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Perfect World InternationalPerfect World International

Perfect World International

Perfect World International

Perfect World International, is one of the most played games online. This extremely addictive free to play MMORPG is considered to be the Asian equivalent of ‘World of Warcraft’. This is one of the better games in the online world today. The servers of the website are located in China and you may sometimes feel that the game is a little slow to load. Yet, Perfect World maintains superiority due to its riveting game play, interesting characters and great visual quality. The game is heavily based on Chinese Mythology and there is a lot to look forward to while playing it.

First Look

The design of the game is very different from the traditional MMORPGs. The launch website itself is very clean with great flash animations and a lot of information on the game. There is an entire community and a forum where you can discuss about the game, the quests and the adventures. However, the game launcher is rather average.

The login is simple and elegant and as soon as you enter into the game environment, you begin to experience the marvel of 3D graphics. Perfect World has undoubtedly one of the best graphics ever seen in a MMORPG. The use of nature is excellent in the game environment. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and one needs to take a moment to understand that all of this must have been imagined by an artist.

The graphics are extremely natural and much more realistic than any other MMORPG. This is perhaps the greatest strength of this game. The animations of the fight sequences are also great, but the animation of the spell sequences can be a little disappointing.


There are four races in Perfect World, each with two distinct classes. The Humans are the primary race and they are divided into the sword wielding Blademasters and the magical Wizards.

The Winged Elves are the second race. They are shown to inhabit the Southern areas of the mythological Pangu, where Perfect World is set. Winged Elves are divided into Archers and Clerics. Archers are warriors whereas Clerics are healers with little in the way of hit points and combat usefulness. Clerics also have some magical abilities.

The third race is the Untamed. These intelligent beings are shown to have evolved from animals. The Untamed are divided into the Barbarians and the Venomancers. The Barbarians are huge and have heavy hitpoints. They are warriors whereas the Venomancers are magical beings who are extremely skilled with spells.

The fourth race, Tideborn, as the name suggests, are creatures of the sea. These creatures are born in the sea and are divided into two classes, the Assassins and the Psychics. The Assassins are the stealthy warriors with high hit points as well as defenses. The Psychics are also powerful magical beings who wield spells and can fight from a distance.

The character creation in Perfect World is very detailed. It is extremely interesting to choose the different attributes of your character and see it come to life. If you have played Sims 2, you will know exactly what the whole deal about character creation in Perfect World is.

Game Play

No matter how good the game looks at first, no one will play it if the game play is not interesting. Fortunately, with Perfect World, the game play is as promising as the first look into the game. The best thing about Perfect World is that it has a very strong game play. There are many different quests, each one of which demands different attributes. These quests are great for both playing solo and in multiplayer teams.

The quests are very high in quality. You can have a lot of fun in your quests and can level up quickly to upgrade your character. Though the combat sequences are a little slower, they are fun if you enjoy tactical game play.

At each of the battles, you will get a full battle sequence and can enjoy the fun of watching your character interact with the environment. However, if your character is at a much higher level than that of the monster you are attacking, the game play skips the animation and takes you to the result directly.

Spell casting can be a little slower than action and fighting. This is because the spell meter needs to be full for you to cast your second spell. This is a feature of the game which is exactly like World of Warcraft.

The entire land of Pangu is divided into several territories. You can claim territories by waging wars and battles. Once you own a territory, you can teleport to it freely. Each territory is also worth some ingame coins. You can win a lot of money by winning territory wars. You can also wage faction wars when trying to take over the territory of another. A faction war needs to have at least 80 players on each side. The winning faction gets the control of the territory.

If you want to take over a territory which was previously unoccupied, you will have to wage a battle with a lot of monsters and demons. In three hours time, your entire faction should have cleared the area of any monsters. If you are able to do so, the territory is officially yours.

In the Perfect World, players can learn up to four different crafting skills. Players can also get married and have a husband/wife license. There are special marriage related skills that married players can have. There is a boutique mall where you can buy fancy clothes and other items of personal use from.

Final Verdict

All in all, Perfect World is as realistic as you can hope any MMORPG to be. Perfect world is fun and addictive for obvious reasons. If you are a gamer who enjoys quest based RPGs, this will be a game that you will definitely enjoy. The graphics, the game play and the interface, all are in the favor of this game. The game makers also keep adding new features on the game, which can be installed as patches.


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  • Lobo
    February 1, 2012
    Reply #1

    This game was made for Cash Shopers. Totally broken cause all the best stuff of the game is able to be gain from Boutique. It was a awesome game. now i dont recommend. Broken classes, broken Csers, and last tones of bugs and no GM assistant.

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