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Genesis A.DGenesis A.D

Genesis A.D

Genesis A.D

This free-to-play first-person shooter may change the way you think about combat and twitch gameplay. If you like action… and a lot of it, then you’re in the right place! Complete with unique combat maneuvers, blood thirsty animals, vengeful aliens, impact boosters and cloaking devices, this sci-fi MMOFPS is bound to have something you like.

Worldwide Sci-Fi

Published by ijji, the same publisher that brought us FPSMMOs such as Soldier Front, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and GunZ. Genesis, has now brought us Genesis Another Day. Genesis A.D was developed by Queen’s Soft and launched into worldwide open beta on November 8, 2010.

The Genesis of Genesis A.D

Genesis A.D does an astounding job of setting itself apart from the truckload of other FTP first-person shooters. Set in a futuristic Earth, in the year 2231 to be exact, mankind is fighting to survive. The natural resources that the human race has relied on for centuries are dangerously low and overpopulation is threatening the future of the world. As the story goes, in the year 2105, governments worldwide agreed to relinquish military control to a new corporation which promised advanced technology. This corporation, known as the EEPO, promised to end overpopulation as well as restore the world’s much needed resources and put an end to terrorism and violence. The development of time travel technology by the EEPO put the world in touch with a distant alien civilization located light-years away, with the intention of robbing them of their natural resources. However, even the simplest plans prove otherwise…

Stepping into Your Battle Suit

Character creation is non-existent. After signing in, you choose your character’s name, which class you’d like to be, and then select a channel to play on. The developers did a great job with the tutorial and it’s definitely worth your while to walk through it. The tutorial is short, sweet, and to the point. When walking through the tutorial, you’ll learn everything including how to move your character, perform special moves, pick up items, and operate your weapons. As an extra incentive, you are rewarded with extra game cash (CR) upon completion of the tutorial.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll have the opportunity to spend your generous amount of starter CR to upgrade to a better backpack and/or a secondary primary weapon, among other things. Next, you’ll find yourself in the Genesis A.D lobby where you can choose a game mode and map. You’re also offered the opportunity to host your own room.

Class Selection

Genesis A.D has three classes which are referred to as branches. Those branches are:

This class is known for its expertise with assault rifles and shotguns. They are excellent gunners and are the Genesis A.D tank—they can handle some serious damage. Unfortunately, the ability to withstand such a beating means that their armor is heavy, and thus, they move slowly. The Assault class also has the option of using the boosting backpacks.

Snipers mean business and have the ability to bring your life to a most unanticipated end. This class utilizes invisibility as they lurk in the distance. Being a sniper requires more than anonymity; it requires aptitude. Keep in mind, when outfitting your character as a sniper, that the setups vary and not every combination provides camouflage. A snipers choice of weaponry is obvious—sniper rifles. Secondary weapons include a sub-machine gun, pistol and revolver.

If you’re not quick on the trigger, then the Supplier class is probably for you. The Supplier is a well-rounded class and is great for a newbie or someone who’s a bit slow in the coordination department. A Supplier’s weaponry includes silenced weapons. The main focus of this class is to haul as much equipment as possible; thus this class is able to hold the most weapons. Suppliers are heavily relied upon in co-ops and will prove to be your best friend when you find yourself short on ammunition.

All three classes are endowed with the ability to perform quick dodges and wall jumps. These unique abilities require the use of Energy Points and Stamina Points. Cloaking and Impact Boosters require EP which can be found in packages throughout the maps and looted from opponents. While EPs require the acquisition of special packages, SPs regenerate automatically.

A Visual Feast

Genesis A.D supports up to 1920×1080 resolution. When run at 1920×1080, the phenomenal graphics will blow you away. The clean, detailed animation of Genesis A.D really sets it apart from its MMO sibs. Color usage in this particular game is also awesome and really sets a tone of intrigue that is sure to capture your attention.

Cash Shop Rentals
This seems to be a popular trend among MMO cash shops—temporary items. I feel the need to say, “Really?” So, let me get this straight. I ‘purchase’ an item with cold hard cash so that in a short period of time it can be repossessed by the Cash Shop Repo Man? I’m pretty sure that would be classified as renting, and thus, the cash shop should be called the Rental Shop.

On the bright side, our friend the Wallet Warrior won’t be making his appearance in the Genesis A.D cash shop. The items are basically complimentary and won’t provide any players with an unfair, ‘bought’ advantage. Also, the game cash economy in Genesis A.D is very well balanced and a gamer who has logged a fair amount of game time will have more than ample game cash to work with. As it stands, you won’t be offered the opportunity to truly customize any of your weaponry. However, there are a handful of weapon modifications available. If you are a FPS veteran, you’ll find this lack of in-depth customization disappointing; those new to the genre probably won’t complain.

The Final Word

Reviewing Genesis A.D really hasn’t awarded me the opportunity to complain. As I mentioned before, the economy of the game currency is setup well; it is fair and balanced. Your ability to upgrade and obtain additional—and desirable—weaponry is made possible with game cash. It’s nice to enter into a free-to-play and know that you will not be pushed into making a purchase from the cash shop.

Genesis A.D has sincerely earned its free to play MMO tag. Many online games masquerade under the FTPMMO title while in reality; they don’t possess any aspect of a free-to-play or massively multiplayer game. Gameplay in Genesis A.D promotes teamwork and socialization. The classes are developed to rely on one another in combat.

Overall, gameplay was wonderful. While some games elude an older, lower budget feel, Genesis A.D felt professional, modern and up-to-date. Gamers have raved calling Genesis A.D a breath of fresh air… and I must agree. If you’re looking for a great first-person shooter to get hooked on, this is it. Once you download this game, prepare yourself for some late nights. This is one game that you won’t want to walk away from.


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  • ChrisDrakin
    February 26, 2011
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    it’s look nice, i’ll try it out.

    PS: nice gameplay.

  • Icechen1
    March 24, 2011
    Reply #2

    Nice game!

  • Ryan
    March 31, 2011
    Reply #3

    I want to try this game out. I havn’t gotten around to it yet. I will definitely play it sometime during spring break. (Hopefully)

  • Play ad free games
    May 3, 2011
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    fantastic game .i want to play it .
    Great man Great!!!!!!!!!

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