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Maestia, a Free MMORPG from WarpPortal, gives players a chance to dive into a deep and rich world filled with quests and adventure. Sounds pretty cliche and expected right? Well, Maestia doesn’t stray from the regular formula that makes most Fantasy MMORPGs successful in the free to play realm. It does, however, try to offer a few new things that could be very appealing to players.

Starting off a player has a couple simple choices. One of two factions and one of four classes. While this is pretty limited, the games Maestone system does allow players to really define their character much more deeply as they progress through the game. In addition there are over 70 skills per class, and not all can be mastered. So, players will have serious choices to make that will be the defining factor in what type of Warrior, Cleric, Ranger, or Mage they are going to play.

Graphically the game looks great. The UI is well designed and keeps the focus on the actual game world so a player can be truly drawn in. One other feature that most players will love will be the prayer questing system. Rarely will any player have to hunt down an NPC to turn in a quest. The prayer system will allow players to pick up and turn in quests just about any where in the world and at any time. Saving many hours of running back and forth from NPC to NPC. With that said, many of the quest can become fairly repetitive, with the normal go here and kill X number of monsters being the bulk of a players questing experience.

Instance dungeons will appeal to many players and the ability to choose the dungeons difficulty and increase the loot drops by choosing a more difficult setting will draw many players to this system. With only the more diehard players and groups able to take on the difficult dungeons and acquire the top loot.

PvP consists of many of the regulars that are seen in many free MMORPGs these days: Arena Battles, Duels, PlayerKilling, and Guild Battles. It is rare to see all of these compiled in one game though. So the high level PvP can get intense and addicting.

Overall there is a solid game world behind Maestia. Graphics are gorgeous and engrossing, sounds are a delight to listen to and enjoy, combat is simple to understand and master. The few flaws that do exist are far outweighed by the more solid features, and the few unique ones.

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