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Grand Chase

Want to play car racing and chasing MMO? Go help yourself with NFS World. Grand Chase may sound misleading but rather than being a car chase game, Grand Chase is a serious beat em’ up fighting game.

Grand Chase is a 2D side scroller, originally published in 2003. The game is developed by KOG Studios. In 2008, Ntreev was the publishing company that finally launched it for the US and for worldwide gamers. Grand Chase is majorly popular for being the first real time MMO brawler to introduce six player combat. The game may not offer the most awesome graphics but it definitely offers cooperative gameplay. So, if you are in mood for some old-school fast paced action, let’s find out what Grand Chase has to offer.

Yup, it has a Storyline

There are many gamers who place Grand Chase in the MMOSPG genre rather than an RPG. The reason why they prefer calling it a Story Playing Game rather than a Role Playing one, is the fact that almost every forest has its own story.

However, the main storyline really doesn’t have much affect on the game play. Neither is it the most interesting one we have ever heard. It is about a gigantic continent Bermesiah and two of the most powerful kingdoms in that continent; Serdin and Kanavan. Both the kingdoms lived in peace until Kaze’aze, the queen of darkness, decided to make things a bit exciting.

Kaze’aze killed a top most trusted advisor to the queen of Kanavan. Disguised as the advisor, she manipulated the queen and made her wage war against Serdin. After a lot of damage was done, both queens realized who the real culprit was and ‘Grand Chase’ army was formed to prevent another war of that sort.

Have Some Class

Although the game offers a good number of classes, not all of them are introduced at once. Also, the classes are more like characters and only three are unlocked by default. The rest of them, you shall unlock as you progress along the game. Here are the details.

Elesis (female) – Elesis is a human who has solid defense and she’s great in close combats. She can deflect arrows. Her job progression makes allows her to become Knight, Spearman, Sword Master and Savior.
Lire (female) – Lire is an Elf and she is deadly with her bow. She can attack accurately from a very long distance. Lire progresses from Archer to Crossbowman, Arch Ranger and Nova respectively.
Arme (female) –Arme can cast powerful offensive and defensive spells. This is essentially the mage class. Arme progresses to become Mage, Alchemist, Warlock and Battle Mage.
Lass (male) – Lass is unmatchable in terms of speed and agility. Although he is not able to deal much damage, he can deliver powerful combos. His jobs are Thief, Assassin, Dark Assassin and Stripper.
Ryan (male) – Ryan has the ability to transform himself into a beast. Like Lass, Ryan is great with combos but with powerful attacks. However, it depends on the beast he transforms in to. Ryan can progress as a Druid, Sentinel, Viken and Xenocider.
Ronan (male) – Ronan is a Hybrid character. Mixing sword with magic, he is able to heal himself or maximize his power. Yet, he lacks speed. His jobs are Spell Knight, Dragon Knight, Aegis knight and Abyss Knight.
Amy (female) – Amy is more of a dancer rather than a fighter. She helps in enhancing the fighting abilities of her allies through her dance moves. She has a very weak defense but good mobility. Her jobs include Dancer, Muse and Siren.
Jin (male) –Jin has a unique ‘Burning’ ability. It enhances his attack and defense capabilities. Jin is basically a martial artist and can deliver fast kicks and punches. Jin’s jobs are Fighter and Grappler.

Lightning Fast Gameplay

For many players, interest is lost as soon as they find out there are only female characters to start with. However, if you are patient enough to give it a try, you will soon realize that Grand Chase offers one of the most exciting and addictive game plays based on the good old-school beat em’ ups. One thing that adds more excitement is the fact that you don’t have to make several accounts to try different characters. You can choose between your unlocked characters anytime in the game. Each character has a different set of weapons, skills and each level up individually.

With simple arcade style keyboard controls, the game is pretty easy to learn, but let us warn you, it can be more challenging to master than you think it will be. Most of the initial gameplay will require you to do certain quests in order to level up. Leveling up showers a lot of rewards and unlocks numerous items. The best thing is that the game allows unbelievable amount of items to be carried, but the sad part is that most of the items are temporary and would disappear after sometime.
The game has a pet system allowing you to get yourself a cute or even slimy pet. Pets can be bought from the stores, or if you are lucky, acquire an egg dropped by a monster. The pet plays a significant role in the game. Their moves are added on your skill list. During combat, your pet can help you in dealing with damage. It can also immobilize your enemy.

Despite not so great graphics, the game offers moves that look extremely exciting when performed. Specifically, the combos are worth trying.

PVP Action

PVP is really awesome in Grand Chase. Not because of the visuals, but because of the level of challenge it offers. Gamers with high level equipment and more experience are likely to get beaten up by low level players with great skills. You can play team vs. team which can be a 1 on 1 to a 3 on 3 team match. You can also choose death match where as much as six players will have to fight each other.

Graphics and Sounds

Grand Chase, although released in 2008, doesn’t flaunt very inspiring graphics. It is mostly anime style fused with arcade style. Although the moves and combos do look interesting, the combat does get flashy. There is a bit of a lagging problem in the game as well. So, despite low quality of graphics, the game isn’t much recommended for players with low-spec systems.

The sound also lies around in the same category as the graphics. It’s neither inspiring nor annoying. Though sound effects are not as bad as we have seen in some other games, playing with sound off won’t make you notice much difference.

The Final Word

As we always say, it’s good to go back to old-school arcade-styled games sometime. They are fun, exciting, simple yet addictive. Grand Chase is one of such games which remind you of classics such as Street Fighter, but with added cuteness and RPG elements. So, if you are bored of your latest new MMO with all the fancy features, give yourself a break and try Grand Chase, its free and its fun!

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