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Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror

Okay FTPMMO gamers and FPS enthusiasts, we’re going to take a look at a 3D first-person-shooter with some RPG characteristics thrown in. This MMO has received a wide range of feedback. So, we’re going to sort this out, separate the facts from fiction, and equip you with the knowledge to properly answer the question at hand…To download or not to download?

Originally released by the Malaysian publisher Cibmall in December of 2009, Mission Against Terror was re-released to North American gamers by Suba Games in September of 2010. Suba is a platform developed by Wicked Interactive. Mission Against Terror—also referred to as MAT—is a 3D tactical MMOFPS created by the developer Kingsoft.

The Storyline

Mission Against Terror does have a good storyline. In fact, this story is realistic to a point. As the story goes, the New World Order is ready to take control of the world in the name of unity. Unity for the world elites, that is; everyone else will be their slaves. To gain control and revoke freedom from the people, the NWO is making use of plagues and their top secret agenda. Freedom fighters from around the world are uniting to fight against this NWO; but with secret NWO operatives infiltrating the ranks of the freedom fighters, this war has taken a nasty twist.

With present day real life talks about an actual New World Order combined with America’s intense battle against terrorism, I have a sneaking suspicion that this game is based on more than just a fantasy. Especially after I read the last part of the story which says, “The New World Order is real and on the verge of global takeover, assuring the public that those that go against them are terrorists and a danger to society!”

First Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to expect. There are many first-person-shooter MMOs available now so I was hoping for a real game changer. While MAT was initially released in 2009, we’d expect better graphics—by far. The graphics are quite disappointing and frankly give MAT the feel of an older game. In a FPS your focus is more on the fluidity of the controls rather than the quality of the graphics. However, I’m big on graphics and I really believe that graphics not only set the mood initially, but throughout the course of gameplay. Even the graphics options are limited and provide no option for a 1080 setting. With that being said, having lower system requirements make MAT easier to run especially if you’re using an older computer.

Jumping In

In keeping with my first impression, MAT is nothing special and doesn’t offer anything more than its FTPMMO counterparts do already. The controls are fair, however aiming and firing most all weapons is uncomfortable and awkward. Initially you would attribute this to being a newbie, but after a few hours you realize that it’s not going to get better.

Weapon customization is also lackluster. If you’re a seasoned FPSMMO gamer, then you already know that many other FPSs offer a much, much larger selection of weaponry to choose from; in some cases 30 or more. In MAT, you’re looking at a selection of less than 15. That’s it. Now there’s always the possibility that the developers may increase that selection over time. But let’s face it; this game has been out and about since 2009. Oh, and don’t expect to customize your weapon either… it’s not happening. You can customize your character, but that selection is just like everything else in this game, less than average.

Deja Vu

While the word lackluster described weapon customization, it can’t be used accurately to describe the selection of modes in MAT. In spite of the fact that the maps are mode specific—no mix and match gameplay here—there is a fair selection from which to choose. The modes that MAT has to offer are:

Team Death Match- This mode is your basic, yet popular, team versus team gameplay. In this particular version, whichever team reaches the preset number of kills wins.

Death Match- A timed match where it’s everyone for themselves—with infinite respawn. At the end of the match the player with the most kills wins.

Team Match- In this match there is no respawning. The team to completely eliminate their opponent wins.

Bomb Match- Bomb Match is your typical bomb planting and defusing game.

Mummy Mode- This mode should really be called “Zombie Mode” because that’s really what it is. In this mode, half of the players spontaneously transform into mummies just before the match starts. Mummies melee, humans shoot…You get the picture.

Phantom Mode- In this mode, things get interesting when one team is cloaked and attempts to bomb the other team’s target site while only armed with melee weapons. There is no respawning.

So we’ve clearly established the less than thrilling design of this game. While I personally like the selection of modes, I was a little surprised at what I found when I stepped out into the Mission Against Terror maps. As you progress into gameplay at some point you’re going to come across a map called Nile Valley. And wouldn’t you know, this map is identical to the DeDust 2 map from Counter-Strike—no kidding. Another map you’ll no doubt encounter is called Cross Range and this map is identical to the IceWorld Counter-Strike map.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that the developers threw originality out the window for this game. Either that or they’re simply too apathetic to create unique maps. Oh, and they didn’t feel like brainstorming music ideas either. As I played I realized that I was humming the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Why in the world would that song just pop into my head? The answer…It didn’t! The MAT background music actually includes a Pirates of the Caribbean theme song knock off. I just had to shake my head.

On a Lighter Note

So we’ve got stolen maps, knock off theme music… Can this get any weirder? Why, yes it can. Let’s say you’ve taken a beating and need to regain those health points, what do you do? Reach for a health pack? Ask a fellow player for aide? Nope. You dance. Yep, you got it. As a newbie, you will literally be playing when you run around the corner and see some guy dancing. I must say, this is one of the most bizarre things that I have yet to see in any MMO.

There is some strategy required to dance. When dancing, your character is completely vulnerable so you’re best to find the most quiet, out of the way location possible. To dance in the middle of a skirmish will just get you killed because you can’t man your weapons and dance at the same time.

The Final Word

I think by this point it’s quite clear that Mission Against Terror is a bit bizarre with the copy cat maps, knock off background music, and battlefield dancing. If you aren’t yet convinced that MAT is just a little strange, make a visit to the item store will find some very odd character costume customizations like a pirate costume.

The controls aren’t my favorite. When pointing and shooting, I never got to a point where it felt comfortable. Also, I think that the effectiveness of weaponry is unbalanced. It all just feels a bit awkward.

MAT blends in right alongside its first-person-shooter peers. There is nothing exceptional about this game; it is simply your standard MMOFPS. While it could be worse, MAT leaves much to be desired. It needs improved graphics, a bigger and genuinely unique map selection, better controls, and weapon balance.

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