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Here we go! This time we’re going to look into a 3D fantasy MMORPG that focuses on action packed gameplay. While this MMO feels like a standard RPG, the developers took a unique approach by basing it on Greek and Egyptian mythology. Action, strategy, and RPG components have all been rolled into one to create this free-to-play game. Let’s take a look and see if this addition to the MMO world is a good thing… or simply too much of a good thing.

Developed by Petroglyph and published by UTV True Games—formerly True Games Interactive—released Mytheon in closed beta form on February 25th, 2010. On open beta testing on April 28th, 2010. Mytheon celebrated its official launch on March 3rd, 2011 as live open beta. UTV True Games teamed with the FTP publisher gamigo and released Mytheon in Europe on June 25th, 2010.

Mytheon Lore

As the story goes, the Mediterranean had been ruled by the gods for too long. Theses gods dictated mankind before the dawn of time, keeping the humans helpless and dependant on them. According to lore, the gods were dominated by none other than the sisters of Fate. Having witnessed the behavior of the gods toward mankind, the three Fates put an end to their rule; giving mankind the opportunity to substantiate their ability to be self-reliant.

Of course the gods were not willing to surrender freely and the three Fates set forth a tournament between the divine pantheons and champions of mankind. This tournament allows the human race the opportunity to defeat the gods who held them captive for so long. This is mankind’s chance at freedom—your chance at freedom.

Getting Started
Things get crackin’ when you download the client, which is surprisingly small considering the first-rate graphics. The game is about 1 gig installed, after a required patching process that takes a bit. Once Mytheon is installed and you’re ready to rock-n’-roll, it’s time to create your character. There are 3—and only 3—classes to choose from: Warcaster, Elementalist, and Eidolon. Each class has its own combat and Power Stone specialties from which to choose. In essence, you are creating your own, unique skill set.

You can choose the gender of your character and also pick from a selection of hair styles and colors, different faces, and skin tones. Unfortunately, most players look alike due to the lack of customization options. One of these days a MMORPG will be released which will join the ranks of the few who actually offer character customization. Until then, we wait.

UI Organization and Controls

First time gamers are met with a journal which serves not only as an all-inclusive help guide, but a quest log, and an achievement tracker. If you’re a keyboard control kind of gamer, then you’re really going to be out of your element because Mytheon’s controls are strictly mouse driven. As MMORPGs have evolved, mouse driven controls have become more common. In regards to the animation, Mytheon offers a nice range of resolution choices which may be played windowed or in full screen mode. The visuals are phenomenal while the use of color is flat-out stunning.

Action Strategy – Planning Your Attacks

Ah yes, strategy—something that many MMOs don’t require, yet it’s the very thing most gamers love. The developers of Mytheon claim that strategy is “paramount” and I agree. Special “Stones” play a very important role in Mytheon’s gameplay. Stones are considered magical relics and they are weapons, created by the Fates, which give summoning power to the person who possesses them. When you have obtained a Stone, you have the power to bring forth legendary mythological creatures and cast impressive spells over your foes.

What makes the Stones so powerful? This power is thanks to a rare alchemic element called Mytheon which gives power to whoever has possession of it—the ability to harness the power of the cosmos and thus, transfer it into the Stones. Unfortunately, the gods which you are commissioned to destroy have stolen the secrets of Stone forging and also have the ability to summon. So prepare yourself, things are about to get interesting!

Greek Gameplay

Starting out, newbies start in close proximity to Echidna’s Swamp, in a small post. This is where you will begin your first quests. Generally, quests may be repeated and more times than not, require the slaying of various monsters. Gameplay progression is relatively slow which is due, in part, to the low level cap. Travel throughout the game world is made simple with the use of teleport hubs which are located in hub cities. Access to hubs requires having accomplished certain levels. Zones located beyond hub cities are instanced and require partying up with other players. Travel to those zones is achieved by speaking to the ship’s captain who is a NPC.

The Stones in Mytheon serve a purpose similar to that of cards in other RPGs and are may be acquired as loot from bosses and monsters as well as through quests and from merchant NPCs. Depending on the class you select, you will be given 12 or so Stones—or deck of skills and spells. There are 3 categories of stones—Warcaster, Elementalist, and Eidolon—which are to be arranged into “battle sets” of up to 40. Stones are usually cast instantly, though some have a casting time. Assistance which is summoned is timed and only 5 may be controlled at once.

PVP Baby!
So here’s the deal—questing can be fun, but we all like variety. As it turns out, the developers thought so too. You can play PvE and progress in gameplay, but you may also progress in Mytheon when playing PvP! The PvP options are awesome with the simplest method being duels. Duels can be 1 on 1 to groups of players. Once a player—or group of players—have been invited to and accepted a duel, they are teleported to an arena where the battle begins. The first player, or team, to win 3 rounds is crowned the victor. Duels reward winners with a nice sum of XP.

Mytheon Cash Shop

Health potions, weapons, armor, and even mana potions may be bought with in-game currency. Seeing that the in-game currency—Mytheon coins—may also be purchased, gives cause for concern. Wallet Warriors have every opportunity to stock up on cash shop goods and then enter PvP gameplay with a very unfair advantage. This causes a significant imbalance between gamers who earn Mytheon coins the traditional way, and those who pay their way through. Other items may be bought with real money, such as experience potions and bag expansions.

The Final Word

The very unique combination of RPG and card combat elements prove to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed Mytheon and would definitely recommend taking it for a test run. Mytheon is user friendly and its casual environment is very welcoming. I love the use of color and fun graphics that bring an immersive mythological world to life.

The character customization options leave much to be desired, however, the interesting and unique skill sets more than compensate for the loss of esthetic choices. Mytheon’s story is well written and really give players a purpose—a cause to fight for. I love this! Snag up that download, grab your Stones, and go kick some god butt! Until next time, game on!

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