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Kultan, is a sea combat browser based free to play MMORPG from Bigpoint set in a fantasy world filled with adventures, quests, and sea monsters. While the game offers many of the usual MMORPG gameplay aspects, this time your character will be doing everything from the captains chair on board the best vessel currently on hand. Kultan offers players the chance to choose between three different character classes when creating a character – The Adventurer, Mystic, or Commander. Three factions are at war in the realm as well, players will need to choose their allegiance and be prepared to fight to the death in PVP combat against ships and captains from opposing factions.

Getting Started

Once you have created your account you will quickly be set upon creating your captain. Simple things such as class selection, Commander, Adventurer, or Mystic will fill out that option. With each having specific skill sets that a player will use in and out of combat. With exploration and battle at the heart of Kultan, selecting a class that fits your play style is ideal. Commanders are your warrior types, Adventurers being more roguelike in nature, and Mystics having magic type skills. Each offers a unique playstyle that players will find refreshing and a nice change from the norm, yet still very familiar.

Once you have chosen your class your next major decision will be to choose your faction. Each of the factions are very representative of a historic society, Middle East, Asia, and European. While the influence is apparent, that is really all that ties them together. All the factions are at war with each other, and PVP is available between players of apposing factions on PVP specific maps.

Finishing up character creation with Naming and Gender will get a player started rather quickly. It is highly recommended that all new players participate in the tutorial. This is not only a great chance to learn your way around the game, but also very good at getting a jump start before you enter the starting area. In many cases completing the tutorial will progress a player up to level 3 prior to entering the starting area of the game.

Combat is very straight forward and easy. Simple right click the opponent and your ship will start to fire upon your enemy until they are dead. Special skills are assigned to the number keys and can be used any time they are not on cool down. New skills are automatically learned as a player levels up and can be very valuable in any battle.

Each ship has the ability to also be upgraded and there are also special items such as more powerful ammo that can be loaded into your cannons to do additional damage. Upgrades along with special items can allow players to take on monsters and other players who are far about a players current level. Allowing a player to level up much more quickly or gain glory and fame more quickly.

Quests are the life blood of the PvE campaign. Kultan has no shortage of quests and not only do these give players a good amount of direction, they provide a great way to level up much more quickly.

Graphics, Sounds and Interface

Graphically speaking the game looks great for a browser based MMO. You can really see the details in all the land and in the depths of the water. Animations are fluid and really add to the games look and feel as ships break apart when taking damage, or a monster attacks with viscous fury. All these little things really make the game that much more entertaining. It is really not that much of a shock really though as the game is using the Unity3D engine which is already showing to be a premier engine for companies to develop on and showcase what can be done on the browser in 2012.

The sound effects and music in the game are a bit lacking. Most of the sound effects are very generic and really do not add much in the way of atmosphere. The music is ok, but nothing that is going to have players running out and recording just the tunes to have looped while they are doing other things. Seems like all the efforts were put into the visual aspect of the game and a back seat was given to the audio.

The interface is a players dream. Sleak and streamlined and kept very minimalistic. Plays who enjoy seeing more of the action and less of the UI will be in heaven when they see the UI for Kultan. The gameplay takes a front seat and while the UI is set up nicely around the edges the size is just about perfect for being able to see and access all aspects of the game as well as know what each of the buttons are there for. Very well done indeed.

The Final Word

Kultan is a fun little browser game, but it still leaves a player wishing there was more. Spending all your time aboard a ship is ok, but at the same time a little exploration by foot, even if only around town, would be a nice added touch. Combat is simple and can get a bit repetitive, but still fun at the same time. Having a map that is not completely explored and only shows itself as you start to move around and explore it is a very nice touch from the game. Hopefully the game can find a larger player base as the bones for a decent game are there, but the playerbase seems a bit lacking at this time.

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