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Scarlet BladeScarlet Blade
Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade shot onto the Free MMORPG scene with a bang not that long ago, and really caught the eye, and attention of gamers with what I lightly refer to a Mature content. If a player were to look at the in your face sexual nature of that game and limit their view point, they would be making a major mistake. Scarlet Blade comes with a very deep story line and what can only be described as gorgeous landscapes and overall visuals.

Let’s not forget about the gameplay as well, while I would have really liked to see the game give a better variety in the types of quests the player sees, the game gives the players some diverse choices when it comes to character classes, even if they are all limited to only females. Additionally, the PvP plays out on a massive scale, and even intertwines PvE with the PvP in some areas. Then throw in the Mech Suit transformation that a player gains at level 17, and you have a game that gives players quite a bit of depth even if the premise seems shallow on the surface.

Check out my full video gameplay review below and see if Scarlet Blade has what you are looking for…

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