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Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga

Set in a fantasy European medieval world, this 3D FTPMMO takes you to a place where intriguing magic and action packed, strategic battles are customary. This MMORPG takes players deep into a cinematic storyline and keeps gamers coming back for more. Stick around for incredible weaponry, fierce creatures, and the chance to storm castles! Trust me; you don’t want to miss this one!

Pandora Saga was developed by Rosso Index and initially published worldwide by the Malaysian publisher GonzoRosso. February 16th, 2011 was Pandora Saga’s official launch. Pandora Saga is published in North America exclusively by Atlus Online.

The Saga

As the story goes, at one time the world was united and ruled by a benevolent, beloved king—special thanks to the possession of the Pandora. The unexpected rain of fire—known as the Great Catastrophe—destroyed everything on the earth, including the Pandora. Eventually, three new nations were formed: the Confederation of Varik, the Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, and the Empire of Latuga. While relationships between these nations were amicable, the peace was short-lived. Conflict between the three nations quickly escalated as they fought to control both land and its resources.

While the war was at its peak, the leaders from all three nations quietly unified and began to look for the Pandora. The prophecy states, “Those who find Pandora will be granted unparalleled honor, power, and riches.” The three nations remained in a state of war for centuries. In the midst of the chaos, Brahm, an evil shaman, united with a masterful demon on a mission to claim the Pandora. Brahm succeeded in destroying the majority of all three armies—only a few survived and you are one. As a survivor with amnesia, your character is on a mission to restore those lost memories and uncover the story of the Pandora.

The Races

Starting out in Pandora Saga, you’ll have the opportunity to choose between a fair selection of different races. Those races include:

  • Human – A malleable and resilient race, humans are capable of accelerating in any character class or profession. Humans are very influential when it comes to the realm’s politics. Humans are very skilled in creating elixirs as well as with one-handed weaponry.
  • Elf – The gentlest race in Pandora Saga, Elves are forest guardians and are one with nature. Elves are extremely intelligent and are well known for their sharp eyesight. They are skilled with bow and arrows and prove deadly with ranged weaponry.
  • Myrine – Myrines are a band of female hunter-gatherer warriors who worship the Goddesses of the Moon and Hunt. The Myrines are very perceptive in battle and draw on their innate tranquility to recover MP.
  • Enkidu – This class is an agricultural race who dwells in the plains. As it stands, your only choice is male. Enkidus are the tanks of Pandora Saga and are capable of fighting effectively both with heavy weaponry and bare handed.
  • Lapin – Born of the soil, the male and female Lapins are seemingly identical. Lapins are capable of resisting magic and their magical proficiency allows them to control those elements within themselves.
  • Dwarf – Living in the dark underground tunnels and caves, the dwarves maybe considered the strongest race in Pandora Saga. This powerful race is skilled in wielding axes and blunt weapons. Dwarves are very strong willed, are known for their determination in the face of adversity, and make powerful allies.

The Classes

You’ll also choose from four basic classes which will later—around level 20—begin progression into 28 higher classes. While there are only four to choose from initially, however, once you reach level 20 things really get going. Here’s a bit about your class options:

  • Warrior – Proficient in hand-to-hand combat, Warriors specialize in sword and melee combat. This class is capable of withstanding a significant amount of damage.
  • Scout – Operating as dangerous assassins, Scouts are talented archers. They are quick in battle and pack a surprising punch from quite a distance.
  • Acolyte – Casting support and healing spells, Acolytes prove to be very valuable allies. Including an Acolyte could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Mage – With their only weakness being close-ranged combat, Mages are arguably the most powerful class. Mages utilize a wide variety of magic spells to deal extensive damage to their foes.

Saga Weaponry

In all honesty, I’m really pleased the weapon selection in this game. Just to start, there are 9 basic weapons: wand, crossbow, hand blunt, hand axe, hand sword, hand trump, pole arm, and lance. What’s more, as you progress through the various levels in your class of choice, you will be given access to more powerful weapons—weapon upgrades—which are found at the Innkeeper’s Shops.

