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Rohan Online

Rohan Online, Published by YNK Interactive, a Korean gaming company, is a completely free to play MMORPG and that is its biggest USP. One of the most polished games of our times, it is amazing how well a completely free game can be run and managed. Rohan Online is one of the many FTP MMOs in the market today and yet, there are so many things about this game that set it apart. This is largely a Player vs. Player conflict game and even has a PvP race known as Dhan.

First Impressions

Rohan Online is an interesting game. However, to reach the real interesting part, you have to go through somewhat tedious steps. There are seven races in all that you can choose from – Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Dhan, Dekan, Giant and Dark Elf. When creating your character, you can choose from amongst any of these. Each of the races also has a preset class. Once you have chosen your character, you can proceed to the customization.

As compared to the other MMORPGs, the character customization in Rohan is a little disappointing. Since this a 3D game, there is a lot of scope for customization. Unfortunately, Rohan Online does not offer a lot of choices. There are no height and body proportion options, so the fun of customization is negligible.

Once you are finished with your character, Rohan offers you a tutorial. Though you can skip the tutorial, it is best to play it and learn everything there is to learn in the game. The tutorial is of about 15 minutes in duration and the tutorial map is rather large, so prepare to spend a fair amount of time there. The graphics of the game are great and the musical score is average.

Your Character Choices

Each of the races offered in Rohan Online has an associated class. These are non-changeable. Here is a list of races you can choose from:

  • Human – The human race is the toughest and specializes in combat. The race is by default of the Knight class.
  • Elf – Elves are by default healers and therefore a support race. They can revive and heal their allies. They are also magical beings and have some offensive spells, but they are almost useless in combat situations.
  • Half Elf – A half elf can heal damage from a far range. Have elves are archers by class and can handle both bows and crossbows. They can inflict heavy damage with the choice of archery equipment and since they can fight from a distance, they are excellent to play with. Half Elves are excellent to play with when going solo.
  • Dhan – Dhan is an assassin race, which is especially useful in Player vs. Player scenarios. Dhan characters cannot complete quests, but they can attack any other players at their will. They can defeat other players’ characters and gain experience from it.
  • Dekan – This dragon fighting race can cat offensive spells and has the ability to drain the health points of opponents very rapidly. They can transform their opponents into dragons after they are through with them.
  • Dark Elf – A dark elf is a powerful mage who can cast very powerful spells. They have many powerful curses and can also heal and revive allies.
  • Giant – Giants specialize in melee combat. They wield blades in both hands and have multiple attacks in a single blow.

The Gameplay Experience

Rohan Online has a very interesting PvP feature. The presence of the special race, Dhan, can help the game take an interesting turn. Rohan online has both skills and stats, both of which you have to be mindful of. For each race, the skill tree is very extensive and therefore, a lot of gameplay is associated with the improvement of skills. You can reset your skills with a premium item. However, this can be done only once. So if you want to reset your skills, first experiment with them as much as you can before resetting them.

The game offers a lot of quests and travels. The first few quests are not very rewarding, but they are necessary in order to gain access to the higher levels. This is also the time when you can speedily work on building your skills, which will come handy when you move further along.

Each race has a different starting city, so in your initial quests, you will not come across any other races. Fortunately, the game world in Rohan is very large and therefore, there are a lot of places to travel to and a lot of new quests to go on. There is a problem though; there are times when you do not have many quests available. Even though you will see a notifier for all available quests, there are chances that you may have to repeat quests which you have already performed in order to get skill points and be able to qualify for newer quests.

Apart from the quests, there are guild wars and player killing as well. Since this is a PvP game, you can attack other players and you will be attacked by them as well. If you kill a player, you automatically come into the player hit list and there will be bounty hunters looking for you. However, if you are a Dhan, you remain anonymous and also get a lot of points and experience for killing other players.

Guilds can fight with each other for control over towns. There is also a pet system in which you can keep a pet. The pet system in Rohan is nothing extraordinary. There are several in game minigames that you can play, though most of them are card games.

The Final Word

Rohan is a great game for many reasons. While the quest systems could do with some improvements, the PvP game theme is what makes it up. The graphics of the game are fantastic and this is a serious play for free game that all MMORPG enthusiasts would enjoy. Unlike other MMOs, Rohan Online has everything for free, which makes it a much visited and enjoyed game.


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