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Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a free MMORPG from GRAVITY Co, Ltd. Released on August 31, 2002, it offers a unique 2D character model while offering a fully 3D FTP MMO world. There have been a number of expansions and updates for the game, and the world itself changes as a player advances in the storyline. The game is available on Windows only, and the system requirements are low enough that virtually anyone can play.

The Basics

There are a number of different playable maps in the game, and each offers different monsters and layouts. Maps are largely drawn from mythology and ancient worlds. The game operates on a stat system much like with other MMOs, and there are numerous playable classes, though the class a player chooses is based on the job they select. Players can expect to change jobs many times throughout the progression of the game, which will directly impact their strengths and weaknesses when they reach the endgame content.


There are a total of six statistics that comprise a player’s abilities in Ragnarok Online. Each stat offers benefits to particular classes, and a well designed player will choose jobs that play to their specific gameplay preferences. What follows is an overview of the six main stats.

Strength is largely for melee classes, as it affects the physical damage dealt with a blow from a short range weapon. Strength offers bonuses to attack damage as well as a character’s weight limit. Strength offers bonus attack power for every ten points for melee classes and offers one extra attack point for every five strength for ranged damage dealers.

Agility affect the rate at which a player can dodge attacks as well as how quickly they can attack. This is certainly important for ranged damage dealers, who have low HP and defense capabilities. This allows them to attack faster while also dodging attacks and makes them quite difficult to defeat.

Intelligence is largely used for caster classes and increases both defense and offense when it comes to magic. It boosts spellpower levels, effectiveness, and regeneration and can even help boost resistance levels. Each increase in intelligence offers one point in magic defense, one percent improvement in spellpower restoration item effectiveness, and one percent improvement in spellpower regen. It also offers higher resistance for blind, sleep, and chaos effects.

Vitality improves the defense, resistance, and HP of your character. It can help boost HP and defense regen as well, and increased vitality offers higher HP and resilience against bleed, curse, poison, silence, and stun effects as well as better healing from items.

Dexterity is the most important trait for the game’s archer classes, though it is necessary to all toons. It helps close the gap between the minimum and maximum damage that a weapon can deal and also offers increased hit rating, ensuring that your blows have a lower chance of missing when fighting higher level enemies. For caster classes, every 15 dexterity offers a ten percent reduction in cast time as well, making them much more effective in combat.

The last stat is luck. With this stat, you increase dodge, improve your hit rating, and even reduce your chance of being hit with a critical strike. It can also improve attack and resistance slightly.

On the Job Training

The game’s job system is actually its class system, and you will find that each option has different abilities. There are a total of 50 different options throughout the course of the game, each stemming from one of the initial nine classes.

Swordsmans are the tanks of the group, offering proficiency in swords and spears. They are great leaders with the ability to increase HP recovery and increase threat to ensure that an enemy is focused on them while other party members deal DPS. Eventual progress will lead them to either Knight or Crusader class.

The Merchant is able to open shops and carry a cart filled with items, but they are also fighters. A Merchant can take their cart into battle, where damage is determined by the items they are carrying. They will progress into an Alchemist or Blacksmith through leveling.

The Acolyte is a healer with lots of buffs to offer the party. Eventually, they can progress to either Priest or Monk.

Mages are casters as well, but they offer high elemental DPS. They offer ranged fighting abilities and can progress to the role of Wizard or Sage.

Archers are ranged DPS dealers that have the ability to find hidden enemies and deal high DPS with the use of a bow. They progress to Hunter or Bard for male toons and to Dancer for female toons.

The Gunslinger is, of course, another ranged damage dealer. Guns offer the highest range in the game as well as many subclasses. There are no further job opportunities for this class, yet there are numerous options in terms of weaponry, making it surprisingly diverse.

Thieves offer melee and ranged combat, making them rather versatile. They are able to easily dodge attacks and can even offer double attacks when a dagger is equipped. Over time, they learn to stealth and steal and can eventually progress to Assassin or Rogue.

Taekwon class members fight without weapon but offer surprising DPS. They make use of the elements to find and exploit the weaknesses of different enemies. They can eventually become Soul Linkers or Star Gladiators.

Last is the Ninja. This class uses an array of weapons and provides high DPS and an array of unique abilities. Like the Gunslinger, there are no progressive jobs for this class, yet an array of abilities keeps the character flexible.

The Final Word

This game is certainly unique, even in the MMORPG world, and it offers a wide range of options. It is one of the most popular MMO style games in Asia and has millions of subscribers. Free to Play servers are easy to find and offer few changes over the paid version, with the exception of breakable weapons and armor and higher prices. Overall, it is still a highly playable and highly enjoyable game.


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  • Azma
    July 15, 2012
    Reply #1

    That’s gotta be the worst presentation video you could make… The reviewee didn’t understand much if anything about the game, and actually said there was nothing special about the classes whilst the vast array of classes and branching system is one of the most appreciated features of the game…

    Not properly reading any NPC dialog, and wondering why you’re stuck in the training camp, and over everything, making long 20-minute video of the game without showing us gameplay outside the novice training camp, or even mentioning game features like PVP, guild wars, equipment upgrading, monster cards…

    I’m amazed at how you managed to make such a length video but still be in such a hurry that you missed all of the essential stuff. Really, showing us gameplay with a Novice character who can only hit with a knife and not even show us gameplay with a class, which is entirely different and the actual excitement of the game… Congratulations on failing a lot on this review. More than I thought possible.

    It’s a bit disrespectful, and I apologise, but throughout the video, I’ve been thinking all along: “this guy has played his World of Warcraft for too long; he doesn’t know how to play another game.”

  • Kyutaki
    November 7, 2012
    Reply #2

    I agree. Review only scratches the surface of the game. Seems like words are compressed and put into sentences just to make the review seem long. Very poor execution IMHO

  • PoringKnight
    November 23, 2012
    Reply #3

    Good Game is a Good Game is a Good Game. Classics never die.

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