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Over the past decade, we have seen the free to play MMO hype rising by the day. We also witnessed a time when there were hundreds of MMOs which seemed like clones of each other. Before that clone league could destroy MMOs forever, the developers realized the danger. Suddenly there was a huge wave of free MMORPGs trying hard to be unique. Unfortunately most of them failed terribly.

Shaiya is one exception in this game. Without trying too hard, and without being too different, Shaiya is a game that manages to captivate gamers for hours and hours. Shaiya is developed by Aeria Games, a company we know best for bringing us wonderful free to plays such as Wolf Team and Dynasty Warriors. So, once again Shaiya is free and it is an RPG. So, why is it that it still is one of the most intriguing MMORPGs around? Let’s find out.


Shaiya has one of the most detailed storylines we have ever come across in an MMO. However, that doesn’t change the fact that most of the story elements are borrowed form here, there and everywhere. So, it’s not original, but it is interesting nonetheless.

A detailed version of the story can be found on the game’s official site. Here we will only give you a summary of what Shaiya is all about. Shaiya is a beautiful land created by a goddess. The goddess further created other races and one of them starts a rebellion. Shaiya is torn apart by the war, and as the consequence of war, the goddess is killed and her soul is also torn in two; the good one and the bad one.

As the two goddesses rose to life, humans and elves formed alliance with the goddess of light while Vail and Nordiens formed the Union of Fury under the goddess of darkness.

Character Creation

Although there is nothing so unusual in the sense of classes and races in Shaiya, the variety is worth praise. The very first choice you get is to choose a faction, Union of Fury or Alliance of Light. Each faction has two races. Furthermore, you can change the gender and a few physical attributes of your character.

    Humans– Humans belong to the Alliance of Light. Humans have good spiritual and physical strength and abilities. They can further choose between three classes; defenders, fighters and priests.
    Elves– Elves are smart and fight with strategy. They are allies to humans. An elf can be an archer, mage or a ranger.
    Vails– Vails share the same ancestry as Elves, but they are on the darker side. Vails are swift and cunning. Like Elves, Vails are also very smart. A Vail can be an assassin, oracle or a pagan.
    Nordiens– This was the race cast back into the soil by the goddess. Now they have emerged again to form alliance with the cunning Vails. Nordiens are brutal and aggressive. They can be guardians, hunters and warriors.

Difficulty Levels

Now this is something that we have hardly seem in any other MMO so far. Shaiya allows you to choose a difficulty level, and the gameplay greatly changes accordingly. Difficulty levels, therefore offer a very dynamic edge to the game. There are four difficulty modes in the games.

Easy Mode– Understandably, it is the easiest mode, best for those who have little or no experience playing MMOs. This level allows more experience but little skills. Of course, there are some restriction, but at least you wont find your self being killed again and again.

Normal Mode– Normal mode is the standard mode. It requires moderate gaming experience. Every player must reach level forty before they can play in the hard mode.

Hard Mode– Two major differences between normal mode and hard mode is progression pace and access to upgrades. In hard mode, you will get access to more spells and weapons, but you will experience a slow progression.

Ultimate mode– Don’t even ask about it! This is the mode for serious hardcore gamers and there is one main reason behind that, Perma-Death. If you are wondering what that is, this mode is strictly not for you, and if you already know, you might want to give it a try. Don’t be surprised after finding your character permanently deleted after death.


While difficulty modes play an important role in making the gameplay unique and captivating, there is hardly anything else that can be termed as unique. The game has the same questing mode, with the same old typical quests. But hey, who gets tired of a classic RPG gameplay?

There are a lot of NPCs around. Another apparent difference is that most NPCs, female ones, are more scantily clad than in other MMOs. Probably, that’s the reason Shaiya claims to be an ‘Adult’ MMO. That didn’t change the fact that gameplay is quite the ‘formula type’.

Though typical of the genre again, PvP in Shaiya does manage to captivate the gamer. You can PvP from the very starting levels of the game. You can team up with number of other players to start a Drak vs. Light battles. PvP battles are extremely dynamic and that’s why a PvP lover hardly gets bored of the otherwise typical gameplay.

So far, there are three PvP arenas in the game. The first is for level 15, second for level 30 and third for the high-levels around 60. One thing, we really appreciate about the gameplay is the fact that it makes PvP essential for leveling up. Many a times, a PvP will turn into a PvPvE. Another unique thing is the ‘Blessing of Godess, ‘which is showered upon the whole faction for killing enemies and destroying relics during a PvP.

Finally, what makes us love Shaiya is the ultimate mode. Try it and you will realize the how exciting the prospect of dying can be in the MMO world.

Graphics and SoundsGraphics and Sound

Shaiya was released somewhere around 2007, and at that time the graphics were jaw dropping. Even today, they can be ranked as ‘real good’ if not mesmerizing. Although there is a lack of customization, the characters are all well-defined and well-designed. A good amount of detail is apparent in the environment as well as the monsters in the game.
Thankfully, there is a very thoughtful usage of sounds and effects in the game. The music and effects are not annoying at all. Rather, they are quite complimentary to the overall gaming experience. The music changes along the environment, and many a times you would only be hearing background sounds instead of music.

The Final Word

Shaiya is one of those few f2ps which despite a typical MMORPG gameplay manages to get better reviews than many of the so-called unique p2ps. It is a must-play for all MMO enthusiasts around, especially if you are the one always complaining about lack of challenges and low difficulty levels in free to play MMORPGS.

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