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Don’t you just love RPG (Role playing games)? You and other players can literally re-invent themselves and their lives by getting lost in the wide variety of imaginative and beautiful worlds this gaming genre has to offer. It’s a fantastic way to travel multiple worlds without having to leave the comfy confines of your couch. You can never feel lonely ever again with online communities that share your gaming interest and experiences.

When someone steps out of their normal day to day, and they are looking for something quick and fun to jump into for short spurts. A standard MMO may be exactly what they are looking for. Where does one go when they want something that does have great depth. Yet allows the player to go in quickly and run a few adventures. There are games like this on the market.

One such MMORPG game which has swept online world is called ‘Lunia’ for years now. Developed by Alm for Windows, Lunia is a pseudo-3D, isometric free to play Massive Multiplayer (quiet a mouthful, isn’t it?) online role-playing game which offers a new style of game play. A mix of fantasy and reality, this RPG game has proven to be an experience in itself. Mixing action with role playing elements gives this game an edge with fans and regular players alike.

Arcade Action in an MMO

In comparison to many MMORPG games currently on the market, Lunia is played more as an action arcade game than an actual RPG one. Players find themselves free to move around in the game by making use of a game pad or arrow keys rather than the muse cursor. Confrontations with baddies are made interesting as a fight requires launching a series of attacks by pressing a combination of two attack buttons and the space bar. Both attack keys can be used to initiate either normal or class-specific attacks while the spacebar is used to either swipe the opponent’s feet or finish him\her off with a final blow.

Tip: You can also initiate combos by chaining attacks together based on the timing, combination and order of the attack button.

Player vs Player Action

The game also offers many multi-player options and arenas that can allow one on one or even 8 on 8 combat with AllM stating that it plans to introduce and support 16 on 16 matches in the near future. One interesting fact is that some arenas are offered seasonally, one of which is a Snowman Fight special. Players can down snowman suits and have a dramatic snowball fight with each other by pelting one another with different shaped and ‘special’ ice balls.

Cast of Characters

Like many RPG games, Lunia also boasts a colorful cast of characters who are designed to cater to each player’s specific needs and interests. With 7 playable characters and 9 more that you can either earn through adventures or purchase in the cash shop. There is quite the variety for one to choose from.

  • Sieg – The Knight – Sieg represents the generic melee character in the game whose specialty is long-combos and powerful melee attacks as well as high hit points. However, like any strong character, he also has some of the lowest MP in the game as well as a considerable lack of long-range attacks.
  • Eri – The Healer – represents the ‘priest’ or healer archetype in Lunia. She sports superior healing and supportive skills but like any healer type character, her melee attacks leave much to be desired.
  • Dainn – The Wizard – represents the ‘wizard’ class in this RPG game. He has superior long range offensive abilities and can also chain long combos. On the other hand, his one weakness is his vulnerability to melee attacks because of his low defense and hit points.
  • Tia – The Thief – has speed on her side and also has the ability to deal enormous amounts of damage using long range attacks. However unlike the Knight, she lacks strong defensive capabilities. On the other hand due to her speed, she can land critical and faster melee attacks compared to the other characters.
  • Arien – The Archer– one of the newest characters to be added in the game, Arien has the ability to launch powerful long range attacks. She is proficient with all bow type weapons which also make her a fan favorite.
  • Krieg El Hati – The Paladin – is also a new character class. Like Arien, he is a hybrid between a warrior and a healer and has a range of strong melee attacks as well as supportive holy spells.
  • Lime – The Combat Slime – has the capability of delivering large amounts of damage on the battlefield as well as unmatched speed. However, he has very poor combo capabilities.
  • Dacy – The Ice Puppeteer – players have found that Dacy plays a lot like Dain but with a slight twist. Unlike the wizard who fights using offensive spells, Dacy can summon dolls to aid her in combat. However her melee attacks are very weak and she also has very low hit points.
  • Yuki – The Ice MagicianLike Dain and Dacy, Yuki is also a spell caster capable of dealing large amounts of damage using long range attacks. She also has powerful areas of effect and homing skills and can chain long combos. On the other hand, she has low hit points as well as weak melee attacks.
  • Ryan – The Bounty Hunter – a master of weaponry Ryan applies his trade to bring justice to the lawless. Hunting with precision and power rivaled by no other. Dual wielding weapons both ranged and melee. A powerful and deadly combo.
  • Kali – The Bard – a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure. In reality Kali is a demon that has taken on the form of a human. She wields great power with her instruments (literally) of destruction! One note from her can being about sweeping damage to all that appose her.
  • Asuka – The Dual Wielder – with speed and style are the only ways that Asuka knows how to fight. Her multiple slash attacks and devastating combos make her a lethal combatant with a heart of gold!
  • Ralph – The Fighter – using his feet and hands as his deadly weapons of choice. This young man can deceive with the fact that he is not carrying, but once he lets the fist fly, attitudes towards him change quickly.
  • Dark Eir – The Princess of Darkness – calling the powers of the night to aid her, not only with attacks, but also with healing. Dark Eir can be a worthy combatant as well as a supportive healer when things get hairy.
  • Arta – The Engineer – Her creativity is only matched by her thirst for knowledge. Crafting tools for her trade, she can create items that will help her along in her adventures as well as many of destructive prowess.
  • Gaon – The Spearman – Once a dragonkin of great lightning power, Gaon now rides the lightning of his past using precision and speed with pull off powerful combo attacks with his spear.

Lunia Gets a Facelift

In the games most recent update, Lunia enhanced its already spectacular art style with new graphics augmentation. That’s not all. The action arcade MMORPG now offers gamers a new map as well as a new community system. The graphic boost also allows a new perspective for players from the traditional top-down look to a cell shaded, 3rd person perspective. For those who prefer the old version, an option is available which will allow fans to turn off this updated version and play the older version of the game.
Following are some of the great updates available on the updated version:

New Map
Forest of Water- The new map proves to be a tough challenge even for seasoned Lunians. The first underwater level in Lunia, Forest of Water makes players navigate through delicate air bubbles if they want to stay alive. Threading your way through this fragile environment while trying to fight off deadly water creatures makes this version a must play for any good gamer.
Enhanced Community System
Lunia already offered an option where you could connect with friends and fellow gamers. The new “View Existing Party” and “Quick Join” options however make this essential task a lot easier to do.
Friend Invites
Lunia has gone global with its new Friend invite option. Players can generate a link from the game which they can post on their Facebook and Twitter account if they want their friends to share in this gaming experience.

The Final Word

There isn’t much to not like about Lunia. Other than the fact that many of the character types are not playable unless you fork over some of your hard earned cash for them. With the game being regularly updated, and many games picking from it to make their game better. Lunia is doing something correct. The graphics may not be on par with some of the other games in the market, but it is my opinion that they are not meant to be. Different strokes for different folks in that area. It really is too bad that the playerbase is not higher, but with the games linear and repetitive nature, many give the game a solid try and fall in love for a little while, but then will move on to games with more depth and open gameplay. Lunia is good, and maybe one day will be great!


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