nothing extraordinary here. The game does have a distinct visual style though, which has to be appreciated. There is a mix of new world graphics and the colonial feel, which add to the game’s charm. The game has a unique feature in which it combines the shops and the auction places together. You can have a personal shop of your own in Florensia and you can also find other players shops as well. So this gives you plenty of options as far as shopping is concerned.

Generating Your Character

There are no races in the game, but there are classes. You can be an explorer, who can become a sniper and excavator at higher levels. A mercenary is a warrior who can become a gladiator or a guardian swordsman at higher levels. A noble is a magical being who can cast spells. At higher levels, with the right skills, a noble can become a magic knight or a court magician. The final class is of the saint. The saints can also use magic and can become a priest or a shaman at higher levels.

Exploration and Gameplay

Though Florensia claims to be a next generation game, the fact is that it is just another combat game, like many others before it. There is nothing new or revolutionary that Florensia has on offer. Besides, the game is terribly generic. Fortunately for Florensia, this does not work against it. The gameplay is a little repetitive and the combat sequences are a little slow. When you are on the ship, you may have some problems with the controls as well. Still, there are some great things about this game that will help it make a name in the industry.

Moving on to the actual game, there is a dual mode in the game play. Once you create your character, you move on to a town, where you try to find your way through various challenges. You will hop from one vessel to another and will fight your way through the seas as well. This takes the use of both the land and the sea in the combat sequences to a whole new level.

The sea based games and the land based games in Florensia are completely different from one another. The gameplay is different and even the game environment is different. It is likely that it will take you some time to get used to the different elements. It will feel like you are switching between two different games and that is what makes this game extremely special.

Moreover, not only is your experience on sea and land different, but the skills you need and acquire are vastly differing as well. There are two separate skill trees for each of the characters. One is for the sea and the other for the land. The downside to this is that just to showcase the sea levels; the developers have actually increased the time it will take for any player to reach to the next level.

For most players, the game will end right there and then. For others, who are a little more curious to see how the game turns out, there is more traveling on the cards. As you move further along, you will be able to upgrade the ships, optimize the crew and therefore decrease your traveling time.

Florensia’s skill system is unique because of the dual gameplay. However, there are just too many skills and you will not be able to max out all of them. It becomes a little difficult to distribute the meager amount of points you have collected, amongst so many different skills.

Also, before you can distribute the skills, you have to first go to town and purchase a book required for the particular skill. This running to and fro can be a little annoying and is a failing that Florensia shares with many other MMORPGs.

It has to be said that the game content in the game is very expansive. With each new patch and update, the content grows even more. There are lots of quests, in addition to skill building, item upgrading, updating the crew, building ships, building towers and even fishing. Since there are so many different things to do in this game, it is a little easy to lose your way around and get confused.

If you do not have the patience for it, you may even get annoyed and give up completely. Once you have finished everything on land, you have to start worrying about the sea as well. It is the dual nature of the game which is its biggest strength, but also its biggest failing. The player simply gets too confused.

My Final Thoughts

Florensia is a fairly new game and the developers have tried to set it apart in their own way. For those who want to kill some time, or try something new, Florensia definitely is a good choice. However, you need to have a lot of time on your hands to be able to make sense of this game. In order to do the game any justice, you need to have a lot of patience. It is the huge content of the game that makes it lose out on many things.

The huge content gives you a lot of things to do in the game, but makes these things extremely repetitive. At best, Florensia, as a MMORPG is a game to be played in the short term. Playing it over and over again would not be a lot of fun, because you will soon run out of things to do.


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