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Heroes of NewerthHeroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth

No matter how great your favorite free to play might be, there comes a time when a player gets fed up of playing the same title again and again. This is what has or what eventually might happen to the legendary titles such as DoTA and League of Legends. Despite the effort of those marvelous games, players tend to get more inclined toward new titles rather than updates and patches. There may be exceptionally sincere and devoted players but for all others, there is good news.

Another Multiplayer Online battle Arena game joins the FTP league. Gamers! Say hello to the Heroes of Newerth. HoN is a game that can be categorized under several genres for its variety of features and content. Call it a MOBA, MMORPG or MMORTS. HoN was developed by S2 Games and released initially as a P2p in 2010. Just a year later, following the footsteps of all the MMOs we know, HoN boarded the FTP plane. The game is also the winner of Audience Award at 2010 Independent Games Festival and stands out in terms of playability.

The Story

If you have plenty of free time on your hands you can read the whole detailed back story on the official HoN site. The site features the story starting from the actual development of two basic Hellbourne and the Legion of Newerth. The story revolves s around two siblings Jeraziah and Ophelia who seemed to be at war with each other. Later the night before the final battle, they get a mutual epiphany and eventually join forces to defeat the Hellbournes forming the new Legion of Newereth. It is actually a very long story and it might make you doze off, but seriously does MOBa really need a story?

The Action and Heroes

As the story describes it very well, there are actually two factions in HoN; the legion and the Hellbourne. Each faction has several heroes divided in three categories. While each hero has his/her own special attack, the category actually is a good way to determine the playing style. Three categories are as follows:

Agility – heroes of this category are agile. This is a suitable category for players who are looking for fast paced gameplay where they can hit and run in an instant.
Strength – this category is physically stronger both in terms of attack and defense. You can call it the primary tank class in this game.
Intelligence – Heroes in this category prefer a strategic gameplay. They plan their battles ingeniously and lure their enemies to difficult situations.


Generally, the gameplay is seriously requires skilled play and that is why we recommend it to veterans only unless you are a noob who really loves challenges. MOBA is relatively a new genre in MMOs and this game is among the very few titles. So as far as the gameplay is concerned, there isn’t anything revolutionary yet, but we can certainly call it one step of evolution. Anyhow, as a new player you will start in a tutorial that is very much recommended as there is a lot to learn in this game. Spending an adequate amount of time in the tutorial will ensure that you spend less time learning the moves and tricks of playing this game.

Both Legion and Hellbourne start at the opposite points on the map and for the starting few minutes, the game is solely an RTS. Both the bases are joined with three lanes. If you haven’t played a MOBA before let us tell you that your faction will create AI units that are called creeps. These creeps are sent out to attack the enemy base. So, what does a hero do? Well, as hero you will be leading a team of five units and kill enemies and their craps. So, it’s a 5v5 battle. Killing enemies and creeps will earn you experience and gold.

Then there is the character progression which is carried out pretty smoothly in the game. Your hero will get four abilities. Each hero has his/her own set of abilities. Due to this, the experience really does vary according to the hero you choose. This really adds excitement to the game as all the members of a team have unique style and abilities, RPG stuff. Yet, this is what makes it really challenging. There are around 62 heroes, and eventually you will learn that knowing your enemy is more important than knowing your own hero.

Heroes is not the only thing flaunting game’s rich content, talk about the maps! How about we tell you that the map is blank? Well, an RTS veteran would understand. The players get to create their own maps, create your creeps and attack your enemies. More variety comes in the form of items, and just like heroes each item has different affect and offers unique experience. So if you really want to enjoy the game at its fullest, be prepared to spend continuous hours on your gaming couch, say 48 or so.

Graphics and Sounds

The gameplay of HoN might be very similar to DoTA or LoL, the graphics are way ahead of them. A feat for the eyes, only f the theme wasn’t that dark. Due to its dark theme many players would complain about a lack of brightness, but technically the graphics are great. Details and characters are all well defined so you can make out who is who in the game quite easily.

As for the sound, you will get addicted to the tracks. The voices of all the heroes are nicely done and sound effects seem extremely necessary for a complete HoN experience. One more perk, the game even has its own voice chat system. Ah! The sound of a yelling gamer.

Pros and Cons

+The best part of the game is its challenging game play directed toward mature and skilled players
+There is a great variety of heroes, and items
+The tutorial is very useful
+New content is added on a regular basis
+Exciting features such as voice chat

-The game’s pro makes for a con. Due to its challenging nature, the game is quiet unwelcoming for the noobs
-There are complaints regarding harsh community

The Final Word

If you are really bored of your old school game of waiting for Dota2 or simply looking for some challenge, Heroes of Newerth is really worth a try. With a lot of features missing in previous MOBAs, this game is really an important brick in the genre’s wall. So, break for from the typical RPGs for a while and try some heroic acts in the world of Newerth.

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