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Sevencore, a free MMORPG from gPotato, mixes sci-fi and fantasy, and does so with a bit of flair! Players will find themselves thrust into a warring world where he, or she, who controls the most mounts wins. Well not exactly, but it sure does sound good.

Mounts are a core function of Sevencore. In this world not only do Mounts serve as a means to travel much more quickly from place to place, but they also serve the player as a loyal pet, when kept fed, or they can meld with a player to create something quite powerful. I am getting a bit ahead of myself though.

Character customization is always a good place to start, and Sevencore does an excellent job here. Players can choose from one of three classe, with no gender lock. From there a nice amount of customization is available and gives the players a nice opportunity to create a unique character.

Once in the game world, a player is dropped onto recruit island, once there, the questing and slaying will begin. This area is small, but is meant to teach the player the basics while providing them with a nice bit of starter equipment, and gear. Mostly gear suited to their class, and some Burgers and Cola! Yup, Burgers and Cola. Since the game, at this time, does not have a healer class, players will be on their own for a while to keep their health and mana up with the games auto-potion system. This is becoming a more and more popular function, and allows players to set items that will heal them or recharge their mana at a selected amount of health or mana. Once that threshold is reached a player will automatically ingest either a burger, for health, or cola, for mana.

Once off recruit island, the real fun begins. The first bit of business will be to get a flight tour of the main city. You will learn where to locate class trainers, crafting trainers, auction houses, and much more. You will then quickly head out into the country side on many more quests. Once your character finally reaches level 10, you will get your first mount, in the form of an egg. The first thing you will need to do is hatch your egg. Once you have hatched your egg you will summon your new mount. Don’t think you will be able to jump on its back right away though. It is just a baby after all. So you will need to take it out and have it hunt by your side for a bit. Letting it grow and gain some levels first. Once it reaches level 10 it will be strong enough for your big butt to climb on for a ride.

Combat from the mounted position can be tricky, as your characters personal skills are not available when mounted, only the mounts skills. So early on, your mount will serve more as just a mount and less as a mounted combat vehicle. Though as it fights by your side you will find that it will gain more and more skills and become more useful. Mounts come in all shapes and sizes and serve different purposes. Some will ride faster, some will play the roll of tank or healer. In the end many mounts will take up space in your backpack and be called upon to serve differing purposes.

PvP and guild wars become a major portion of the game at the higher levels. With deathmatch and capture the flag style battlegrounds available for 20v20 combat. Small arenas are also available for players who are looking for smaller scale battles against their fellow players. From the guild standpoint, the game really takes shape later when the political system comes into play, with players being able to rule separate areas of the world and set taxes and other controls over the lands they have been voted to rule.

For those players looking for more group PvE action, there are plenty of instance dungeons to whet their appetite. With boss monsters who can reward a player wil everything from the finest weapons and armor to even a brand new egg for a player to raise into a powerful mount that is ready to carry the player across land, sea or through the air.

Overall, Sevencore has been a breath of fresh air in what has seemed to be a steady stream of mediocre games to hit the market lately. While it does have room for improvement, the games boasts a very solid base from which players can expect to see built upon. Many players have already expressed the desire for a healer class, but we shall see what the future brings for the game. A future that looks very bright for an already well put together free to play title.

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  • Nanbo Pally
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #1

    No rouge like class in game either, despite the rouge chick on a speed bike as the advertising LOL

  • TheMMODen
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #2

    I thank you for joining us then and still being around. I hope you have enjoyed watching all the videos. I promise to keep them coming. =)

  • TheMMODen
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #3

    What games do you actually like?

  • Paintguild Miniatures
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #4

    poor Jelena, what she gone through… 🙂

  • LennertMetz
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #5

    I usually NEVER say this since I’m not a WoW Fanboy, but if you look at the layout of the game, they have 90% the same layout as wow.. I’m sorry but you can just clearly see they wanted to be WoW nr2.

  • Andrew Martin
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #6

    Good gameplay.

  • Laryen15
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #7

    Whats the lvl cap in this game?

  • ciink2
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #8

    so you can make selnderman in this game?

  • wwwKORDAwww
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #9

    44 min, wooohoooo, let me grap a beers and snacks…
    thanks , I love your videos…

  • Michael Leone
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #10

    There is an assassin class that is in development. There were a lot of issues with it so they didn’t release it yet. It will be coming though.

  • Michael Leone
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #11

    In the OBT the cap is at 80. Once the game is closer to being finished, it will be raised to 200

  • Dokuro HXS
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #12

    louder pls ?

  • Matija
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #13

    Great review, I can’t wait to try this game in Europe!

  • pjnorthbay
    September 14, 2012
    Reply #14

    Limpy Just an fyi I tried going to the forums but was blocked by google indicating that malware activity had been found on the forum site just an fyi.

  • TtkHmoob Lee
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #15

    Can u guys give free beta keys?

  • TheMMODen
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #16

    Free beta keys? Sevencore is no longer in Beta. It is fully launched, anyone can play it.

  • TheMMODen
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #17

    Hope you enjoyed the beer and snacks. Thanks for watching, glad to hear you love the vids.

  • TtkHmoob Lee
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #18

    lol ty

  • noah ibrahim
    September 15, 2012
    Reply #19

    its open beta test so there are still going to be changes

  • Paul
    September 16, 2012
    Reply #20

    Limpy I’m getting a warning when I try to access the forums from google. This is the first time this has happened since I joined the forums. Have you checked it out? I’m unwilling to access them at the moment.

  • Soare David
    September 19, 2012
    Reply #21

    this game looks bad and has a lot of lags

  • Dribin
    October 6, 2012
    Reply #22

    Just started watching your vids, great voice and detailed. Two thumbs up bro.

  • TheMMODen
    October 8, 2012
    Reply #23

    Thanks, glad you like them.

  • Saexism
    October 10, 2012
    Reply #24

    The game is a grinder, nothing more, nothing less. I was 24lvl and I still was unable to participate in PvP events. In WoW you can join battlegrounds after 10lvl. This game just looks good, that’s all about it.

  • s1p2i3d4e5r6m7a8n9
    November 21, 2012
    Reply #25

    is it available for the mac?

  • gaminginpublic
    January 31, 2013
    Reply #26


  • ReddSouljah
    March 13, 2013
    Reply #27

    2:59 Now those are some childbearing hips!~

  • *Skrillex*
    February 11, 2014
    Reply #28

    I can give rare mounts please, I’m a lvl 32 and I have only mounts that everyone knows. good there I leave my message.

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