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Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes

Marvel comic book heroes have been iconic for nearly 75 years. Now, gamers and comic aficionados can take on the role of their favorite Marvel Hero in the latest free action RPG game Marvel Heroes. Players choose from one of 5 starting heroes and work their way through a story arch that is filled with entertaining cut scenes that feel like they were peeled directly from the pages of a comic. More hero’s can also be found along the way and added to your options as you play.

Though, let’s not forget about the iconic villians from the franchises storied history, as many of these rear up not only through your questing and following of the games storyline, but also in random world events that allow you and any other nearby heroes to band together to kick some major bad guy butt.

While the game has a Diablo isometric style, the above world events are what really make the game feel like an action MMO. If I had one beef with the game it would be that the characters look can only be changed through the cash shop, and that gear does not affect how your character looks. I think this could turn some players off over time, but for now the game is a heck of a lot of fun.

Make sure you check out my Inside the Den First Look as I highlight even more features and even give a few tips for new and seasoned players…

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