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Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online

Mechwarrior Online, the free mech combat FPS has arrived! After years and years of waiting for a new installment to the franchise gamers who have been patiently waiting can now join in on the action. Does it live up to the hype? We take a candid look at the ins and outs of the games features, graphics, sounds and interface. We also take the time to discuss potential upcoming features and potential that the game presents in its current state. See the full video review below. Then make your choice as to whether Mechwarrior Online has a home on your hard drive…

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  • tatorios
    November 2, 2012
    Reply #1

    I’m still waiting for them to send me my verification email 🙁 Why does it take so long?

  • Scoustar
    November 14, 2012
    Reply #2

    A potentially great game spoiled by an extremely severe lack of content. Much more Call of Duty than Mechwarrior.

    Visually excellent but absolutely no staying power. Should not be considered an MMORPG, just a literally multimedia online game – it makes sound and there are pictures!

  • Strikeshadow
    November 15, 2014
    Reply #3

    Choosing “Piranha” as their name really tells everybody Piranha Games’ company philosophy. They will chew the fan base up, spit out the bones and then they will swim away fat.

    After playing the game for 3 weeks and 400 games, I must agree with the petition to yank the rights. I posted a topic on their forums with 15 different changes the community wanted and asked the community to prioritize what changes they want first.

    Guess what, the topic was locked inside 10 minutes and the moderator told me that when Piranha Games wanted to know what the community wanted, they would ask.

    I haven’t logged on since then and will never do so again. I had reached the point in the grind where you had to spend real money on mech bays and was unsure if I wanted to spend the money on a game that fell so far behind my expectations after having been a top 100 player on Mechwarrior 4. I won’t be spending any money.

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