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S4 League

Remember Virtual Cop, one of the oldest first person shooting games that revolutionized the way shooting games were regarded? S4 League is a Korean third person shooting game in the same league. Shooting games are extremely popular with gamers and perhaps that is the reason almost all game publishers have come out with their very own FPS shooting game.

Most FPSMMO games are extremely similar to each other, but S4 League has added quite the twist. S4 League is a science fiction (Sci-Fi) shooting game with a storyline which is very different and very interesting.

First Look

S4 League is a third-person shooter released by Alaplaya. The first look reveals heavy influences from other fast paced MMOs. The character is a melee archetype, but what it interesting is that the character can wield both guns and swords. So apart from shooting, your character also indulges in a little fast paced sword action every now and then. Kill Bill anyone?

There are several matches with each of the opponents and each of these matches has a break in the middle. Here’s where the childish part comes in. The half time, which is usually very random, shows you a few robots dancing in the field. This is where the game is catering to its younger crowd, and appeasing parents who normally are against FPS games. Though the game play is rather polished, there are certain portions of the game, where the developers throw in their Saturday morning cartoon influences.

The graphics are good, regular anime, but nothing out of the ordinary. The game features an original score which is good, but not great.

Game Play

There are not many choices in the game when it comes to the game modes. However, the few game modes that are there; are very different from each other and therefore add a lot of variety to the game. There are five game modes in all – Touchdown, Death-Match, Arcade, Chaser and Battle Royal. There are nice variations in each of these game modes, which is the focal point of the game play. Here’s what each mode has to offer:

Touchdown: The touchdown mode offers two goals on each side of what seems to be a football field. You have to grab the ball and score a touchdown in your opponents’ goal area. As soon as you hold the ball, or ‘fumbi’ as it is called, your health points begin to decrease. Get in the end zone before you are dead is the name of the game! There are a total of 7 maps in this mode.

Death-Match: This mode offers six maps. The death-match, as its name suggests is a combat game where there are two teams, with not more than 6 people on each team. The players fight amongst themselves trying to win the number of points which are already preset. If the time runs out, the team with the most points wins.

Chaser: A randomly chosen player becomes the chaser in this mode. Here, once the chaser is designated, the player has to attack the opponents and survive till timeout. If the chaser is weaker than the opponents, it is best to defend, but if the chaser is also very strong, dominating the others is the order of the day. The chaser has attack and defense bonuses, but has a limitation in vision. The chaser can only see red and black. This allows the survivors to run away.

All the players who are not chosen as chasers have to survive the chaser in the given time frame. The survivors can also attack the chaser and kill it. For each attack on the chaser, the survivors receive 2 bonus points each. The chaser always sees the player who is number one, so the highest ranking player remains the target. When the highest ranking player is finished off by the chaser, the next one becomes the target. There are 4 maps in all.

Arcade: This is the main storyline mode where players can play the actual storyline of S4 League. In the main storyline, you can play solo, or also decide to play in multiplayer setting. The teams consist of a maximum of 4 players. The opponents are computer operated and there are 8 different stages in which the teams have to obliterate the opponents. There are three levels of difficulty from which you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

Each of the 8 stages has a different goal and a separate boss which needs to be defeated. At the end of each level, the story line animation is run and the story progresses in this manner. The players receive coins after completing each stage. These can be used to buy extra lives. If your player lives run out during your arcade game, you have to buy more lives in order to continue.

Battle Royal: This last mode consists of a death match which is free for all. There are several players in the arena and each one fends only for themselves. Here there are no teams and no coordinated efforts. At any given time, there are 12 players in the arena. These fights can become very exciting. Unfortunately, this mode has only two maps.

An interesting feature of the game is that the items which are bought with the coins and points, last only for a few hours in the game. Even if you take a break from the game, the items will only disappear after a particular designated game play. Another interesting thing is that every time you purchase a new weapon, you have to complete a license test. This is something you will not find in any other game.

However, these license tests have a downside as well. They are almost always unnecessarily dragged out. The game can certainly do without them, but the licensing tests help you learn how to use the guns before you use them in full combat, and therefore, are useful in their own sense.

The problem with this game, as in many other MMOs is that there is nothing great to purchase from the shop in the game. There are costumes, but not a lot of skills and guns.

Final Verdict

S4 League is a unique game, that has a different look and feel than what you are going to be accustomed to from the 3rd Person Shooter genre. The music enhances the gameplay experience and keeps the pace fast and furious. If you are looking for an original third person shooting game, this game is definitely for you. The game is fast paced and the arcade version is definitely worth giving a shot.


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