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Silkroad Online

Silkroad is the 3D Fantasy game anyone must play! MMO has once again come forward with a game, filled with the most innovative and amazing graphic effects. Newbie’s may find this game a little confusing without tutorials but once they grasp the skills needed in the game, it is highly addictive.

There are 13 different classes, from two major races to select from once you register online. The main races in this game are Asian and European. You have to trade and make profits while you protect yourself from thieves and other dangers. There is a lot of killing involved like any other action packed game.

The graphics are really interesting. Players get to select a weapon and armor to customize the chosen character. Then you get to choose the mastery according to the skills, spell and abilities of the race. The PvP/Professional system makes this choice from several different forms of players a unique experience unlike other online games.

The Story

It is about what has happened a thousand years ago in ancient times when the trade route known as the Silk Road existed. The true story of the Silk Road is that it was known by this name not because it was used to transport silk. In fact it was the route for trading food, gems, knowledge and even disease between Asia and Europe. According to more historians, civilizations like India, Persia, China, Rome and Egypt advanced in development because of the Silk Road.

MMO has used this reality to lay the foundation of the game’s storyline. This definitely makes things exciting! However, the translations in the game need some improvement to help understand the quests and instructions better.

The player encounters doppelgangers that roam the world and become a problem for you throughout the game. There are a lot of weapon options to help you in facing these challenges and you can improve your skills and armor by customizing them.

The Wealth

The attraction in the game is the wealth players can get. As you progress in the game you can select the mastery class. These classes have skills which are pre-determined according to the races (Asian and European) and weapon choices available. Similarly, the melee tiers available in the European race are different from that available in the Asian race.

In the European race, the melee tiers enable the player to choose the Warrior and Rogue classes. You can also choose the caster tiers which are Warlock and Wizard. Not to forget there are the buffer tier Bard and Cleric too. On the other hand, the Asian race has two tiers to choose from which have a variety of call options. For instance, choosing the Asian weapon mastery gives you access to skills like the Bicheon Swordsmanship, Pacheon Bowmanship and Heuksal Spearmanship. Additionally, selecting the force mastery allows the players to choose between the Cold Force, Lightening Force, Fire Force and Force Power classes. Too much of thrill indeed!

Once the character features are selected and finalized, the player experiences the overwhelming moment in any MMO game. The game begins from the back end of a town and the quest is not as clearly translated as most newbie’s would want it to be. If you miss the quest giver, you will not be able to find your way out of the town. For some players this set back was a real turn off point. Those who know that some level of control on their nerves is helpful, they make use of their instincts and succeed without enough leads.

Who Wants Action?

Most of the time spent in quests is full of killing random monsters to get to higher levels. For the weak hearted, this can be a bit depressing, while for some it did serve as an adrenaline stimulant. The variety of weapons and armor you get is what exactly makes the game interesting. You get to enjoy exploring places and owning things as you make progress in the game which is quite exciting.
Variety of Skills

There are two types of skills in Silkroad which are obtained with experience gained in the game. These skills are Level Experience and Skill Points. Killing the enemies you encounter at every level increases your points, skills as well as your experience. This helps the player in moving to higher levels and you earn three points in each new level.

As you proceed to the next level you can distribute the points you earned in the previous level to improve your skills. You can also use these skill points to improve your skills with weapons you buy. Some players choose not to spend their points and accumulate them. This can be a good idea because the players can level up their weapons and skills technically, making things a bit faster. However, getting these points does require a lot of grinding and killing.

Berserker Mode

Everyone does have an inner demon. It comes out when the limits are pushed. So is the case in Silkroad. While the player fights the enemy, the berserk bar gets filled up and when it does reach its full limit, the demon within the character gets unleashed. Your character turns red as the demon comes into action. As a setback, if your character dies in the game, you lose all the experience. And, this means you will have to grind a lot again. However, the berserk option helps you to regain the lost experiences within a shorter time.

Click, Click, and Click

Playing the game is quite stimulating. Some players can handle the adrenaline rush while others cannot. For some players it becomes quite tensing and hindering when it comes to click to move navigation and the bland environments in the game.

It is not as accurate as it should have been and this slows things down for players. Finding the best route to the destination require caution because of the dangers lingering. Players end up getting caught on the wall or rock numerous times because of the inaccuracy. The bland environment also makes things rather annoying. Could it be the thrill causing the inaccuracy or has the MMO overlooked a programming error?

Bland Environments

Some players find the environment boring and none exciting because all it has is scattered trees and rocks. But then again, we are talking about ancient times! The game is more about killing, weapons and monsters. The bland environment may not be interesting or engrossing, but it adds to the grind-based theme of the game.

The game becomes more and more interesting as your progress in levels. At level 20 there are more options to choose from, such as Merchant, Thief and Hunter. This is where the PvP/Profession system actually impresses players. The merchants carry goods to trade across the Silkroad, making their profits from trade according to item mark-ups.

Things are not safe on Silkroad, so merchants hire Hunters to protect them from the Thieves. Thieves rob and kill merchants, and then sell the stolen wares. Of course, the Hunters can choose who they want to protect, the Merchants or the Thieves and then they can split the prizes. This does become rather exciting, and quite entertaining.

The Final Word

Overall the game is good! The graphics being an MMO game are simply great and the storyline is quite thrilling. Nothing is perfect and the minor setbacks are not always true for other players. Therefore, thumbs up for MMO and the PvP/Professional system. They have done it once again! Silkroad is a game which is worth playing beyond any doubt.

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