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Free to play hack n slack MMORPG Mythos Europe is finally here! It is much improved in graphics now that it is a 3D game and is taking the “hack n slash” experience with MMO to the next level. This action packed hybrid Free MMORPG which comprises of both traditional MMORPG elements and has a fast paced style of action role playing games. You will definitely not want to miss out on this one!

If you have played Diablo and TorchLight, you are going to love Mythos Europe for sure. If for nothing else than the fact that many team members behind the development of both Diablo and Torchlight had their hands in the development of Mythos. Was it worth the wait? It was a long time coming so it better be. With multiple developers and many years behind its development we will look into the details to see if all that time has paid off in a high quality MMO. It has danger lurking around, and has its own unique experience when it comes to adventure and action. There are places to discover and skills to explore. That is just the start of it all…

Getting this Party Started

The game does fall under the names both Mythos and Mythos Europe, and technically only the Mythos Europe version is available at this time, but the developers have not included any IP or GEO restrictions. So players from around the world all have access to be able to create accounts and play the game. You will need to register online and get your secondary password. Following this Mythos Europe starts by asking the player (in its own style) to select a character. There are multiple options to choose from. One of your first decisions will be to choose from one of the four races in the game, three of which are unique from any other MMO. The race choices being different than the normal help to pull you in right away, which are the Gremlin, Cyclops, Satyr and Human. Each of these have different boosts to skills and advantages as you play the game, and will also compliment your class and playing style, so choose wisely.

The Main Characters

The Gremlin is alert and fast little creatures which are fond of art and craft. These creatures are resistant to electricity by 20%. They also have tolerance for hits up to +11.

The Cyclops is one eyed characters. They are really impressive with nasty looks to inflict terror wherever they go. They have mastered stone treatment through binding to the planet. They can resist ice by 20% and have defenses of +4, which is a bonus to them.

Similarly the Satyr which is the oldest races to inhabit the world of Uld has their own impression. These creatures come with a rich cultural heritage and historical background. They have magical characteristics and bear resistance to poisons by 20% and Mana +3.

The Human race is the youngest and most multitalented races inhabiting the world of Uld. They bear resistance to fire by 20% and Health +3.

Might or Magic or Gadets?

After this you have the choice to select from three traditional classes, namely; Bloodletter, Gadgeteer and Pyromancer.

The Bloodletter tribe is warrior archetype, with short range attacking skills. They also have the capability of using a wide variety of combinations of weapons. They unleash their brutal attacks on anyone standing in their way.
The Gadgeteers excel are skilled at long range attacks and inflicting unsuspecting victims with devastating damages.
The Pyromancers are equally remarkable and a re masters of fire attacks. They also have remarkable long range attack capability and kill their enemies in a single strike.

You only have two character slots so play your favorite, you will most likely be so sucked in you will want to dabble in all three eventually.

The Mythos Experience

The environments are lush and well done, after character creation you are thrown right into the game play, with an excellent tutorial that walks you through every aspect of the games interface as well as the basics of gameplay. Quests are abundant and are worth picking up, as you progress through the different areas of the game you will want to make sure to grab all the quests you see. Questing will not only take your gameplay experience to the next level, it will take you to the next levels far faster than just grinding away in the dungeons. Speaking of grinding, the grind doesn’t really feel like a grind when you are completing quests or dungeon crawling with others. The party system is well done and with a party finder tool, you can always find people to run around and adventure with.

The Umbral Peaks is where players wander through the snowy landscape. There are ice sculptures, glaciers, log cabin hideaways to discover. The ethereal evergreen forests also have their own secrets to unveil as you play the game and go deeper into Umbral Peaks. There are a number of quests which attract the players into dungeons and undiscovered places. However, the players are warned against the deception of the Umbral Peaks. Hiding in these undiscovered landscapes are dormant monsters waiting for strong-willed adventurers like you. They are quite deadly and will definitely make the player’s blood run cold.

There is a lot of thrill in Mythos Europe this time. Players are not just at risk with attacks from monsters, players who may have fought at your side can turn against you at any time. You have to be agile and alert. At one point as you progress in the game, you will have to choose an ally between two factions. These are Tigan and Ordo. Even if you may have fought with one ally and later you decide to turn your back on the old ally, do so! It is the way to survive in Mythos Europe, if you won’t do it, you will be betrayed. Bottom line is your closest allies turn into butchering monsters at any point.

Another interesting feature of Mythos Europe is that the choice of factions the players make influences the game. Unless the player pledges allegiance to the occupants of the region there will be no entry into the territory. There players can only then look forward to more quests and more powerful items in the game to help you fight the enemy. You will need to get brutal and tactful to give your enemy a tough time and make them turn blue with envy and rage. Exciting isn’t it?

As you progress in the game, you gain skill points which you can distribute as you feel they will improve your character.

The Final Word

There are very few things one can say negatively about Mythos Europe. The game is polished and fast paced. If anything, one could say that some of the dungeon crawling could get a bit redundant as it is a typical rinse and repeat formula of dungeons with monsters that change levels and design, and your job is to go in and wipe them out.

According to some players are some setbacks with Mythos Europe like every other game. However, this is expected. As they say it; nothing is perfect. The creatures seem a bit too graphic and ugly, but that is what adds to the thrill. There are a few players who find the graphics too dull in the dungeons. However, that is the whole beauty of the graphics. Why would a dungeon be bright and clear anyway? The whole experience is a thrill and adrenaline rush for the brave hearted.

Maybe there is too much hack n slash this time, and according to some, but this reviewer didn’t think so. However, what is bad about a bit of unique experience? Nowadays, we all want a new experience and thrill while playing games. A slight twist in the story is quite worth it. This time MMO has definitely made a new place in 3D game world.
For some players, the background voice informing the player about the status is annoying. However, to most it added more excitement. It does sound too alien and has its own effect on the player.

To wrap things up, it must be emphasized that Mythos Europe is worth every moment, and one that this reviewer will be adding to their list of regularly played games..


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  • Robert
    June 15, 2011
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    Thanks for the informative review. I plan to try this game out soon and I am hoping there are still people playing it.

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