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Scarlet Legacy

Finally, it is good to see something fresh coming from the Asian market. Most of the Asian Free MMOs we saw during the past few months merge something new with the typical RPG format. One formula which is probably working the best is adding action game elements in the gameplay. While we are pretty sure that the market is soon going to be saturated with such games, only the first ones are going to enjoy a real and loyal player-base.

Scarlet Legacy is among such games. It is a fantasy based 3D game brought to us by GameCampus. The company needs no introduction in the North American Market as it is known for its sport games and other MMOs including Tank Ace and Drift City. Scarlet Legacy is heavily based on martial arts action and its excellent graphics offer a great feel of exotic ancient Chinese World. The game offers a plethora of features and in-game systems to enjoy. Let’s find out the details.


The game follows a fairy tale inspired story. It is a story about a Princess who is waiting for a knight to save her from the clutches of evil. This princess, Princess Scarlet is the daughter of Chao, the emperor and Yana, the goddess who was the keeper of Celestial mirror. Yana, after falling in love at first sight of Chao, comes down from heaven, breaking the balance between, Yin and Yan, the demon world and the heavenly realm. She returns after giving birth to Scarlet, but the damage is done and the balance is disturbed.

Character Options and Classes

Scarlet Legacy currently offers four playable classes. While some of them are quite generic, some do manage to stand out. Here are the four classes you get to play in scarlet Legacy.

Warrior – With most hit points and great defense, this is the tank class. You will find them equipped with deadly weapons and heavy armor.
Assassin – Assassin is extremely fast and agile stealth class. Using a sword, their attacks are swift and lethal. Their weapons use the power from natural elements such as fire, thunder and water
Monk – Monk is a unique class which uses spells as well as acupuncture, anatomy and meditation to get their job done. They can equally support their allies and take down their foes.
Mystics – Mystics use magic to defend their allies and themselves. Yet, they are also great long range attackers. With a little smaller defense bar, mystics make use of flutes lutes and other musical instruments.


Other than the hard-packed martial art style action, and a few new tweaks and twists here and there, the gameplay of Scarlet Legacy is not much different than other MMORPGs. The player starts from the class and character selection, the customization is very limited but it is enough to give your character a bit personalized edge. Once you are done with the makeover part, you will start off from a small village.

Getting Started with a Quest

In the village, there are many friendly NPCs to show you how to earn some money and points. Two of them will actually meet you when you start the game. They will assign you your very first quest. Now the funny thing about the quests is that they are badly translated. It is hard to say whether it’s bad English or if it really is English at all.

However, the quests are easy and you won’t find it difficult to navigate through. Actually, it is because of the confusion created by translations that actually make the quest feel a bit challenging. Otherwise, it is just monster slaying and typical MMO stuff.

One thing that gives the game a fresh look is the incorporation of story within the quest and gameplay. From time to time, players can see a magical mirror flashing on the corner of their screen. It is also accompanied by poorly-translated story. The good thing is, it is something unique and keeps the story running along without having to wait for lengthy cut scenes.

Unique Features

Other than these things, there are features that really make us like the game. The game’s botting system is among those features. It includes an auto-assist system which will make grinding and questing feel like a child’s play. It is so good that hardcore players are going to have some serious problems with it.

Other likable features include a unique variety of pets, weapons and skill sets. Scarlet legacy allows you to ride mounts and keep pets that you can not find any where else, a zombie mount and crying puppet for instance. Players can also create their own pets by combining different pets. Pets have their own skill tree and serve as a great partner.

Talking about partners, the game includes a matching system that allows players bond with other players. This match could be romantic, scholarly or family oriented. The game also features a crafting system where you can craft yourself a unique item. There are ten professions to choose from. The more you level up in your profession, the better items you can craft.


One thing we really loved about the games combat system is the animation. Each class has its own fighting style based on Chinese martial arts. You can use different skills during a combat. Players are rewarded for consecutive kills within a certain time. The PvP requires players to have good combat experience and skills before they can enter the arena. That is why it starts at level 20. There are several generic PvP modes and different instanced dungeons. There is also a PK zone called Bloody Village.

Another thing you might notice is a sworn tab. If someone kills you in the game, he/she becomes your sworn enemy and gets added in the enemy tab. You can easily track your enemy down and take your revenge – and we really think this is interesting.

Graphics, Sounds, and Controls

The game’s controls are based on the simple WASD and point and click to attack mechanism. It offers flexibility to choose your preferred controls according to your own comfort and convenience.

As for the graphics, the game really offers amazing visuals. It may not be the most cutting edge game, but it defiantly offers environment that can get you more involved in the game and the character. Combat animation is really great. What surprises us most is that they actually worked on a unique style for each class and a unique animation for every move.

The game definitely deserves praise in the sound department. While combat is really exciting on its own, the sounds play a great role in making in more engaging and real. This is one of those few FTPs in which a player can actually tell the difference between playing with the sound and without it.

Pros and Cons

+Interesting classes to start with
+Multiple crafting professions
+Unique pets and mounts
+Matchmaking system
+Mini games

-Botting system
-Bad translation

The Final Word

Scarlet Legacy is among the games which manage to entertain and engage without bringing any new features. Rather, they just throw in some innovation and creativity into the existing ones. Scarlet Legacy does this job wonderfully. With that said, we recommend the game to any gamer who would like to try an extremely fun-filled and exciting free-to-play for a change.

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