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It is really astonishing, the amount of success an MMO can get. Haven’t we seen many reaching beyond 10 million users? Yet, the number of failures in the industry is also shocking. Especially, if you are looking at a game developed and managed by a team that has already worked on successful projects such as Diablo. Such was the story of the unfortunate action RPG by London based Flagship Studios, Hellgate London.

Although the game carried some really neat features and a gameplay which was overall quite fun and engaging, the game lacked polish in terms of design and implementation. Released as a pay to play, the game failed to make a favorable impact due to technical issues and lack of community support. As a result, the developing company Flagship Studios had to file bankruptcy a few months after the release. All rights to the game were seized and all servers eventually shut down.

This is where the Korean company HanbitSoft came to rescue. Acquiring all rights of the game, HanbiSoft revived the game with the help of Korean developers T3 entertainment. In 2011, the game was raised back to life as a free to play named Hellgate London: Resurrection.

Story and Setting

As an Action-RPG released back in 2007, Hellgate London doesn’t have a storyline that has to do much with the gameplay. However, the overall back story of the game is quite interesting. The game is set in futuristic London in the year 2038. It is the time when the prophecy of Knight Templar’s return has been fulfilled. London is taken over by the forces of hell, the Great Dark. A group of Templar, along with the magical Cabal and the remaining of Earth’s elite armed forces join hand to fight against the monsters and beasts. They are planning their attacks from the underground stations in London.

Factions and Classes

We have already mentioned the joined forces of Templars, Cabalists and ex-military operatives. These are the three factions you have to choose from. Each faction is further divided into two classes.

Templars– Templars are the divine warriors which are sent to rescue the world and preserve humanity. As a Templar, you can choose between Guardians and Blademasters.
Cabalists – For a Cabalist, knowledge is power. They study the Great Dark and use their powers. They can be Summoners or Evokers.
Hunters – these are the former members of elite armed forces. They are equipped with extreme and intense military training. They can by Marksmen or Engineers.

General Gameplay

Hellgate London merges the role playing gameplay with third person shooter. As a result, it becomes a game with nothing much to stand out of the crowd. However, the gameplay is still one of he most interesting ones you will see.

The game starts with character creation. Here you can choose the race and experiment with the faces and other physical attributes of the game. You start in an old ruined and burnt cityscape. Tutorial is short simple and helpful one. It introduces a new player to the basic concepts and controls of the game, which is nothing more than questing and grinding.

As for the quest, there several quest hubs. The players are sent to various locations to complete a certain task such as killing monsters or fetching items. The only problem is that the quests throughout the game are extremely repetitive and this is where the player actually starts to get agitated.

One thing that is really great about Hellgate London is that the maps and levels are randomly generated as the player enters the area. So, in terms of maps and dungeons, the element of surprise is what might keep a player interested for a couple of hours. The game also has a very interesting crafting system which offers relief from redundant gameplay.

Also, in case of items such as weapons and jewelry, Hellgate London offers good amount of content. Each class has its own set of weapons and items. Weapons, ultimately, play a major role in player’s performance. The drawback is that well equipped unskilled players can easily wipeout a couple of lesser equipped skilled players.

Multi-Player Aspect

Hellgate London offers a good party system combat. However, when the game was first released, the system was largely flawed and filled with bugs. Players can simply join their friends in order to complete a certain task. However, the game is now considerably improved. It was simultaneously released for single player and multi player options in mind and at many places the single player aspect seems more dominant over the multiplayer.

Graphics Sounds and Controls

Carrying on the traditional gameplay of MMORPGs, Hellgate London uses the simple WASD plus mouse control. Yet, during the combat the controls usually become extremely inaccurate and useless. This is smoothing which really requires improvement.

The game does not flaunt the most amazing graphics, but they are still acceptable for a free to play, In fact, this is the game where you will witness a beautiful environment design and some of the most interesting monsters you can find in MMOs even today.

Since the game was originally a pay to play, there is quite a decent work done with the sounds. Not only the sounds are interesting, the score is also quite catchy. If only they could have find a better script writer.


• The gameplay is interesting in quite a traditional manner
• Game offer good character customization options throughout the game
• Different from your generic MMORPG


• Graphics seem dated
• PvP aspect is limited
• Interface is quite annoying at times
• Bad translations

The Final Word

Since the game has just transformed from p2p to ftp, it is still a lot better than a number of MMOs developed on a free to play model. If you have been a Diablo fan or you love the classic RPG format without too many extra features, Hellgate London is a game we would recommend you to play. However, we shall warn you about some technical issues which are expected to be resolved with time.

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