Play in Pandora

Next you’ll decide which nation you wish to defend. Once you’ve made that decision, you’re ready to enter the world of Pandora. Quests in Pandora Saga are deeply rooted in the game’s storyline and are also very beneficial as you are rewarded with gold coins, various items, and XP. Gold coins are used in further character customization, purchasing a variety of items as well as upgrading your weapons. Gameplay involves everything from battling giant, nasty insects to fighting off packs of vicious coyotes, and even zombies. Pandora Saga really appeals to the true MMO gamers as it encourages group gameplay. I also like how Pandora gameplay requires the use of strategy and ingenuity.

Once your character has reached level 10, you’ll be allowed to enter the battlefield and war alongside players with equivocal gameplay experience. Victory in the battlefield requires defeating guards, storming castles, and destroying the proper Cores. For every castle acquired, you are rewarded with War Points.

Cash Shop
In the center of Astir Neutral City there are many Innkeeper shops which sell various items. Unfortunately, Pandora Saga’s cash shop is terribly unbalanced. Let me start by being completely honest by saying that you can buy your way through this game with actual cash. That disappoints me as it places non-buyers at a very unfair disadvantage.

When you decide to drop in one of the Innkeepers’ shops, keep in mind that purchasing anything with in-game currency will set you back significantly. Let me prepare you, these shops aren’t like Wal-Mart; there are no low prices. Okay, well maybe a few… But if you decide not to wait while you save your gold, you can buy your way with your hard earned cash. Apparently, just purchasing a weapon upgrade can cost you anywhere from 12 to 13 some odd dollars. If you’ve got it to spend and that’s what you want to do with your money, more power to you.

Now, if you hang out and socialize long enough, you may meet someone who has what you’re looking for and is willing to trade—this is definitely a plus. While prices may be high, the shops present you with a nice selection of items. You can find things like powerful medicines, holy water, and potions. There is also a nice selection of esthetic items including belts, tunics, boots, leggings, helmets, and shields. Many of these items are given as rewards for completing particular quests. So, if you’re patient long enough, you may just earn that thing you’ve had your eye on.

The Final Word

As it stands, the playerbase is relatively small. This means that co-op gaming can be rather difficult and gameplay moves a bit slower. If you don’t have an established group of friends which you have teamed up with, you’re left to chance when finding players to battle with.

With that being said, this game has the makings of an awesome FTPMMO; it simply lacks the player population to make it happen. The quests are fun and are free of the redundancy that is often found in MMOs. The cinematic gameplay and first-rate graphics really help Pandora Saga shine.

Pandora Saga is complete with much desired gameplay depth and intriguing storyline—now it just needs players.


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  • rinying
    July 29, 2011
    Reply #1

    to me it has potential i like pandora could use more players but join a guild and youll have plenty to party with no dungeons / crafting yet but its been out for only 6 months so rushed release 🙂 but its fun easy to play great classes diverse races / nations and a lot of prohibited words (prohibited is a prohibited word ?) if you give it a try youll play with people from russia brazil usa and idk where else btw if your on barbatos look me up.

  • winterhart
    October 3, 2011
    Reply #2

    Hey Matt love your site waaaaaay better then mmohut and your reviews are much better as well. Just a thought you should name your toons mmoden when you’re doing a review to help promote your name out there. Thanks so much for the excellent reviews keep them coming. I’ve added you to my fav bar:)

    • Limpy
      October 3, 2011
      Reply #3

      Glad you are enjoying the site. Got some giveaways coming soon too. Thanks for the recommendations on the forum as well.

    • Vozd
      November 13, 2011
      Reply #4

      Agreed, completely. To compare MMODen and MMOHut reviews is like comparing reasoning of an adult (MMODen) and 12-years old child (MMOHut).

      Keep good job, Matt!

      • Limpy
        November 14, 2011
        Reply #5

        Thanks bud,

        Glad you are enjoying the site and the reviews. Come on over to the forum and let us know what you are playing and see what reviews are coming next before they hit the site.

  • soni
    September 6, 2013
    Reply #6

    the game is good. the only problem is the management…(talking about marvelous)
    the game allow you to have 5 char each id, so you would have many alt char, this is bad idea, because people will make many char and leave a guild, that level him, to get a new fantasy (became/pretend as new player). but it is benefit for the developer (many char = many gear need = more money). player get sick of it and leave the game…
    the game too easy to hack…(developer didn’t protect player). i was hacked and the hacker use my id to hack and the developer point me as the hacker and ban all my id (they ignore fact that the real hacker still out there), as they banded all my id they just kill innocent people (victim), what a stupid management right?

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