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Runes Of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free to play 3D MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment and published by Frogster Interactive. Released on March 19, 2009, the game is now in its third chapter. It’s second chapter, Chapter II – The Elven Prophecy was launched on 15 September 2009 and introduced a second race, Elves, to the game. ROM’s most recent expansion, The Elder Kingdoms, which is the third chapter of the game, released to the public on August 11, 2010. The game has always been free to play, but the game is supported through a virtual currency cash shop.

Looking at the Obvious

To look at Runes of Magic from an MMORPG perspective, it is all but impossible not to draw comparisons with World of Warcraft. There are many who refer to the game as somewhat of a clone of the title, but there are certainly differences that make the game appealing (besides the fact that it is free of play), and many consider these differences as a boon, and feel they make the game superior. For example, it is possible to gain proficiency in all of the game’s different crafting abilities, whereas WoW allows only two professions outside of the basic cooking, fishing, and first aid, even though at higher levels one does need to narrow their choices.

Another big difference with Runes of Magic is the ability to combine classes. While there are only two races in the game, humans and elves, there are a total of eight classes on offer. Where this game really differs from other MMORPGs is that players can combine two different classes into one toon, allowing them to create one of twenty eight different options.

Character Creation

The eight classes in the game each have various abilities, and the race of a character will determine which options are playable. There are six choices per race, as elves cannot choose to be a Knight or Priest, while humans cannot select to be a Warden or Druid.

Warriors are the arms masters of the game. They can use all melee weapons as well as all armor types, with the exception of plate. They are very high damage dealers and can use a variety of attacks to help evoke fear in their opponents, making them equally suited as tanks..

Knights are the most armored of all of the classes in the game and are the only toons that can wear plate armor. They are incredibly effective as DPS dealers and have shield abilities that make them well suited as main tanks.

The Scout is a ranged DPS dealer that uses a bow and arrow to fight. They can evade and delay in close combat until a tank can help them get back into range, while their heavy ranged attacks often make solo melee combat unnecessary.

Rogues are the game’s stealth option. They can poison and bleed the enemy and can make use of ranged weapons, and their speed and agility makes them an excellent addition to any party.

Druids are able to perform spells that can make them incredibly effective as damage dealers or as healers. They build Nature’s Power over the course of combat, and when released, it makes their spells incredibly effective.

Priests are the biggest healers in the game. With the ability to resurrect, add stats and HP, and even defend their comrades, the priest is incredibly crucial to a good party composition. They can use shields and even deal damage, but their primary role is certainly as healer.

Mages are spell damage dealers. They can help subdue enemies and can increase the strength or defense of the entire party. They can also cast AoE, or area of effect, damage, lowering the health of many enemies at once.

The last class is the Warden. This class is able to wear chain armor and use the most weapons in the game. They also have a variety of caster abilities. The warden is also able to summon in-combat companions that can off tank enemies to make combat easier.


Gameplay in Runes of Magic is fairly straightforward. The leveling system is similar to other MMORPG offerings and can be done solo or with friends. There are both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) options, and many players find that they level fastest with the help of a good guild. Guilds are also able to own property that can boost their collective stats or give other benefits, and can participate in siege combat. As of July 2010, there is also an in-game marriage feature that allows two players to commit to one another in exchange for in-game bonuses.

There are dungeons in the game that vary in level requirement, size, and difficulty. There are six player instances as well as 12 player raids to choose from. There are also large PvP dungeons that offer an open world design. Under Varanas, the game’s main city, players will also find a large 120 player dungeon. There are enough dungeon options to ensure that everyone can play, regardless of level or of guild affiliation, which makes the game as playable for those who enjoy it in their free time as those who constantly grind and consider themselves hardcore raiders.

Rune of Magic has a crafting and item creation system that is quite simply amazing! Use of the item crafting system exists to allow players to take common items combine them with other items to create very powerful creations. These items can have a multitude of bonuses added to them, and through the plus system even hidden statistics and attributes can be unlocked for even more POWER!


Being Free To Play makes ROM that much better, living in the FTP MMO realm the game offers both free and paying players tons of content, and regular updates to that content. While Runes of Magic looks and feels a lot like WoW, it is certainly something different. There are some great elements to this game, both visually and in gameplay, and while it is a free to play game, it feels and acts much like one of the top games in the genre. For players looking to experience the best of the MMORPG world without committing a monthly fee, Runes of Magic is certainly a great way to do so.

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  • romsux
    April 4, 2011
    Reply #1

