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Soldier Front

Soldier Front

A Free to Play FPS MMO! Sounds boring already! But surprisingly enough, Soldier Front was one of the most captivating shooters we have ever tried online. The game was developed by NHN USA and published by Dragonfly. What few people know is that this game was originally developed in Korea. After their huge success in the East, they decided to launch it in the US. It wasn’t expected, but they game managed to do equally well in the States and currently has a huge player base.

Super Fast Gameplay

What do you expect from a shooter! Although Soldier Front seems like a typical army themed first person shooter, the more you play, the more variety you will discover. Since it’s an MMO, the developers have included the truly beloved RPG element in the game. You can but your man a new outfit or weapon by using the money you have earned through missions.

One thing that makes the game play interesting is the fact that it is not just about firing bullets. It is a very strategic and tactical game and you will be required to use your brain more than your gun. The gameplay offers a very realistic experience of actual soldiers. What many few people know is that the developers incorporated comprehensive research from actual military personnel in order to make the game more accurately tactical.

Besides the close-to-real experience, the game has plenty of modes to offer. The variety of weapons, maps and choice of forces is also extensive. Players will have to play matches in order to get points and earn ranks. However, the performance depends greatly on how skillfully you play rather than how high you rank.


Talking about variety, it shows from the very beginning of the game as a player is given a choice between forces including American, Delta force and Force Recon, The British GIGN and SAS, Israel’s GSG-9, Australia’s ARTC, Germany’s SPETSNAZ, Korea’s KSF and ROKMC. There is an additional the SRG force which is the games own version of an elite group of international soldiers.

Snipe and Wipe!

One of the best things about this game is the variety of weapons you can choose from and the way each weapon differs from other. We are not just talking about the design but also the performance. There are twenty five primary weapons which include six snipers, three sub machine guns, fourteen rifles and two machine guns. Choosing the right weapon for you mission implies the games focus on tactical and strategic gameplay rather than the plain old kill. Kill, kill strategy.

However, one thing that you will notice is that sniper has a very clear advantage over other weapons. Reason may be the maps, most of which provide unfair advantage to the snipers. Also, it is the most accurate weapon in the game as well. So, most of the time you get killed, you can’t even tell what hit ya’.

Game Modes

Variety again, but this time there is nothing much different than other FPS. You can choose to play a Single battle Team Battle, Clan Battle, Team Death-match or Capture the Captain. Single battle mode requires the player to kill a certain number of enemies before anyone else does. It is easiest one but can be competitive at times. The objective of team battle is to carry on the operation set by the room master. The fun part is that there is a huge variety of missions and the game never gets repetitive even if you play continuously for hours. Capture the captain is the simple capture the flag game kept as captivating as ever.


They more you play, the higher you rank. Rank is like respect, almost useless. However, with every mission you earn a certain amount of SP. SP will help you buy new things for your comrade. However, most players prefer buying armors and weapons only as there is hardly anything else to buy around. You can also get your weapon repaired using these points. Repairs are to correct the accuracy of your weapon as you might notice that they become lose some of it with time. One thing that disappoints us at this point is that there is no character customization option, no fancy camouflage, no German boots, no nothing. Soldier Front really needs to have a fashion sense.

Graphics and Sounds

Graphics is one of the weakest aspects of this game. Probably, they never though about any update since the first day this game was launch. While there are many who are repulsed by the graphics quality, there are more who are actually playing the game because of it. Due to low quality graphics, this game can run on almost any system without too many technical glitches.
Sound effects and music are both mediocre. At least it is better than having no audio at all. However, there are many players who would prefer playing it without having to hear the constant gun shots.

Pros and Cons

Despite dated graphics there are many things about Soldier Force which gives it a huge dedicated and loyal player-base. The game still has one of the highest average playing time, and here are the reasons.

Variety is what makes Soldier Force an excellent and popular choice for MMO shooter fans. You have variety of weapons, maps, missions and teams to choose from.
Real military tactics and strategies were used to design and develop the gameplay.
The player base is huge which makes it fun to play anytime of the day or at night. You will always find a team to play with.
The game keeps a record of kills and deaths as well.

While the weapons are many, their performance is largely imbalanced. Players with a better weapon have a visible advantage.
Map designs are also disappointing as they contribute in giving unfair advantage to players with specific weapons, especially sniper.
Music and graphics are in need of a serious upgrade

The Final Word

Despite lacking in many departments, Soldier Front manages to offer an extremely engaging gameplay. The game is a must-play for the fans of network based FPS such as Counter Strike. The only difference is the number of players you can play with, and that is what makes it more fun. If you are sick of newer games crashing on your system again and again, it is better to get Soldier front as it will offer the same kind of fun, uninterrupted but with less crisp graphics.

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