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Prius Online

Talking about innovation sounds like a word that just doesn’t exist in FTP MMO dictionary. Yet, now it seems like there is a game which begs to differ. Prius Online may currently not be the most renowned game in MMO world, but it definitely looks like one that is going to make a lot of changes and set whole new standards to Free MMORPGs.

Prius online comes from Korean developers Netmarble, A company which has been developing all kinds of games for a long time now. However, the most well known title from Netmarble is the adorable yet action-packed Mini fighter. In the U.S, this game will be published by gPotato. Luna online and Flyff, remember?

While we have seen many MMOs so far, some filled with action, some with strategy, Prius Online claims to be a game full of emotions. Let us also add that Prius online is essentially the very first free to play cinematic MMORPG.

Story, Lore, and Cinematics

Prius Online is backed by a solid mythical storyline which continues into the game through cut scenes. The best part, each player can actually see their own customized character in the cut scenes. The story is quite interesting but nothing much different than what we have in regular fantasy MMOs.

It starts with the creation of a world called Prius and stretches on to the jealousy and war between gods. The war was finally won by Prius with the help of five heroes and a giant. Two events took place after the war was over. Few people developed healing abilities and later formed Prius church. Heroes when returned to their homes formed an alliance which united all the races of Prius.

Races and Classes

Before we delve deep into the unique gameplay of Prius online, let us have a look at the races and classes you will have to choose from. Prius online offers four races.

Hume – Curious by nature, they are able to adapt to anything they encounter. They are able to control natural elements. Hume males are Occtulists. They have the ability to control fire and ice. Hume females are Gunslingers. They are not as physically powerful as their male counterparts, but they have excellent long range attack.

Lon – Lon can at times be joyful and happy characters but they can also be furious and aggressive as well. They prefer in fighting unarmed with only weapon being their rage. Lon females are very spiritual. Lon males are Berserkers. They are extremely skilled warriors with powerful melee attacks. Lon females are Huntress. They are deadly with bow.

Ayin – They are not only strong, they are wise and beautiful as well. This gives them the ability to fight in a strategically manner. Ayins are Legionnaires. Legionnaires can make their opponent bite dust with their continuous and calculated attacks.

Beriah – Beriahs are highly intellectual with psychic powers. Music is their favorite weapon to control emotions. Minstrel is the only class in this race, and it is specifically female class. They use lutes to play beautiful and lethal tunes.

Understanding the 3C’s

Heard about a lot of 3Ds lately? Its time for a 3C! Before we get to the gameplay, it is very important to understand the most outstanding feature of Prius Online – the 3C system. Prius online will truly be an MMO you won’t be playing alone. You would be accompanied by two more buddies, Anima and Gigas.

Anima – Anima is a mysterious companion, a girl with no memory at all. Don’t worry she will grow up eventually, age and power wise. Anima actually reflects the development of your own character in the game. It is really an amazing concept as your character will slowly develop an emotional bonding and understanding with your Anima. Anima will help you in combats, quests, crafting and almost every other task in the game.

Giga – As for the Giga, it is like a giant or a beast that your Anima will summon during the game. When summoned, you will be controlling these beasts yourself. The bad part is, you don’t really get to do that much during the initial levels.


The game starts with an interesting prologue. Actually, it is quite amazing for an ftp. The prologue gives you an idea bout the whole story we have already discussed. After the prologue, you will find yourself in a town, which was quite exciting to say the least.

One thing to love about Prius is the number of maps and dungeons. As the map is quite large, you can get a ride on Celero, more like teleporters. There is also a unique donation system within the game. Through Donation Manager, a warrior can donate their coins to players in need and get rewarded in return.

Yes, there is a good amount of ‘emotions’ incorporate into the gameplay, your Anima being the major source of it. For instance, you will see your Anima sacrificing her life to resurrect you. Heart trenching indeed.

Quests-Those who are interested in questing will find it hard to separate themselves from this game. The game offers quest consisting of three main things, story, mission and anima’s task. This means the story will be carried along the gameplay. This is something we find really commendable about this game as it allows a good amount of character development.

Combat- The combat is mostly automated turn based. It is quite easy to encounter a monster on your way in Prius Online, but grinding isn’t really how you are going gain experience there. Over all the game play maintains a good balance between both grinding and questing. One thing that we loved is the fact that it doesn’t get repetitive and boring. In fact, most players would find the gameplay quite challenging if not much intriguing.

PvP and Crafting- Games crafting system and PvP are pretty much the same as in many other MMO. Once you have activated your PK mode, other players would be able to attack and target you. Then there is a Coliseum where you can fight 4 to 18 people in a single battle. Your Anima can craft an item in your Atrium, but for that you will have to complete the required mission first.

Graphics and Sounds

With cute anime styled 3D graphics, Prius is definitely a visually appealing game. You can choose to play the game on lower settings depending on your system capabilities, but be ready to be surprised by the quality even in the lowest settings. All the moves in the game are fairly unique and interesting. Seems like a good enough effort from the developers.

Sound is also fairly done for a free to play. Nice effects and nice background music. If only, they could have made it as emotionally touching as the gameplay itself.

The Final Word

It’s good. No actually, Prius online is quite a great game for free to play, especially for those who are sick of mindless grinding. The makers claim that Prius is the pioneer of a completely new genre of its own, emotional RPG, and we’d say that they’ve got a point. We always emphasize on games that involve brain usage, and Prius Online turned out to be a game which involves your heart as well. So, a must-try!

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