    I have 2 characters on the Palenque server of RoM, 1 at max level, and another near max level…after playing this game a few months, I have to realize like many of those who left this game…Just how much problems this game have…At first glance, this game might look like a decent F2P game…but most of these writers that wrote these reviews never really stayed on the game long enough to give you an accurate feel of the game…RoM for one, has many bugs & glitches…also, many players reported being hacked, or paid for diamonds that they never received…They never bother to address the bugs & glitches issue, as they continue to add on contents in hopes that it’ll keep the paying players on, and many players still talked about getting their account hacked on the world chat…diamonds purchased and never received would take forever to resolve…basically no customer service to paying players…the GMs only come on the server to chit chat…but when a player ask about fixes or raise issues about the game…the GMs tuck tail & sign off as soon as possible…I have gotten my forum account banned for stating the truth…Letting newcomers know that their Palenque server has a lot of players that take advantage of new players, and are very selfish & greedy…I was banned because a paying player who trolled my posts complained to the GMs…and I was the one banned for trolling & forum abuse when i simply tried to warn new players of the problems on that server…and the GMs have been trying to get new players to join that failing server…where many players have grown tired of Frogster’s shady business ethics, and the self serving players on Palenque, and have either quit playing or moved on to another server. If you want to try RoM still, I would highly recommend that you enjoy it as a F2P and not pay for this piece of crap they call MMO, because you’ll most likely be playing by yourself on Palenque…People will only help you when you have diamonds or something they want from you…save yourself time & money…avoid the game or the Palenque server like a plague!!!

  • romsux
    April 4, 2011
    Reply #2

    Don’t play this game, Frogster will just take your money & run…many people already leaving because of lack fixes on bugs & glitches…players getting ripped off…buying diamonds and not receiving them…only gets worst the longer you play

  • Mamnoonyblows
    April 6, 2011
    Reply #3

    Totally agree that this game is not worth playing at all…1st, people that plays the game said that you can reach endgame quick…which is technically true…but they did not mention how many hours u have to play a day to get there…while the quests r not terribly time consuming, but that’s not where the problem lies…the reason y u would have to play 8 to 10 hrs a day is because the server is soo laggy…you feel the lag every few secs of playing…it takes 5 mins just to log into the game, 2 mins to load when u switch zones, and if u plan on participating in siege war (RoM’s version of GvG), then be prepared to get dc’d a lot…and i mean somedays, u will dc 8+ times during siege war…now siege war last only 1 hr, so think about dc so many times and 5 mins to log back in each time…u basically r not playing…and if u r the unlucky people who plays Palenque server, u will leave sooner than u can finish downloading the game…they advertise Palenque server as a west coast/mexico server…but there are barely any english speaking players…most of em are spanish player with broken english…and the cash shop is in spanish, without an option for english…and the quality of the players on that server is terrible…not enough people spend money on the Palenque server…most of em playing f2p and knows that they need diamonds, so what they do is prey on unsuspecting newcomers…tons of trading scams, people that’s just nice to u to get u to sell em diamonds u purchased…u won’t get any assistance in game, unless u r the few that buys diamonds…and joining a guild on that server is like joining a gang…they will say that they’re helpful & want to help u reach endgame…but really, they’re just using u to get what they want…they invite people who buys diamonds…take em on instances, but then use master loot to control who gets what…of course they keep the best stuff for themselves & their friends first…so if u’re f2p, u’re pretty much last in line unless u are the self serving types that takes advantage of others..and talk about GM abuse, u can be banned for complaining about the game, and game bugs & glitches…they don’t seem to want to address anything broken about the game…the new chapter 4 is just a ploy to sucker newcomers, pretending that the game is doing well & growing…the fact is, Palenque server just took down another server because too many people left…and when u reach lvl 55, there’s an area where u can farm for high lvl gear, but everyone’s there…so trying to move around in that area is like trying to win a lottery…and there’s only enough room for a raid party of 36…and each event comes around 1 to 2 hrs, but don’t try crashing the party…or u might not likely to get invited in the future runs…and those events bugs often…so it’s not even up for long before it breaks…and unless u have a whole day to blow, good luck trying to get into the raid group, half of them never leave for the whole day…and with more people reaching lvl 55, it becomes even harder to get geared up…unless u can spend tons of money on the game…and the monsters are pretty much the same in all areas, just with different names…so it gets boring quick…and with just bosses in instances that u can’t do unless u have money to spend on the gear…and r willing to deal with self serving players…so all in all, its a big waste of time, imo. Oh, and considering when RoM 1st came out, they report to have over 5 million users…now only 700k+, it’s just an indication of how bad the game is…that they can drop player base this quickly.

  • Mamnoony
    April 7, 2011
    Reply #4

    So what that I bought some game cards?? Five $20 dollar game cards still less than what other subscription MMOs charge, so technically I’m considered F2P!! I can just stand there and press the same buttons, and the boss dies XD

    That’s the way I look at it. =]

  • Nathan
    April 27, 2011
    Reply #5

    I was wondering is this a good game becuz i was thinkinh about downloading this and playing?

    • Limpy
      April 27, 2011
      Reply #6


      I personally enjoyed the game and still do. I don’t have a ton of time to play, but I still think the game is fun and enjoyable.

  • Ila
    June 3, 2012
    Reply #7

    I have played many MMORPG games – Lotro (the best one), Eve Online, Rift, Aion, SWTOR, etc., etc.

    In many of these I reached the endgame. I almost did that in Runes of Magic as well. That said, runes of magic is the worst game I have ever played.

    I will not going to explain why. Some lads have already done that.above. I just want to tell you that servers are pretty empty and the game is technically dead. Also, ROM is the most expensive ‘F2P’ game to play. It is true you can play without giving money, that is, you can quest and mostly grind. To do pvp or near end game instances you need to pay. To pay a lot I mean.

    Do not play this game. It is awful. I almost beg you not too. For I am a good person 🙂

    Good luck and have fun!

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