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Lost Saga

Tired of quests and endless missions? Looking for an unprecedented action fighting free to play MMO? Well look no further! If you’re ready to shake it up and dive into some fast paced game play that will keep you on the edge of your seat, don’t go anywhere! This free-to-play MMO is just what you have been waiting for!

They Built It, You Kill It!

Brought to us by OGPlanet, Lost Saga is a phenomenal 3D fighting MMO that will change the way you look at online, free-to-play, casual fight games. This game is incredibly popular in Korea; so popular in fact that Korea has hosted a Lost Saga pro league. Lost Saga is quite unique in many aspects. The developers did an absolutely phenomenal job with the graphics which are colorful and inviting. The music scores are well written, fun and bright. Lost Saga’s interface is very user friendly, something I always look for.

Getting Ready to Rumble!

After your first login, you are offered to walk through a tutorial. I like this particular tutorial because it’s quick and to the point. Starting out you realize that the developers have combined multiple game cultures into a melting pot of variety. This combination includes characters from Sci-fi, Myth, Legend and Fantasy genres. While Lost Saga does not offer character creation and initially you are presented with a set hero; as game play progresses you unlock a multitude of fascinating characters. Unlike other games, unlocking heroes is done rather quickly. Something to note, however, is that after unlocking a particular hero you are given two free hours of game play with that character. Any additional time must be purchased from the game’s store with Lost Saga currency, Pesos. So the bottom line, you’ll probably find a few characters that you prefer to play and focus your time on them. Time purchased for the use of any character is only clocked during actual game play. You don’t get ripped off while you are logged off, in the lobby or chatting as your valuable time ticks away; which is what you find in other games with the same purchase plan.

Tons of Toon Options!

Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses that make them unique. They also possess four different skills. The first hero you are introduced to, the Shadow Assassin, is a very player friendly character. I like this dynamic and feel that it provides newbie’s with a smooth transition into game play. Another perk of Lost Saga is the option to switch between your heroes during game play after your hero dies and before respawning. I really dig this option because it substantially shakes up the game play dynamic.

We Love Regular Updates

New heroes are constantly being developed and released to players for use! So keep your eye out for the new additions! The developers have announced plans to release a stunning one-hundred heroes in the near future; though they have not given users a specific release schedule. It’s definitely something to anticipate! Another neat option given to players is the ‘item drop’ system where heroes are able to seize and use weapons that other heroes have dropped, even if the weapon belongs to a different class. So in essence, you have a cowboy using a magic wand or a boxer using an infantryman’s gun. Though once you die, you lose whatever you acquired. I applaud the constant diversity that Lost Saga offers through ideas like these.

Action Packed Adventures!

Lost Saga has set a new standard for fighting MMOs with its super fast paced gaming. A single match is able to accommodate up to sixteen players and with the character combinations that I mentioned earlier, game play never gets old. Something worth noting, and many players have cited as a con, is the lack of game mode options. However, four new modes have recently been added: Crown, Prisoner, Power Stone and Boss Raid.

Crown mode, reminiscent of Halo’s Odd Ball, is a team mode where the crown is sought by both teams. The objective is for your team to maintain control of the crown the longest. The team with the longest possession time wins. Team work is essential in this mode because the player in possession of the crown is made more vulnerable by the weight of the crown and temporary loss of skills. This game will get your heart rate up for sure.

Prisoner mode is also a blast. The objective of the game is pretty self-explanatory. Players are divided into two teams and fight to weaken their opponents. Once weakened, the heroes are tied up. Team members are able to set their fellow players free. The first team to tie up all its opponents wins. Prisoner is one of my personal favorites.

In Power Stone mode, the players are yet again divided into two teams. Each team has a stone. The object here is to destroy the opposing team’s stone.

Last, but not least is Boss Raid. Boss Raid is also fun, but not one of my personal favorites. One player is the ‘Boss’ and is given the strength of ten heroes. The opposing players work to destroy the Boss without being killed. This is important because for every player the Boss kills, his or her strength is increased. The player to defeat the Boss wins and in turn, becomes the new Boss.

The Final Word

I’ve given you a little taste of Lost Saga. As I mentioned before, it’s a surprising addition to the family of fighting MMOs. The developers did a great job and I think that their constant updates and additions just make an already great game just that much better. Definitely worth a go. I say, check it out. Until next time, fight on!


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