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Requiem Momento MoriRequiem Momento Mori

Requiem Momento Mori

Requiem Momento Mori

Every free to play MMO player wishes for relief from the cliché-ridden cartoon and anime inspired cute and innocent MMOs. Requiem Momento Mori, is a Free MMORPG with high quality 3D graphics, is a free to play game which is also free of all those clichés. But let us warn you, Requiem is a game not meant for the faint hearted.

Requiem is developed and published by a South Korean game development company named GRAVITY Co., Ltd. This is also the company responsible for brining titles such as Ragnarok and Ice Age Online. There are several different factors that set Requiem apart from other MMORPGS. The very first of these factors is a unique dark horror theme. In fact, this is the only MMORPG which self-proclaims itself in the horror genre. The game has a lot of violence and gore, and hence it is rated as ‘Mature’.


Like all horror games and movies, Requiem has an actual back-story which helps players understand why the monsters are there. The story of Requiem takes you back to an ancient time. There were eight original races that destroyed all the historic evidence. Later, only four of these races survived and each of them developed an animosity against each other. In the midst of that age old conflict, a new race was formed, a race which turned out to be more monstrous than others. These mutants have spread around every corner of the world, threatening the existence of the human race.

Classes and Races

There are four playable classes in Requiem. With each race comes a unique job.

Turan are like humans, at least they look like us. They have balanced attributes including strength, agility and intelligence. They can become Templars or Defenders. There is one major drawback and that is their low resistance against magic.

Bartuk is a physically strong race which lacks spiritual abilities. They are aggressive in nature and that sometimes can make them lose control. You can choose to be a Shaman or a warrior. They also have strong magic skills. They are strong enemies for Turans and Xenos, but can be very good allies of Kruxena.

They have immensely strong spiritual strength and they don’t lack physical strength either. They are extremely proficient in using long and short range weapons as well as magic. They are known to be dark natured and brutal. One important thing to know is that Kruxena don’t really cooperate with other races. You can choose to be a rouge or soul hunter.

They excel in mental strength and intelligence but fall short of physical strength. They have excellent long range attacks and knowledge-based magic. As a Xenoan, you can choose to become a Hunter or Battle Magician.


The game play of Requiem presents a very intelligent blend of MMORPG and horror-themed PC games. One thing that really attracts a gamer is that this game is nothing like conventional MMOs we are used to. Of course, the major purpose is to kill, kill and kill the monsters that attack you. So, you will be seeing a lot of blood and gore.

There is a skill system in the game. This is something that works like traditional MMORPGs. You earn points and use them to improve your skills. This is actually how character customization works in the game. Initially, each race has two classes. Each class further breaks down into two subclasses after reaching level 50.

Each player is also given five DNA slots. These DNAs are actually enhancements for the player’s skill. However, these skills require money. The game also offers a good variety of weapons, plus there is a weapon enhancement system. A beast possession system allows the player to change into a ferocious deadly beast.

There is also plenty of questing in the game. This means, it’s not all kill, kill and kill after all. An interesting thing about the quests is that many of them are chained together and these quests will earn you plenty of rewards if completed.

One notable point is that the game play encourages partying and teamwork. If you play in groups, you’ll be getting 10% more XP bonus.

All Important PVP

Requiem also offers a good PvP combat experience. It supports a team-based battlefield PvP. Currently the developers are working on a system that will allow up to 96 vs 96 team combats. Another interesting feature of the game’s combat system is Player kill. If you think you can just roam around killing people, you are dead wrong. While it is possible, but you’ll find yourself charged with a penalty later.

The Possession Beast System

This is one very unique and interesting feature of the game. Although it was removed from the game for a while, it appeared again a few months later. The Possession Beast system allows you to turn into a ferocious beast, adding a lot of deadly skills and abilities to your attributes. This is done by injuring the monster to a minimum of at least 90% of its total health, and then you will be able to use it as your possession beast. There is also a nightmare system, in which scary nightmare monsters appear in the game. They only appear for three hours during the night. Don’t think you are going to get Freddy Krueger here, but they are still pretty damn scary!

Graphics and Sounds

The quality of graphics and character details in the game is astonishing. From no where does it seem like a free to play MMOROG. The world of Requiem is very large and definitely very well made. The efforts of the graphics team are most eminent in blood and gore. When fighting an enemy, you will clearly be able to see limbs rolling and blood splashing all over.
Compared to these amazing graphics, the sound effects are really lacking. Although there are several different kinds of monsters, all of them sound almost the same. Sound effects used in combat are all pretty much the stock stuff, or at least they sound like it.

Pros and Cons
Great graphics
New genre and unconventional game play
A large game world
Variety of weapons and quests
96v96 PvP battle

Unimpressive storyline
Lackluster sound
More terror rather than horror

The Final Word

Unique in every sense, Requiem is a game meant for people who are fed up of playing the same thing again and again. It is recommended for every MMORPG enthusiast, as much as a new ice-cream flavor is recommended for a dessert lover. But once again, let us warn you, the game is seriously not for the faint hearted.

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  • Ace
    July 19, 2011
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    Loved the skill overview you gave in the video review and the written review, because that’s what I really like to know before I download, install, and play the game. LOL @ 12:21, that was crazy! Overall, very detailed and fun review, loved it!

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